HBO: True Blood Season 7 Will Be Its Finale

By Jacob Klein on Sep 3, 2013 to Featured Post, True Blood


Well many of us thought this might happen!  True Blood has had a great run with millions of viewers tuning in every Sunday night these past 6 summers.  We know that many of you are saddened by this news and will likely be feeling rage, a sense of loss or maybe even betrayal.   True Blood has a longer than usual run on HBO.  And maybe we can all take solace in the fact that this might mean good things for the hopefully long-running Game of Thrones series and other potential HBO hits in the future.  

Here’s the official word from HBO this morning:

LOS ANGELES, Sept. 3, 2013 – The hit show TRUE BLOOD will end its run in 2014, it was announced today by Michael Lombardo, president, HBO Programming. Consisting of ten episodes, the previously announced seventh season will launch next summer.

“TRUE BLOOD has been nothing short of a defining show for HBO,” noted Lombardo. “Alan Ball took the books by Charlaine Harris, assembled a brilliant cast led by the magnificent Anna Paquin in the role of Sookie Stackhouse, and crafted a show that has taken its many devoted fans on an unforgettable journey. Alan passed the baton to Brian Buckner, who led our fantastic writers and crew in crafting a spectacular sixth season, and he will lead us through the seventh and final season of this amazing show. Together with its legions of fans, it will be hard to say goodbye to the residents of Bon Temps, but I look forward to what promises to be a fantastic final chapter of this incredible show.”

“From the moment I read Charlaine’s books, I thought there was potential for something really special,” says Alan Ball. “Then our amazing writers, cast and crew brought her world to life in a way that exceeded my wildest expectations. I’m deeply grateful to HBO for being true partners and collaborators, and, of course, to the viewers who chose to spend Sunday nights in Bon Temps with us.”

“I feel enormously proud to have been a part of the TRUE BLOOD family since the very beginning,” says Brian Buckner. “I guarantee that there’s not a more talented or harder-working cast and crew out there, and I’d like to extend a personal heartfelt thanks to them for their dedication and tenacity over the years, especially this past year, as I stepped into a larger role. Thank you also to HBO for their unwavering support and of course to Alan Ball, whose genius enabled all of us to share in this incredible journey. Finally, a huge thank you to the most passionate fans in television. As we take a final walk through Bon Temps together, we will do our very best to bring Sookie’s story to a close with heart, imagination and, of course, fun.”

Mixing romance, suspense, mystery and humor, TRUE BLOOD takes place in a world where vampires and humans co-exist, after vampires have come out of the coffin, thanks to the invention of mass-produced synthetic blood that means they no longer need humans as a nutritional source. The series follows waitress and part-faerie Sookie Stackhouse (Anna Paquin), who can hear people’s thoughts, vampire Bill Compton (Stephen Moyer) and vampire Eric Northman (Alexander Skarsgård). Alan Ball (creator of the Emmy®-winning HBO series “Six Feet Under”) created the show, which is based on the bestselling Sookie Stackhouse novels by Charlaine Harris.

The sixth season of TRUE BLOOD, which concluded last month, inspired critical raves, with the Boston Herald praising the show for “suspense, surprises and crackling dialogue,” while US Weekly noted that the show’s “cheeky humor and vivid imagination are still there to relish,” and the New York Post called it “bloody hilarious.” With an average gross audience of 10.6 million viewers per episode, the show remains one of HBO’s most popular series.

True Blood Season 7 will premiere in summer 2014 and end there. No word about how many episodes it will include given this year’s reduced number. Throw us an HBO movie in 2015 or something, HBO?  We’ll talk about that when the time comes :)  Until then go reserve season 6 on Blu Ray and prepare yourself for the finale!

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I had true blood DVDS for a while, never really like the storyline because I was blindsided by the nudity but when I got passed that I was hooked and personally as they say all good things must come to an end so a grater good may come forth, I think it had a perfect send off and I applaud the cast and crew behind true blood. Thank you for an amazing adventure.


true blood should keep going its ass kicking there should be a hell of a lot more to come!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Am Robert by name, i turn to a vampire any time i want to. i become a vampire because of how people treat me, this world is a wicked world and not fair to any body. at the snack of my finger things are made happened. am now a powerful man and no one step on me without an apology goes free. i turn to human being also at any time i want to. and am one of the most dreaded man in my country. i become a vampire through the help of my friend who introduce me into a… Read more »
Am Robert by name, i turn to a vampire any time i want to. i become a vampire because of how people treat me, this world is a wicked world and not fair to any body. at the snack of my finger things are made happened. am now a powerful man and no one step on me without an apology goes free. i turn to human being also at any time i want to. and am one of the most dreaded man in my country.. i become a vampire through the help of my friend who introduce me into a… Read more »

