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Matt Bomer Soon to Become Montgomery Clift For HBO

By Jef Dinsmore on Jan 21, 2015 to HBO Films


Just coming off his Golden Globe win for THE NORMAL HEART, HBO’s only win from the foreign press, Matt Bomer targets another HBO films venture. This time around he will be playing the dashing Montgomery Clift. It seems that Bomer was an early pick for the Hollywood superstar. We learn that the picture, under the direction of Larry Moss, was penned by Christopher Lovick and named MONTY CLIFT. The script is undergoing rewrites at this time.

For those not familiar with Montgomery Clift here is a biography and brief information from our source to get you up to speed.

“At his prime, Clift rivaled Marlon Brando and James Dean as Hollywood’s biggest male stars and, along with them, was one of the first method actors in Hollywood. Clift also was the first Hollywood actor to refuse to sign a studio contract, choosing independency instead. He graduated from stage roles to screen success in films that includes A Place In The Sun and From Here To Eternity. His matinee idol good looks were destroyed by a devastating car accident that left him with a broken nose and partially paralyzed face. Though he continued to make movies, the accident haunted him until his death, even though he received an Oscar nomination, his fourth, for one of his last performances in Judgment At Nuremberg. Clift had a complicated personal life, which he refused to put on display. He struggled with his sexual orientation and resorted to alcohol and drug addiction following the accident.” – 

Matt Bomer is quoted as saying  – People_MattBomer2

“To see the kind of intense vulnerability and realism that he brought to his work at a time when that was not the style—it’s profound. He knew everything he was feeling inside—or if he didn’t, you wondered, why was he feeling that when the scene was this? To get to portray someone who was so formative to me as an artist would be terrifying and daunting and thrilling.”

Exactly whether or not this biopic details Clift’s entire career and up to his death at forty-five or just showcases his big Hollywood days is uncertain. Either way HBO’s treatment of this iconic actor and the details of his life should prove interesting. HBOWatch will have more as we get it.    

(Source: Deadline)

  • Eleonora Iafano

    I’ve always enjoyed watching those classic black and white movies from the 50s and 60s. I recall reading that Montgomery Clift was good friends with Elizabeth Taylor (who knows, maybe more). I thought he was fantastic in A Place in the Sun. Looking forward to watching this special when it airs.

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