Lady Waynwood Cast in Game of Thrones

By Cian Gaffney on Sep 15, 2013 to Game of Thrones

Paola-Dionisotti__1379282348_80.111.44.50As spotted by WiC, English-Italian actress Paola Dionisotti has been cast as Lady Anya Waynwood in Game of Thrones, according to her CV.

Ms. Dionisotti is perhaps best known for her work in theater, namely for being an active member of the Royal Shakespeare Company. She has appeared on quite a few popular British dramas, including PoirotMidsomer Murders, and Doctors.

Lady Waynwood is the head of House Waynwood, and like Bronze Yohn Royce – who’s casting was also recently reported – is sworn to House Arryn of the Vale.

Author’s Note: I’m pleasantly surprised that the Vale seems likely to get a significant chunk of screentime this season. It’s definitely a good idea to introduce these lords and ladies early and acknowledge their existence. Their sudden appearance a la A Feast for Crows may be a bit jarring for television.

Game of Thrones Season 4 will premiere in spring of 2014.  We’ll provide an exact air date here when we have it.

  • VL Vanderveer

    I love how the Vale is getting attention because of “A Feast for Crows.” That whole storyline is quite brilliant and I really want to see it done correctly!

    • That’s a particular storyline that I only appreciated on re-reads, and I can’t wait to see what the strong focus on the TV version will bring!

      • VL Vanderveer

        It is a re-read appreciation storyline. When I read it, I thought, “oh, cool,” but when I re-read it, I was thinking “WHOA!!!” The way that story ended in AFoC was perfect. Poor Alayne, still without control and at the whim of others… But I love what ____ does throughout of all it. ____ is one of my favorite characters and is nothing short of a brilliant villain.

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