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HBO’s Yearender Clip & 2016 Speculation

By Jef Dinsmore on Dec 8, 2015 to HBO News


This is an iffy and scary post to be making. We don’t often venture into these type of guesses because invariably a number of them could be quite wrong and also a number of comments might declare our stupidity about the matter. We are going to throw out a postulation for 2016 however, because we are damn excited for what is coming to HBO in the new year ahead. So, here goes nothing!


January – MarchBigBirdThrone

We believe to start the year off HBO will concentrate on the launch and promotion of HBO KIDS and the showcase series that will be its anchor. HBO KIDS is an initiative to invigorate children’s programming for the network and generate a new site for it. That site, now in beta testing, will launch on 01.16 in time for the network debut of SESAME STREET which is entering its forty-sixth season.

Also possible in January could be some more VICE programming. We haven’t heard anything yet, but VICE could be ready to debut a daily VICE broadcast as part of its content deal with HBO. The only reason we feel this is possible is because itself now features “Daily VICE” which is a daily dose of news from around the world, so that content could be making its way to HBO. 

If the newscast doesn’t materialize at the start of the year than perhaps come February we will see VICE Season 4 debuting. Why? Because we already know that the animated ANIMALS is debuting on 02.05 at 11:30pm. That happens to be a Friday after REAL TIME WITH BILL MAHER. So, what airs after Maher at 11:00 then? It could be VICE.

We also know that mid-February through mid-April will be the following shows: Season One of VINYL, Season Five of GIRLS and Season Two of TOGETHERNESS. The music drama debuts 02.14 at 9:00pm and Dunham’s and Duplass’ shows are at 10:00 to 11:00 beginning on 02.21. And LAST WEEK TONIGHT WITH JOHN OLIVER also returns.


April – June

Most are too impatient when it comes to favored GAME OF THRONES and are forced to wait until April to get into its uncharted territory when it returns for Season Six at the 9:00 hour. What will follow with a comedic one-two punch? We don’t think they’ll mess with what they got going. SILICON VALLEY will air Season Three at 10:00. Sunday nights will start with TV’s Best Drama and end with its Best Comedy when VEEP once again settles in for Season Five. Now, it would have been cool for Selina and Company to air later in the fall during Election time, but we think it will stay put. THE ROCK AND ROLL HALL OF FAME CONCERT should also air in this timeframe.     


July – SeptemberWestworld_Hopkins

Now the schedule gets a bit unpredictable. We have to figure in all the other shows expected to air in 2016 and how they fit in the schedule. To us this time period is perfect for WESTWORLD. Everyone is eager to see this and we don’t think HBO would want to wait till the tail end of the year to get it up, so this is where it sits. Accompanying it we’ll guess is Season Two of BALLERS and the long awaited return of Danny McBride in VICE PRINCIPALS. It has been in development for a long time and is due. HARD KNOCKS should air in August.     


October – December

Now here is a mystery. As of this posting THE LEFTOVERS has not been renewed for Season Three. Will it? We think it should but we just don’t know yet. If it does not take the dramatic series spot there are choices still available. So let’s run a scenario. We are certain that Sarah Jessica Parker will have DIVORCE debut then. We are picking that it will be coupled with HIGH MAINTENANCE. Though HBO is making six new episodes of that comedy it has nineteen episodes that aired as a web TheLeftovers_Questionsseries that HBO will also air making a total of 25 installments. So we could see THE LEFTOVERS followed by DIVORCE and HIGH MAINTENANCE.

If the Garvey family saga is over then the dramatic content could either be THE YOUNG POPE, BIG LITTLE LIES  or the limited series’ CRIME and/or CODES OF CONDUCT.



2015 Yearender

But let’s not get ahead of ourselves. As this post was being drafted HBO’s 2015 Yearender Promo dropped. We wait for it all year; not just to highlight the year that was, but to look forward to what is coming soon. It will help clarify and tease us at the same time. Enjoy it here!

Also – 

The other content we keep a track of and the above clip confirmed is harder to place on the schedule. Also to fit into the lineup is the comedy series with Issa Rae called INSECURE (which must of dropped that title now?). There are also three HBO Films presentations to spread out over the year. They are CONFIRMATION, ALL THE WAY and LOOKING.  Any time throughout the year note that REAL SPORTS WITH BRYANT GUMBEL will embark on another season, Monday nights may still be HBO Documentary Films night and Tuesday’s reserved for occasional HBO Sports documentaries and other related content like WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP BOXINGAdd HBO Specials to the mix as well and it is a jam packed year.

Off the table…

…at least for now is TRUE DETECTIVE. It has not been greenlit for a Season Three to date and if it were it would have to be written from scratch and the whole process from state to finish won’t happen in time to air in 2016. Also we wonder about the HBO Miniseries: LEWIS AND CLARK. Could this epic work be completed to air in 2016? The production company behind that work is also helming THE MIGHTY EIGHTH, so it has to air before the highly anticipated WWII mini can. Also the huge concepts of MADADDAM, FOUNDATION and WATCHMEN cannot and should not be rushed.   

There are a number of other titles, but we won’t list them all. They are in early stages of development or ordered to pilots and haven’t gone further yet. Who knows which of them will lead off 2017 making us already looking forward to the year after next?

Note, some of the above is known fact and the rest just our simple hypothesis. We await the new year and all the excitement it will bring. Are you ready?




  • Weds

    My guesses for the scripted side of things…


    Looking (film)


    Game of Thrones
    Silicon Valley
    Confirmation (film)

    Early Summer:

    Codes of Conduct
    High Maintenance
    The Young Pope (mini)


    Vice Principals


    The Leftovers
    Brothers In Atlanta


    Big Little Lies
    Crime (mini)
    All The Way (film)

    • Jef Dinsmore

      certainly plausible

  • billy

    what about brothers in Atlanta and I think one of the limited series will air before fall 16

    • Jef Dinsmore

      I didn’t forget BROTHERS IN ATLANTA; I just decided not to try to list every show in development and that was one that happened not to be mentioned. We have had no further word on it beyond what we have posted.

      The problem is right now that HBO has more in development than they have room for assuming that it is sticking to its traditional Sunday night only slot for Originals. they have enough potential content there to expand off of that night, but will they do it? That is too hard to predict

      As for Limited Series I must agree that at least one will surely air in 2016. I believe it should be CRIME (formerly CRIMINAL JUSTICE) as it started back as a vehicle for James Gandolfini and has been in progress the longest. It is difficult to say when it would air but we’ll be watching for it.

      • billy

        I agree …. high chances that hob going to expand with more series with the competition from netflix…. thanks for the info jeff

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