Oh there should be more true blood this is the only reason i have hbo

What a lot of people aren’t grasping is that it’s not solely HBO’s decision to cut True Blood. A lot of the actors are ready to move on and in some interviews even mentioned wanting to do so. Keeping the show going against their wishes is selfish on our part. People don’t act well when they’re not wanting to. It especially disturbs me to hear people say ‘True Blood is my life’. That’s unfortunate; life shouldn’t revolve on a TV show. After all, they’re cancelled constantly, they don’t last forever, and in the end they are just humans pretending to… Read more »


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Sookie stackhouse have my faver bill compton what happen true blood

From what I’ve gathered, the reason for the shortened season last year and the ending of the show with a season 7, is the birth of Anna’s and Stephen’s twins. They want to spend some time with them and who could blame the new parents? Don’t we all enjoy spending time with our families? Ture Blood is a great show and we will all miss it, but we can’t have it without Sookie and Bill. As for the show being quite different from the novels, I expected it. After season 2, the writers kind of went in their own direction.… Read more »

True Blood died after Season 2 for me. Thankfully Boardwalk Empire fills my needs and has much better writers and a better story.

Nooo please don’t stop this amazing show :(
I really liked it the most !!
I am looking forward for season 7 and I hope that you guys change your mind about this idea.

Fuck you HBO!! Why??????? This is, hands down, the best show you’ve got! UGH!! Looks like I’ll be sticking with Starz and Showtime since they can actually compete in the drama series division.

You such HBO after this season I’m canceling my subscription

I agree with the previous comment. I subscribe to HBO once a year for 3 months: True Blood. Once it’s done, I’m out.

Please please please don’t cancel True Blood! This is the only reason I’m subscribed to HBO.

I am so sad TRUE BLOOD will b over:'( I absolutely love this show! I cannot wait for Season 7!!! :)
Please make a movie of this HBO!!!!! U made a terrible mistake when not making THE SOPRANOS a movie. That was an AMAZING SHOW AS WELL;) thanks for all ur great, various shows u provide ;)

Shirley Patterson-Wallace
I suppose all good things must come to an end sooner or later, but…PLEASE MAKE “TRUE BLOOD” LATER! HBO is making a terrible mistake by doing so due to such a large fan base. Of course, perhaps the actors have other venues they wish to pursue. If so, then many thanks to each and every one of them for entertaining us so well and keeping us bewitched for so long. Oh, how I will personally miss Eric, Sookie, Bill, Jason, Pam, Tara, Arlene, Jessica and all the others who help to make it a fun ride. *Sigh*

huge mistake!!!! please dont =(
sincerely- a huge fan!

I think you should not cancel the show big MISTAKE!! It is the only reason we got HBO as well.

After this season looks like we will be dropping hbo that’s the only reason we watched it

I’ll be so FUCKING GLAD when it’s over Because That’s all they do every 5 fucking min. Is fuck each other!!!!! Grow up!! And make A Real Vampire Movie that Does not have Fucking Hillbillies in it!!! It’s so Lame!!!

Why you reply on this show then you red neck scum cunt.

Go fuck your self and DIE FUCK YOU!!

Wow! People really are depressing these days. How about finding a hobby. There are better things out there besides television.

True Blood is the ONLY reason I have HBO…. TRUE BLOOD ENDS MY HBO WILL END….I read all the books, and I don’t care if it strayed…..ERIC is beautiful!

I think that its a good idea that they are ending trueblood yes I love the show but if you actually read the books then you would see that they have gone soooooo far off from them that whats the point in making something that doesn’t even go along with the original plot anyway????

True Blood is is by far the best vampire series in my opinion

Seriously I am cancelling my HBO subscription if you end True Blood pleaseeee reconsider pleaseeee

This is just sad. The only reason I have HBO at all is because of the True Blood series. I would really be nice if HBO would reconsider and make it through all of the books that True Blood is based on. Oh well, every good thing must come to an end, and so will my subscription to HBO when the final episode is aired.

too bad its not all real, everytime i watch true blood i wish i was in bon temps! :/ there will never ever be a vampire series as bad ass as this one. im sad,

It’s by far ONE OF THE BEST SHOW on air!! I own every season and can’t wait to see Season 7!! I’m upset it will be the last!! I myself added HBO to originally watch every episode, then decided I loved it so much that I had to own them!! Can’t wait for the summer to get hooked once again!!

