Model Quits Game of Thrones Over Sex Scene

By Jacob Klein on Sep 6, 2011 to Game of Thrones

An up and coming Dublin actress walked away from a role on HBO’s Game of Thrones when she realized she was going to have to shoot an erotic scene on set of the show’s second season.  Lisa Nolan insists she was promised ‘no nudity’ when she signed her contract with the show and that as soon as she arrived on set she was asked to remove her clothing.

The 21 year old told the Herald: “I was aware that the scene was slightly raunchy, but I thought it wasn’t a sex scene and they said they would give me skin patches for my breasts. But when I got there they wanted me to be fully topless and in the scene I had to strip off. So I pulled out at the last minute.”

The 12 hour filming session to her “looked like it was going to basically be soft porn. As well as modelling I study Sports Physiotherapy so I want to be taken seriously, I wouldn’t if I had given in and filmed the scene. It was my own fault really because I didn’t research the show properly. The money was amazing and the idea of it all was so glamorous but I’m glad I walked away because now I have my dignity intact,” she explained.

“The whole experience was surreal. But I was in a totally different environment than what I’m used to. I would love to get into acting but right now I’m not focused on it.  So I’m glad the producers of Game of Thrones did contact me for the role, because now I know I have the face for TV,” she said.

Readers of George RR Martin’s series already know the role sex plays in the world of Westeros.  Perhaps she should have grabbed a copy of Game of Thrones, watched season one, HBO in general or took a moment to read the script before signing on.  Game of Thrones Season 2 is currently filming and premieres Spring of 2012.  Sex scenes in Game of Thrones were a dime a dozen and no one expects that to change for season 2; particularly those of us who’ve read the novels.

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This is the most brilliant show on TV. Although I admire her for standing by her principles, the show itself is beyond soft porn.

What a women I admire her and think there’s way too much sex in films and television programmes,people have told me about this show,but the sex scenes put me off of watching it,maybe if they make a censored version I will give it a go,but well done to her.

Good for her, GOT is just snuff porn anyways.

Good for her!!!!

Good on her for not being pressured into it. Can’t believe how many people think LESS of her for sticking to her guns. You don’t get to see her naked: get over it.

I like roz . fuck you , fuck everything else

Im sorry but “now i know i have the face for TV” and “i study sports physiotherapy so i want to be taken seriously” come off like she’s a bit vain and delusional. They promised me no nudity is claimed so
Often that it is a cliche. She changed her mind.

I’m never going to stop laughing at this statement:
“As well as modelling I study Sports Physiotherapy so I want to be taken seriously”

@George: Not one? The one with Roz was ridiculously over the top, (with her and another woman for like 10 min while Littlefinger drones on, and that one wasn’t in the books at all because Roz never went to the capital). Just because you’re told you might have to do a sex scene doesn’t mean that you should automatically know there is nudity involved.

She was uncomfortable with the role and so she declined, she didn’t storm out or throw a fit. And people here are attacking her for it. Unbelievable.

@erin, Had you read the books (Assuming you haven’t by your comments) you would know that almost every one of these scenes isn’t designed for mere gratuitous titillation & in some cases, drastically toned down in comparison with how described by the books. If these scenes disgust you so much, oh boy are you really gonna dislike many pages of the books. PS: Gratuitous = being without apparent reason, cause, or justification. Not one extra sex scene was added that wasn’t in the book & as said above was toned down in cases. You didn’t like the scenes you watched… Read more »
“I study Sports Physiotherapy so I want to be taken seriously” … Ummm, claiming a bait & switch & being promised “no nudity” that mysteriously wasn’t written into her contract (As is always the legal requirement of these decisions/choices) shows she is either A: Lying & after more careful consideration, backed out of nuding up -or- B: Didn’t even do her research so likely didn’t even read the contract conditions, clauses … Either or, both show she should not be given one grain of seriousness (nothing to do with the nudity) because as a serious actor, she took no steps… Read more »

@Shan The fact that there is gratuitous (and pretty much unpalatable) sex in GOT and the fact that it got so many viewers are unrelated. It’s a dark story with a lot of sex and violence and disturbing themes, but that doesn’t mean that it has to be gratuitous. Anyway, people watched it regardless because it’s a good story and they cast a lot of great actors, but that doesn’t mean that people enjoyed every aspect of it, because they clearly didn’t. If HBO were smart, they would take the hint.


Just because people don’t like something, doesn’t mean they have to scrap it. Sure, people complained, but GOT still rounded up millions of viewers. That’s the thing about this show, people get murdered, there’s sex and violence, children getting thrown out of windows, incest… but you can’t stop watching it. That’s why it’s fantastic. And if you can’t watch it, than don’t.

This is a publicity stunt. Nothing more. She signed on to be “the King’s Mistress”. Come on, people, how stupid can you be? She’s either irresponsible or trying to cause trouble. She even mentioned that by showing some skin she would sacrifice her dignity. What does that say for Emilia Clarke, the amazing Danny? How about Esme Bianco? I know most people don’t like Roz, but she had some brilliant dialogue, and at least her character has a name. Plus, I doubt a company like HBO would lie to their actors – couldn’t that get them in serious trouble? She… Read more »

it doesnt surprise that she was told one thing and then asked to do another after all its hollywood .That is the way they operate i’m sure they thought this chick could of been duped into doing something they wanted her to do with persuasion its obvious shes smarter then that.They figured she was just another plastic chick from hollywood with fake everything .that wouldnt hesitate to drop top for quick cash

um, what are you guys talking about? the article said she was promised (well, she claims, anyway) no nudity and that was not the case when she went to the shoot. their fault, not hers. and considering how many people have complained about the ridiculous sex scenes, i’m surprised hbo hasn’t decided to basically scrap them.

> “… So I’m glad the producers of Game of Thrones did contact me for the role, because now I know I have the face for TV,” she said.

She might have a face for TV, but not the attitude. Somehow I doubt it’ll help her acting career that her only previous role was one she was difficult to work with and stormed off the set.


It’s sad that her experience made her uncomfortable but she was correct in identifying herself as the irresponsible one. One of the main jobs of all good actors is to do research for their respective roles. Whether or not she was comfortable with the scenes, (and she is damn well within her rights to be), the problem isn’t the sex scenes. This is HBO. There is a reason why sex is involved in almost every one of their series. Because most people who love these shows love these scenes. It is proven entertainment. The important thing is that this didn’t… Read more »

Wow, I wonder how much money HBO lost in production delays and recasting.

Anyone who has read the books knows theres a ton of very graphic sex scenes. Some they don’t even include in the show, and some the show changes or adds.

She said it herself “I didn’t do my research” as in.. Wow I didn’t watch the first season of this show and realized everyone is naked having sex with everyone and now I’m the one who gets special treatment. Get outa here.

Well, sounded like she was tricked into some porn scene. Glad it all was just some misunderstanding, and everybody’s happy. :)

Actually I’m glad there’s no “models” in GoT. They look kind of unnatural in dark, medieval world and ruin atmosphere. Actresses like Emilia Clarke and new girl from Tudors have a kind of a natural and deep beauty which fits much better.

I also thought there was a little more of the soft porn than I thought there should have been. But, if you don’t like it, don’t watch it. She should of watched season one and read her script. Hell, she should of asked questions before signing. She is beautiful.

It’s unfortunate she had that experience and I’m glad she walked away if she was uncomfortable. Honestly, HBO should have apologized and worked with her to do something she was comfortable with. I wish the show would cut the unnecessary sex scenes and focus more on the story. Season 1’s sex scenes were overwhelmingly disliked, especially anything involving the character Ros.


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