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How Much Does an HBO Subscription Cost These Days?

By Jacob Klein on Feb 7, 2013 to HBO News

How-Much-HBO-Cost-BankIt seems like these days everyone wants to get into the premium programming game.  Netflix is now releasing exclusive series and even network television has stepped up its game hiring bigger named actors and pouring more money into production.  People expect more out of their cable subscriptions today than ever before.  But how much should a subscription to these services cost?

Most HBO Watchers subscribe to the premium cable network  because their favorite programs can be found only there.  It’s tough to put a price on the ability to watch Game of Thrones, Boardwalk Empire and exclusive documentaries in 1080p, watching online anytime and now anywhere with HBOGo.  But what are the actual rates?  The answer is of course quite complicated so we wanted to bring you the latest from each of the major cable provider’s websites below.  Rates may vary in your area (in fact, they will) and be sure to ask about any special deals they may be running.

Charter$15 / month

Verizon: $18.99 /month

Comcast: $19.99 /month

AT&T: $16 /month

Time Warner Cable: $15.95 /month

Cablevision$14.95 /month

Cox$15 /month.

Again most cable companies run discounts that can reduce these prices for going with larger cable packages.  Other companies offer free HBO for 6 months, 12 months or more so you’ll just have to give them a call to be sure.  These are just the base rates available on these company’s websites.

Regardless we hope this gives you a general idea of how much an HBO subscription costs.  A quick average of the six prices comes to about $16 if you’re counting.  Whether or not you feel like that is worth it or not is up to you.  But remember HBO places much value in exclusivity. The prices surely earn HBO the title of premium cable network.

Here’s the quickest way to subscribe to HBO online through official or check out our guide to doing the same

Are you a subscriber?  Are these prices too high?  Too low?  Leave your comments and concerns below.

UPDATE: HBO just announced a standalone product for HBO Go that may have different pricing. We do not yet have that info but when we do we’ll put it here!  Check out the story here.

  • Amy

    HEY HBO: NOBODY wants cable anymore, but EVERYBODY wants HBO’s premium shows. Time to change with technology, just like the rest of us. People would clearly pay the price you’re asking for, but it would go directly to you without getting split by middle men providers. GET IT DONE!

  • Monica Maloney

    I was looking for a way to get HBO without having cable, clearly I am not the first. I expect that you will get that going soon HBO!

  • Ian

    Get Netflix only $6.99 and month for regular and or pay $7.99 a month for DVDS! I’ve switched from HBO to Netflix, and Netflix is way better!

  • Bannef

    Wait, that’s it? I would totally pay 15$ per month (possibly $20, that is getting iffy though) just to stream HBO show. But I’m not also willing to buy a cable plan. I don’t have cable and I don’t miss it, but the ability to binge watch HBO shows would be fantastic.

  • Taras worona

    i don’t subscribe to a basic cable subscriber, can i just purchase access online?

  • blah

    hbo needs a standalone internet service. cable is a dying breed. get with the times

  • Jason

    I just want HBO on Time Warner for 1 month in June to watch the whole season of Game of Thrones on demand, that’s all. But I think 3 months is the minimum from what I can see. That’s bull.

  • TimWernerLulz

    Boy, I would love to give them $20+ a month for HBO, but they won’t let me. Instead I pirate it an hour or so after it airs, and they get none of my money. Oh boy! They really have me right where they want me. So wise!


  • Jonathan Leack

    There’s no way I’d ever pay for this.

  • BluMeany

    You’d see a big decrease in pirating if they went to a $10 or less a month model. $17 is way too much. Almost 30% of my existing dish bill.

  • gamer01

    HBO really should make HBO Go a standalone deal, since it is available on pretty much every device. I personally don’t have cable, and don’t need it. I watch everything I want to on Netflix and Hulu +. I would, however, probably pay $10-$12 monthly for HBO Go, if only to watch Game Of Thrones.

  • kenalex001

    I’m in the same opinion boat as all the others here, but I do have a suggestion. HBO should make HBO GO a stand alone subscription service with a fee of $ 20 to $ 25 a month and cut out all the bull that we don’t need. I love HBO but I don’t have it because of the greedy cable monsters.

    • Godmars

      Thing is services like Netflix and Hulu are $8 a month so with shows like Game of Thrones, at best HBO might be able to get away with $16. And then those other services would quickly follow suit with price hikes.

    • subdued joy

      $20 to $25 is too much for me. Right now, I have a Netflix account for about $15 a month in which I can watch every HBO show I want to. I’m just one session behind. Why would I pay $20 to $25 just to watch shows from one channel just because they are up-to-date? Waiting one year is actually better because you don’t have to wait a week for the next episode. You can watch each episode one right after the other.

      • GoT

        How? How do you watch Game of Thrones and Girls on Netflix? They aren’t on mine..

