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HBOGo to Xbox for Game of Thrones Premiere

By Jacob Klein on Feb 28, 2012 to HBO News

An announcment long awaited: HBO Go will be available for Microsoft’s Xbox Live platform just in time for the April 1st premiere of Game of Thrones season 2!  Already available on several other platforms including many smart TVs, Apple and Android mobiles as well as desktop PCs, HBO Go is now expanding into the world of Video Games and will give fans the chance to watch their favorite HBO programs in between bouts of Halo.

More importantly this gives many people convenient access to all of their faovirte programs via their television if they didn’t already have such access.  You’ll still need a subscrition to HBO and a cable company for this to work but who knows when that might change in the future.  Many fans have ben hoping for a “digital only” package from HBO where they could access HBO Go without having to pay Comcast or another cable provider monthly for other stations they may not watch.

Xbox fans rejoice!  True Blood, Game of Thrones and all of your other favorites will be available April 1st!

  • viking5girl

    Not for PS3???

    • No word yet but it looks like it’s all moving in that direction. I’m sure it’s in the works!

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