Ken Burns to Direct HBO Mini-Series

By Jacob Klein on Jan 25, 2013 to Documentaries

Ken-Burns-HBOHBO has always been the home for the most documentaries available on cable TV.  So partnering with documentarian legend, Ken Burns (Baseball, The Civil War) seems a no-brainer to us!  We can now confirm that the premium cable network is developing a mini-series based on the life of boxer Jack Johnson.

The series would be split into around five parts and would focus on the boxer’s incredible life.  Burns has already done an Emmy award winning documentary on the said boxer so he’ll be well versed in the content at hand.

We’re excited to see anything out of Ken Burns on ANY network.  But to have him backed by an actual budget (as opposed to PBS, c’mon now) will be a thing of great interest to his fans.  We’ll keep you updated on the casting of Jack Johnson (not the singer, people read a book or something!) as well as possible premiere date.

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PBS documentary Films are sadly no longer as interesting as they were say 20 years ago. That network is starting to censor footage out of many programs, which are only seen in the full length versions once they get on DVD. It could be that Ken Burn;s best days working at PBS may sadly be coming to a close and he will one day make the jump to making his films on HBO.

Hope this mini-series will be closed-captioned. Most of KB’s docs on PBS aren’t and it’s really quite unfair for us deaf fans.

We would be foolish not to welcome the acclaimed Ken Burns to HBO regardless of the subject matter. He could chronicle the life of mold and draw us in. Just sayin.’


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