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Looking Season 2 Will be Longer by Two

By Jacob Klein on Jun 23, 2014 to Looking


Looking for more looking?  When HBO gave the green light to a second season of the series this year fans were absolutely elated.  There are few, if any shows on television right now that deal with the homosexual community in the same way as Looking.

The latest news is that Looking season 2 will actually be extended to TEN episodes (as opposed to season 1’s EIGHT). That means you’ll be getting an extra hour of the show in 2015.

Ratings for the show were slow at first but eventually hit a level that could be described as “satisfactory”. Hopefully the show will attract even more viewers this time and, more importantly, grow as a series itself.

We’re assuming a Q1 2015 premiere date for Looking season 2 but that isn’t official. Last year it aired alongside Girls and True Detective and HBO tends to have rather rigid premiere scheduling so January 2015 looks like a safe bet to us.

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