Some say they love it, some say the writing has gotten tired and they’re pulling long shots. Well I have some evidence that proves my point: 1. I have never seen them take the easy way out on script writing not even once, (ex. Walking Dead went lazy on Andrea’s exit, who stops to get themselves free, while talking to someone who is turning? It was the laziest writing I have ever seen.) I’ve never seen one instance where True Blood has taken the lazy way out. 2. They have relevance in their writing: From religion to politics, to dealing… Read more »

Well said I will really miss this show, they would kill people off and move on while other shows try to drag things out or have the character doing things a normal person wouldn’t do. The writing on this show was excellent Goodbye true blood and duces hbo

Like wise, thanks Robin for your comment. I’ve spoken with quite a few people about True Blood and it amazes me how so many view this as mindless entertainment. I feel like saying take the wax outta your ears folks. I can’t believe how so many don’t even realize how deep this show goes or even see the relevance of the writing and dialogue.


3 more seasons!!!!

After True Blood season 7 is over, I will cancel HBO. Why take such a great show and bring it to an end? Keep it going. Pam is my favorite character on the show. If anyone dies, Bill should meet his true death. Tara should turn Sookie just for her decision to play God with Tara’s life. I love the show, I hate to see this end, and I truly hope Eric wins in the end, he has a heart.

Lets be honest, its time for the show to end. Last season was a hot mess, rushed though and almost painful to watch. I will miss it, but it’s time to put that proverbial horse out to pasture.

It’s called Greed. All the actors want more money so that ends most all shows. You cant blame them or HBO it is what it is Greed.

This is Crap!! True blood is the only reason besides Game of thrones that I even pay to watch HBO. Why give us something so great to watch then snatch it way?! It was bad enough having to wait so long for the new seasons to premiere! You suck HBO!!! thank God I still have The Walking Dead and Game of Thrones or I’d be out for blood!!!!!

ha game of thrones last season so that ones gone cant see much life in walking dead either

pleasepleasepleaseplease at least go out with a bang on a season 10. Buffy the Vampire Slayer was one of the most beautiful, funny and creative TV shows I watched, and adored, in my opinion. I almost cried when it finished; the feeling when you must disconnect yourself from such an exciting and interesting world. When I happened upon True Blood, I instantly felt the same pull and admiration that I had for Buffy’s cast, story lines, etcetera. The actors in True Blood are beautifully portraying the characters, Anna Paquin is a-m-a-z-i-n-g, as is Sookie’s character. Her connection with Eric and… Read more »

im confused why is this the final season? why end it here?

cause its a bit poo


Go paquin wat an amazing journey from books
To tv has been outofit proud of NZ…. By the way i
Chose Eric dam hot

Amazing, but like all good shows, it must come to an end. Thanks for the last 6 years! I have cried, laughed & fantasized about some of these characters! Every year since the 2nd season we have thrown a True Blood Premiere Party!, trying new Louisiana foods! Come on HBO, give us all something else to look forward too~!

Nooooooooooo!!!!!! it’s bed enough i have to wait until the summer for a new now it’s over…please don’t do this i love tru blood….ugh!!” im so upset!!”

Continue on!

I am just hoping HBO will redeem itself and bring on something bigger and badder. I only subscribed to HBO all these years solely for “TRUE-BLOOD.” HBO what’s next on the agenda? Suggestions Sherilyn Kenyon’s, “Dark Hunters” Series, or Kresely Cole’s, “The Immortal’s After Dark” Series, that would be awesome!

It was a great show but it’s time has come. My husband and I have watched it religiously since the first episode but even we have found ourselves disappointed more and more. This is a good decision. If not, it’s going to end with people not tuning in anyway because it sucks. Let it end on a higher note. To those of you that “live” for the show. The actors are going to move on with their lives after its over and I suggest you do the same. It’s been a WAY bigger part of their lives then yours. If… Read more »

It has been an awesome show!

Michelle Radford Cole

Imbeciles!! I’m cancelling my subscription…next will be GOT! I dont even watch anything else on HBO – this show is the whole reason I added it to my package! Because it’s had a longer than normal run… Whats the point of being a tv station if you dont listen to your viewers!