        • anon

          Guessing joy watches these series on the by-mail dvd plan not streaming

  • milsma

    I paid $155 for 12 months with Comcast, it just went up to $174. I have a promotional rate for one more year and then I’ll have to see what happens. My package includes two cable boxes, internet and home phone. I have HBO, Sho, Max, Starz. In order to get the premiums I had to build from basic to expanded to sports, blah, blah. I use all the movie and news channels and a few of the sports. I’m a big movie watcher and series on primarily HBO and Showtime. I have a serious aversion to commercials so I expect to pay for TV. I don’t pay extra for everything in HD, I find newer shows are pretty good standard and the older ones they just do something bizarre to the screen so it doesn’t look right anyway. I have a ROKU player, Amazon prime and HDMI cable for Kindle so I can use the HBOgo, CinemaxGo and ShowtimeGo (Comcast won’t support the ROKU player for some stupid reason). I also have Netlix streaming but not DVD. I’ve never used Redbox. I don’t like to putz around with DVDs anymore. All totaled, I’m paying about $200 for Cable, Internet & Phone – I have access to all the premium channels (except TMC), Netflix, Roku, Amazon Prime. And last night I couldn’t find anything to watch and ended up reading.

  • Jeanette

    I pay so very much for cable tv channels that I don’t even watch, just to get HBO… There ought to be some kind of consumer protection law against these cable companies forcing us to buy things we don’t want just so we can’t get what we do want!! The cable companies are virtual monopolies whose product was developed with government subsidies, and that uses a digital spectrum that by rights is a public resource! I am going to see who is doing something about this on the consumer protection side becausenI am just so fed up with being reamed every month…. In mean time I am canceling cable and my beloved HBO, and I am just going to figure out how to entertain myself without being swindled!

  • Karen Leicht

    I just want HBO – dont want cable TV at all – fear of falling into the couch potato vortex of the after work slugs…… when can i just buy HBO GO??

    • Aaron

      This. So much. I don’t have television service and don’t intend to. I have Netflix, and HBO is the only other thing I want to get. Just an online subscription, don’t need to include any cable company. Once they’re out of the picture, how about a $9 subscription option?

  • Jose

    Back in the day, Cinemax was $9; HBO was worth $10 or 11.

  • Rococo

    The incremental cost of the $12-$20 fee per month is really not my problem with how much an HBO subscription costs, I would gladly pay $25-$30 per month for HBO.

    With my cable company (and I assume all others) HBO is not really available al a carte. I have to get a certain tier of programming that I don’t want just to get HBO. My total cost to have access to HBO in HD every month is more like $70-$80. This of course includes hundreds of other channels, none of which I want but am forced to get because HBO is not available without the higher tier. I assume this will never change because HBO is owned by Time Warner Cable and why would they let people that want only HBO off the hook for the extra $50 or so dollars worth of products that they can force them to pay for?

  • Dan Giacobbe

    I have Bright House cable. An HBO subscription with them is $19.50/month. Of course, that includes several other HBO channels all in HD, plus HBO On Demand and HBO Go. The latter justifies me continuing to be an HBO customer.

  • Johan Larsson

    HBO costs 79SEK(12$) in Sweden for their streaming service and you do not have cable TV or something.

    HBO 12$ + Internt (100/10Mbit) 45$

    • Jexiah8bit

      You dont need cable TV for HBO in Sweden? Damn.

      • dare2be

        But we are the Land of the Free (free for corporations to rip off the consumer)

  • Matt-likes-movies-too

    HBO relies heavily on their Original Series programming and less on popular movie releases. While I am a fan of HBO Original Series programming, I am less than thrilled about their choices for movies they show. Especially, when I can rent a movie from Redbox for $1. When you compare it to $18 a month for HBO, all I see is 16 new release movies at Redbox, so I cancelled my HBO subscription.

    • Jacob Klein

      Yeah I think these prices are a little decieving (coming from the person who wrote them down). I get HBO, SHO, Encore etc all bundled together in my cable package. I certainly don’t pay $20 each for them (my cable bill is high but not that high!) so I think to say it’s $20 is unfair. It’s probably more like $11 in a bundle.

      That being said I think that you’re right about movies on HBO. Once in a while they hit HBO at the perfect time and I watch them but a lot of the time it’s too late for me not to have just seen them On Demand or whatnot.
      I watch HBO for the series’ and documentaries and other feature presentations. But I do miss the days where HBO was like THE place for movies. There’s just too many other options for that now.

    • Jexiah8bit

      True, except HBO holds enough sway as to prevent certain movies from being available for rent – for instance, because HBO streams The Hobbit, you cant find it for rent anywhere online. You have to buy the damn thing. This, I feel, is wrong.

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