Just How Long Does True Blood Have?

By Jef Dinsmore on Mar 1, 2012 to True Blood

Here is a bit of elaboration based on a hot topic as of late. There have been postings from HBOWATCH and THE HBO BLOG about TRUE BLOOD and how many more seasons it has left. HBOWATCH felt there was longevity left in the product. Then, a few days later, Alan Ball, the project’s show-runner, announces plans to move on from the show. This, and other reasons, which includes the notion that on average HBO shows don’t last long, prompts THE HBO BLOG to wonder if a few nails have been hammered in the show’s coffin.

So, I did a little research to see how many seasons an HBO show usually runs for before someone gets tired or ratings soften.

BIG LOVE ——                   5 seasons

BORED TO DEATH —— 3 seasons

CURB YOUR ENTHUSIASM —— 8 seasons & counting

DEADWOOD ——             3 seasons

ENTOURAGE ——            8 seasons

HUNG ——                          3 seasons

OZ ——                                 6 seasons

REAL TIME WITH BILL MAHER —— 10 seasons & counting

SEX AND THE CITY —— 6 seasons

SIX FEET UNDER——     5 seasons

SOPRANOS ——                6 seasons

THE WIRE —–                  5 seasons

Other series no longer airing have all had 1 or 2 seasons. Now, if you go by those statistics and only look at the dramatic one hour series, as opposed to the half-hour comedies, listed the majority have lasted 5 or 6 seasons. TRUE BLOOD airs its 5th season starting in June. Alan Ball is ready to move on to other obligations before a 6th season would start. With a different show-runner in place TRUE BLOOD could be different in some ways after this coming season.

So I throw out these questions in conclusion. Would it be better for the show and fans to end Sookie Stackhouse’s story after the 5th season or risk a new show-runner maintaining the same show beyond that? Can or should it break the odds and run longer than that? Come on, bare your fangs and debate!

True Blood season 6 starts in spring of 2013. Be there.

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I love true blood . I say give the new show-runner a chance

It’s a good show and i really enjoy it, but it’s starting to be too much. too many story lines and plots starting to spread thin. I don’t have hbo so i have to wait for the the dvd’s to come out. I just finished season five and while I enjoyed it i think it is time to start wrapping it up before it just totally goes downhill.

Don’t let TRUE BLOOD Go! It would be SOOOO wrong!

WE WANT MORREEEE!!!!! <3333333

i would hate to see trueblood end but if somebody else runs it they might change it dramaticly we either have to-sadly- let it end or ruin it i say end it :(

I dont want true blood to ever end its the best programme of all time

I agree, keep more coming

After recently watching season 5 again, to prepare for season 6, I’ve really come to believe that the worst story line is that of Terry and his military buddies. Seriously, what was the point of all of that?

if it gets viewers keep it going. heck don’t fallow the end books and pass even where the books lead off if you want. but as long as it still has a strong viewing why not keep it going. then again i don’t mean to keep it going even if just 2 people are watching. but its a huge cultural stable today. i mean stores dedicate their entire store at times for true blood themes when the shows coming back and even when a new DVD is released. like i ask if it gets good reviews keep it going.

it is a great show sookie has to choose before it ends i think she should choose bill he has allways be there for her he loves hes i hope it goes for a long time there is a lot of crap on tv but this show is good

this show is so amazing,i would never let it end untill there was no longer an audience for it. our whole family wait eagerly all winter long just to get our fix of true blood. its exciting ,sexy,well written and very entertaining, i love all of its twists and turns and want bill and sookie to be togeather forever as it was meant to be. i only keep HBO for this show. the best show on tv!

I never want it to end…:-) I just started watching almost done with season 3. The excitement knowing I have something good to watch… I’m addicted… I just wish Jason would get wild again like season 1 $ 2!!!

I totally agree

You should read the books. They are much better than the show. No knock on the show because it is good too.

What?!?! You read the books and you think they are better than the show? Have you watched the show? Alan Ball managed to take some of the worst writing (I can cute passages, if you’d like) and turn it into a dark satire. I have never met anyone that actually think Charlaine Harris is a good writer. P.S. if you haven’t read the books, there is a Wal-Mart reference AND a word-of-the-day calander reference in every book. I think my case is closed. P.P.S. Alan Ball is a true genius and no show of his should be handed off to… Read more »

I have to agree with Brian-Ray on the Alan Ball coment. As for the books I can’t say I am just starting to read them.

they should continue with the season

The show should keep running!!!! I love true blood and would hate to see it end!!!

After seeing all the arguments here a couple of things are on my mind: 1. Those other characters and their stories, they matter. How long could the show really go without them. That being said, I must admit, Andy Bellefleur isn’t very important, I think he should be killed off. 2. Tara is important, she and Pam have a (strange) relationship that will change matters. But even so, in the 6th season, she is way too evil and mean. 3. When the series end (which they will and judging by other HBO dramas it will be soon) there has to… Read more »

Please don’t cancel the show ….it’s helps me keep the sanity I have left
it’s my get away.

Please please please don’t cancel it! It’s my one true addiction!!

It is not cancelled. there will be a Season 6 but it will be under a differentshow runner now that Alan Ball steps away.

Only numbers will tell us when the coffin lid is nailed shut on this show. Hollywood is a business. If season 5 holds good ratings and the production can control its budget then it might see another season or so.

The good numbers only happen if people are still in touch with the characters and accept the storylines as they come. Let’s give season 5 a chance and see whathappens.

Besides, who knows a new show-runner, as KASEY mentiions, just might revive the show or at least take it back closer to its source material.

I love watching true blood and i didn’t really mind Alan ball, he made the show more interesting. True blood is never boring, all those mini characters people are being jerks about makes she show more enjoyable. In every episode there is always something new where you can’t keep your eyes off the tv :). I hope true blood continues to make seasons untill they have no more ideas left. Please don’t stop the show just because of a new writer/director/producer a new guy will only bring more new and interesting ideas to the show to make it even BETTER!!!!

Alan Ball deserted a sinking ship? What ship? The Concordia? The sinking of True Blood is his fault.The storylines, the character development, the writing……. it’s been downhill since the first season. I didn’t think it could get worse or more ludicrous than Season 2 but then came Season 4. Have mercy. Either give the series the support it deserves or end it. Just, please, don’t subject its viewers to the drivel that was last season. It was so awful, it made me want to put a stake in my eye.

After season 1 and 2 what was Alan Ball thinking? I love Sookie Stackhouse and so desperately wanted the seasons to go on and on. I will watch as long as it’s on – no matter what.

I agree with Krtmd, I think Alan jumped off a sinking ship. TB has just lost it’s edge and continues to be the cast of hundreds, with minor characters and storylines muddling the true focus- Sookie!
I have always mainted that TB will end with the last Sookie book in 2013 with season 6, with the books finished, I think it will lose the last little bit of wind in it’s sails.


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