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Ja’mie: Private School Girl, The Countdown Begins!

By MJ Snow on Oct 22, 2013 to Chris Lilley

With just a month to go until the HBO premiere of Ja’mie: Private School Girl, we thought we’d revisit some of the best Ja’mie moments we’ve seen so far! Whether attending public school in Summer Heights High or competing to become Australian of the Year on We Can Be Heroes, Ja’mie always has valuable life lessons to teach us all. So, without further ado, let the countdown begin!


10. Making New Friends

Starting out at a new school can be scary and awkward, but not for Ja’mie! She shows us just how easy it can be to fit in!


Credit: Australian Broadcasting Company and


9. Struggles with Self Confidence

Even those of us who are hot have moments of low self esteem. So random!


Credit: Australian Broadcasting Company and


8. Engage in Charitable Works

Nothing feels better than helping those who are less fortunate than you. Plus, it looks great on your college applications.


Credit: Australian Broadcasting Company and


7. We All Have Our Crosses to Bear

People think that hot girls have it easy. So not true! It’s harder for hotties, just ask Ja’mie!


Credit: Australian Broadcasting Company and


6. License to Slut

It’s a well known fact that public schools are overflowing with sluts and Ja’mie will most certainly become a part of that statistic.


Credit: Australian Broadcasting Company and


5. Formals are for Fornicating

Don’t give them ammunition to talk behind your back. Sex it up at the formal… and make sure that everyone knows what (and who) you did.



Credit: Australian Broadcasting Company and


4. Understand the Harsh Realities of Life

There are many terrible things that could happen to a high school girl. Among the most dangerous: lunchtime rapists, lesbians and being denied a formal.




Credit: Australian Broadcasting Company and


3. Tell it Like it is

It’s best to be prepared for the unpleasant things in life. Being comfortable talking about the pedophilia issue in public schools gives Ja’mie the ability to stay safe… and save herself for the year sevens.


Credit: Australian Broadcasting Company and


2. Accept Your Lot in Life

We don’t ask to be born hot, however, we must play the hand that has been dealt to us. It’s a difficult life, but as hot girls, we have a responsibility to those around us: to give the fugly girls someone to look up to, and the boys someone to wank over.


Credit: Australian Broadcasting Company and


1. Hot Girls are Easily Aroused

It could happen anywhere, at any time. Hot girls can be aroused when they least expect it. Always be on the lookout, as that would be the best time to get with us. Even if you’re a year seven. Or a lesbian.


Credit: Australian Broadcasting Company and

And here’s a bonus from Ja’mie’s upcoming series!


Credit: Australian Broadcasting Company and


Ja’mie: Private School Girl airs on HBO on November 24th. While you’re waiting, check out the trailer below for a sneak peek.

Still want more Ja’mie? There is more hotness to be had by watching Summer Heights High on HBO Go and following, fuckyeahjamieking thesmartestnonasian and  sausagesfordinner  on tumblr. You can also follow @ChrisLilley and  on twitter.


MJ Snow is a Canine and avian behavior specialist, role player, blogger and writer.  A long time George RR Martin fangirl and Game of Thrones Addict, MJ spends way too much time in Westeros. MJ is the co-founder of The Snow Keep, a short story and fan-ficiton blog, and founder of  The Brothers Clegane, a Sandor & Gregor Clegane tribute blog. She also co-curates several other Game of Thrones themed blogs.

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