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Margaret Atwood Says MADDADDAM Is Still A Go & It Is Big!

By Jef Dinsmore on Jun 7, 2016 to MaddAddam


Just the other day a commenter asked us if we had heard anything regarding HBO’s adaptation of novelist Margaret Atwood’s Maddaddam Trilogy. We had to respond that we hadn’t, but that we’d investigate. One quick Tweet and…boom a quick response from Atwood herself. Here’s the short exchange.

As you can see fans are forever impossibly impatient when they want to see a favorite of theirs get a cinematic treatment. We are guilty of it also. Atwood makes two points clear here. One is that it is a “BIG project.” So what’s the first step now?

If you are not familiar with the series of books check out our previous two posts on the topic and/or check out Amazon or a bookseller site for details. It takes place in a big, futuristic, dystopian society where they are working out big detailed and unique concepts and is truly a complex story to get one’s minds around. It will demand forethought.MaddAddam_Boxset

We are so eager we were hoping for casting, but Atwood reminds us of how the process works. “Scripts first, right?” Now come on, we are familiar on how that works; after all, we have GAME OF THRONES as a perfect example. The novels need broken down into a cohesive story that is adaptable and filmable; it takes time to shape that and add life into characters via dialogue. It is only after those scripts are locked in do you move onto casting and sets.

So, while the project is still alive it is still just in the early stages of development. But as we say around here ‘you can’t rush quality.’ We want it to be right; we want it to be a great HBO series and we want Atwood and Aronofsky to get it there. All that means is that we need to be patient and perhaps we will get a surprise in 2018 when MADDADDAM comes to air.  

Know that HBOWatch will keep you posted of any further developments and if we are lucky that we may hear from Margaret Atwood again sometime on the matter.  

  • OrdinaryAl

    Is 2018 an actual ETA? Or just a hope?

    • Jef Dinsmore

      We confess it is a ‘hope’, but it is based on our knowledge of production schedules. It is based on the notion that not all the scripts have to be completely written before they can start production.

      It is a detailed and intricate story to tell and to get the concept right for the screen is a daunting effort. We won’t be happy unless it is right, so we wait.

  • Bruno Medeiros

    Wow, it’s good to know that Maddaddam is still on HBO!

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