Jeff Daniels Tweets about THE NEWSROOM Season Three

By Jef Dinsmore on Sep 4, 2013 to The Newsroom


Even though HBO has not officially confirmed a Season Three for the ACN crew come next summer star Jeff Daniels let a little something leak out on Twitter today. Here’s the tweet:


The only other indication that another season was forthcoming was from Michael Lombardo, HBO’s programming head, who has also made statements to the likelihood. We previously noted his  comments to the Television Critics Association in July.

 Now that the Daniels comment has surfaced look for HBO’s official statement once the scheduling particulars with Aaron Sorkin are finalized. Also look for THE NEWSROOM to be present at the Emmy Awards coming on 09.22; the show was nominated for three awards including the Best Actor in a Dramatic Series nod for Jeff Daniels himself.

Also don’t forget the 2-part season finale coming on 09.08 & 09.15 respectively.

When does The Newsroom season 3 start? We won’t know the exact date until next year but we’d guess you’ll be seeing ACN on your televisions in Summer 2014, similar to the scheduling that happened this year.

More as this story develops.

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36 Comments on "Jeff Daniels Tweets about THE NEWSROOM Season Three"

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Can’t describe how disappointed I am that this is the end of Newsroom…There is very little on HBO that I like…Then I finally find something worth watching and dang if they don’t cancel it….

Great show, best on TV, why is it being discontinued after only 3 seasons? That’s insane. So disappointed.

The Newsroom was the reason we subscribed to HBO. Fabulous cast that brings superb writing to life through relevant characters. Missing My Newsroom!

I would be very depressed if this show didn’t air again. Keep them coming, please! I wish our current press would watch this. As if it was a call to action to bring the honor and duty back into the press.

I’m on pins and needles; would even welcome more reruns. LOVE THIS SHOW AND EVERYONE ON IT

I cannot wait to see the third season of this wonderful show. Why a successful series like the “Newsroom” taking this long to come again on air?

Great show,Great cast, it’s just about the best show on TV

by far the most well written and engaging show on TV. can’t wait until summer 2014. spread the word.

Absolutely the best program on television! The writing is phenomenal, and the actors do justice to the material they are given. So glad there will be a season 3 … hope to still be watching this in ten years!

I love this show. Do not get HBO so am buying the DVD’s – can’t wait for my season #2 to arrive. Jeff Daniels, loved him on Broadway – a valued memory for me. Great, great show!

All I have to say is Jeff Daniels totally deserved that Emmy. So glad he lives in my home state of Michigan. w00t!! Need more!!

A brilliantly written, stunningly performed, and incredibly intelligent and real series. I’m so happy to see a 3rd season on the way, TV needs more shows like this!

I’m with you Rita. I can’t wait til the summer of 2014. What am I supposed to in the meantime. I watch season 1 and season 2 on demand over and over again cause I’m hooked. I always catch something that I missed the first time.

I can’t believe I have to wait until the summer! My free on demand working for the prime time shows, so I looked at HBO. I saw the Newsroom and decided to check it out. I watched the complete season 2 in two nights on hbo on demand. Favorite show!

Love it!
Waiting for more… a lot more!

Best show on television. Great story lines, great writing and great acting. Superb.

according TO WHO? Netflix is now passing HBO when it comes to shows.

Excellant…………Great Cast, Great Writing…………..So Far,……..So Good………lol

This is the most amazing show on television, so real, political, and it touches the heart… will McAvoy is an inspiration

Right up there with Bill Maher, Colbert, Rachel Maddow and Jon Stewart. Great acting, great writing!

I like last seasons hows for the first time in a long time I was excited about a show this season is lukewarm and I am disappointed about it, the writing was way better last year Arron please go back to last years format. Michael

I cannot believe this is not coming out until the summer man…..BS!!!!

So looking forward to Newsroom BEFORE summer!!! It was amazing, and the most fantastic show on tv! It should receive many awards, including excellent writing by Aaron Sorkin! The characters were all amazing, and it needs to return much sooner than next summer. Way too far away!

I do not feel that the reviews for this show have been on target at all. The political repartee is incredible ala Sorkin, and all of the actors/actresses are stunning. Love them all. So looking forward to The Newroom’s 3rd season!!!

In the past i have had no luck with a weekly series!!
The Newsroom however, has had me hooked from episode1!!!
Such a wonderful show!!!
Only thing I can’t stand, is the time in between seasons (which is a good thing),
I too wish, they could some how make the season longer!!
12-15 would do lol
Anyways great show!!!

I love love love this show. FINALLY smart TV is making a comeback. Thank you HBO and the entire cast and crew of Newsroom !!!!! I also wish there were more episodes but I suspect a lot of work goes into preparing for and creating such a fantastic program.

I just watch the season 2 finale, and ready for season 3! I love this show!!! BUT it would be nice to maybe have 12-15 episodes. This season was cut too short. How ironic was it that the main storyline was about sarin gas and oops Syria stole their storyline! Looking forward to a wedding in season 3!

FABULOUS!!!! Amazing characters, amazing writing and actors…

I’m from Australia and absolutely LOVE THIS SHOW!!! I’ve just watched the season 2 finale and I need more ASAP!

why are there so few episodes in the season and why do we have to wait until next summer if season 3 comes back?

Pretty standard for any HBO series (or any series like this really). Hopefully next season will be the full 10 at least this time.

I think there are still a few men in Westeros for you. Jon Snow? The Hound isn’t so bad….

The Newsroom is the best most fantastic show ever. PLEASE advise if there is a season 3 and more. Wow this is just one of those shows (having worked in a TV Newsroom) that is so engrossing I’m always disappointed when each episode ends.

I am still confused about the red hair… seemed she cut it when she returned from Africa, then she was back a blonde later when Gary Cooper was asked how long did it take him to recover……

There are a number of flashbacks in the season. She did not cut her hair right after they returned from Africa, but months later – close to the time of the meetings in the conference room with the lawyers about Genoa. So depending on when in the timeline an episode takes place she may still have blonde hair after an episode in which she has the short, red hair.

I am very happy with this news, I was starting to get worried about its declining ratings…


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