That’s fucked up mane I feel like I died

how pathetic can you be! “true blood is my life”? ITS A TV SHOW. GET A HOBBY. Thanks, HBO.True Blood was amazing from the very beginning and i cant wait to see the conclusion.

It’s ashame as I feel it’s gotten better as times gone on and the characters have developed, aspecialy Eric’s. My main question now is why if the show is so popular are you making this the last season and why a short season?

Really the 1st three seasons were the best. Sookie was only good with Bill. They needed to stay with them as a couple, and less with what happen last season-the story was ALL over the place.

I agree that in the show she had better chemistry with Bill but have you read any of the books?

It’s not really about the books, it was entertaining, just like with game of thrones, yes ive read the books, but I like the writer’s spin as well, because it’s entertaining, not some documentary. I’m glad true blood didn’t follow the books exactly, because we wouldn’t have had Lafayette after season 1 and he’s one of my favorite characters.

Oh I agree 100% on the Lafayette part! It would be a whole diff show without my man!

I loved the books and the show. They were so different though!! I dont even consider them the same. Im sad it has to end but at the same time i cant picture it doing anything but going down hill. Its been a good run but the books were better. I wanted to see the sexy weretiger and she ended up with sam not alceid. And lafyette died in book one.

This show use to be good until season 4, I finished season 5 but I don’t know why I did. I’m extremely glad it’s finally coming to an end, bc the list of new shows look to be interesting

Why this is one of the best shows I ever saw please reconsider

True blood is the best series I have ever watched love the story the actors an every aspect of the show it is very heart breaking that it is going to end

yeah i guess lets cut for tb, help peoples we need this

sadly its true that that was my reason to live so what now.



I agree with Kirsty. Take it away and there’s not a point living. I refuse to.

I can’t think of life without the show. I read the first few books but when I watched the show I got hooked. It’s my life. If you take it away from me I don’t want to live.

I just started watching TRUEblood two weeks ago and I just ended season 6. I also ended my subscription because I just found out its ending next season. Sad to see an awesome show go…but oh well…back to CW.

I read some of your comments and it probably never occurred to you that the books also ended. I have the entire series and the last one came out this year. I see where someone said Eric got burned up. That never happened in the books. How this writer can take such incredible books and shred them like he did is a mystery. He could have stuck to them as close as he could and still made it presentable for TV but he strayed so far from them that the only thing he kept was the names of the characters.… Read more »

Unfortunately, the books árecalways better than the movie or show. They always cut too much or alter too much.

Your right the books and show are too different. They never even had quin. I really wanted to see how they would portray him. The one difference i did like was lafyette. I love him on the show.

I only pay for HBO to watch True Blood. It’s the only show I was live when it airs so I can’t just watch it online.

please dont end this awsome series! I have never in my life enjoyed. loved to watch any other show ever. Pure genius. Mr. Ball. My tv life is over now Shhhh Ihave every season on dvd, but I need my true blood fix! God Bless you Alan. you are the best.wonderfully twisted imagination. I scream when I watch it. family thinks Im nuts/i am for your great show. Sijncerely Mrs.Amirshahi/ your#1fran

there are more shows im sure i have so many fave s atm and i always find more tv shows anyways they are ending it on a good run we will see them again sometime you have to move on

HBO is going to lose millions of subscribers and watchers because of True Blood’s cancellation. Honestly, they are idiots to cancel such an epic show. Who cares about their other shows?

I’m done with HBO after the farewell season. I’m going to move back to CW, Vampire Diaries, Originals, and Reign (etc.)! Not even close to True Blood, but it is all that we have.

:) Long Live True Blood!

U must watch game of thrones. U won’t be disappointed.

I agree. Although TB was a great show and I will miss it, game of thrones is great to watch. must move on. All tv shows come to an end eventually.

Oh well there goes my HBO subscription

HBO you are going to lose so many people I only get HBO because of true blood and with out it on there I will never get on HBO agin

True Blood is an epic series and to end it now is foolish. HBO will loose many subscribers over this, as well as prevent others who would subscribe just to watch this series. True Blood is the only reason I watch HBO and without it I have no reason to continue at this time. Good luck with the drop in ratings and I hope HBO realizes before it is too late that this series should continue. I would enjoy seeing it continue as a series but they should at least continue it in a multi-movie series that will extend the… Read more »

I don’t think HBO really cares about the fans they lose over this TBH because they still have the subscribers for shows like Girls, Looking, True Detective, Boardwalk Empire and Game of Thrones who have just as many if not more followers/shippers/subscribers. It is sad though that the show started off so great and just kind of lost its footing. It wil be missed, but in my opinion its time for it to go.

