Jeff Daniels Gives Inspired Speech on the State of Journalism (The Daily Show)

By Jacob Klein on Jan 15, 2013 to The Newsroom

Fans of HBO’s ‘The Newsroom’ most likely find themselves in the same demographic as those who frequent Jon Stewart’s Daily Show.  But last night one of Stewart’s correspondents, John Oliver took a look at the state of investigative journalism.  His reporting led him behind the scenes of HBO’s ‘The Newsroom’ where Jeff Daniels and Emily Mortimer were presumably in the middle of filming an episode of season 2!  Take a look at the video below (Jeff Daniels appears at the 4 minute mark) to see what went down.

The Daily Show, of course, has ties to The Newsroom with former correspondent Olivia Munn having both shows on her resume.

We hope you got a few laughs out of that however concerning the main thrust of the report was. HBOWatch is happy to report that Will McAvoy will be on the air again this spring, speaking truth to power once again as the ANC news crew takes on the issues of the recent past.

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