I think it’s funny John, when people think HBO will lose subscribers when they cancel a show. Not really. They have millions of subscribers! The few 100 that they might lose are nothing and you never know, some of them might even try and watch Game of Thrones and fall in love with that show. They are a huge Company for a reason

After reading the books I stopped watching True Blood. It was two different stories altogether. I didn’t even recognize seasons two and three compared to the books. If they had been truer to the books, the show would have been 100% better. I know this will make a lot of you mad but for those who have read the books, I think you might agree with me.


I completely and totally agree with you. I tried to watch some last season but think I only made it through one or two episodes. It definately strayed to far from the books.

True Blood is and will be my all time favorite show! What is HBO w/o True Blood? I’m so disappointed with the decision to end such a defining series. I never post anything but this for me just FUCKING SUCKS!!!

There are, I’m sure, many reasons on it ending good run though I almost have the whole series only 3 more seasons to get :)

HBO ARE YOU DUMB?? Why would you do this.. I swear I won’t watch HBO after true blood goes off .. Bye bye HBO ! And true blood yu shouldn’t want to stop , seeing as how many people watch you’re show ! But oh well. Like I said I won’t be watching HBO no more screw y’all

IM SO DONE WATCHING HBO… TRUE BLOOD ! What was you thinking?? this is the dumbest choice you have made . PERIOD. HBO u defiantly lost my view screw y’all

why the hell cansel a show with 13 milion people wathing it?! it is rediciolus and stupid! Why? hbo you are stupid! oh and sorry fore the missspelling but I got dislexely.

Has it occurred to anyone the actors are over it? I doubt HBO wanted to let go of a golden egg.

I cancelled hbo already!!!! YOU READING THIS HBO!! Too bad you guys couldnt keep the show going for the fans. This was my #1 show next to walking dead. What a shame YOU threw it and fans away. Aside from game of thrones there is nothing left to see that is worth the $$. I am not keeping my subscription for GOT I did for TRUE BLOOD but not for GOT or that lame Boardwalk Empire old man show. SO LONG!

I will connect it for season 7 and that will be the end of HBO for me.

hey, why even do that. To Hell with HBO…go to the internet and find the show streaming online for free then hook computer up 2 tv w/hdmi cord and boom, saves u a few $$$ through out the season and HBO can go to hell. They R RUINING a good thing!!!

No People ! Watching season 7 on streaming will make HBO think => ” Oh the audience is so low for season 7 :O We really will not do a season 8, not worth it” . So, PLEASE , Watch the season 7 on your TVS people ! Let’ s show HBO we are faithful and all ! So they’ll be like ” OmG :O So many Audiennnce ?! Let’s make a season 8 , thats freaking worth it :D”YES because this is all about the MONEY guys ! So, lets show them we’ll be here for season 8 if… Read more »

ABSOLUTELY NOT Angeli, with all due respect to your good intention, HBO has already decided to cancel after season 7 is over, there won’t be a season 8 so what I’m going to do now is cancel goddamn HBO NOW to save money and stream True Blood online when season 7 is on for freeeee …

People doing this is probably contributed to hbo canceling the series. can’t have everything for free. production and actors cost money and after all tv is all about making money not entertaining their fans.

Will cancel HBO as soon as season 7 is over! This is BS.

— Season 6, last episode on the closing scene, a pack of new risen vamps suddenly appeared in the woods while a background music plays with the lyrics saying… “Welcome to the new age, to the new age…” an Electro-Alternative “kinda” type of song. Season 7 would be a mixed up of scenes progressed from previous ones but with a new twist. HERE’S I WOULD LIKE TO SEE in SEASON 7. Since Eric got him self toasted while reading a book totally naked under the Sun somewhere on a mountain top full of snow (tho not sure if he really… Read more »
Oh and PS : ( yea Im the Angeli Becerra person who just wrote down a book, I just signed in haha ) so yea ps ; After so many years of awaiting, making warlow being impatient wasn’t really smart… The guy waited for so long how the hell could he – smart powerful creature who spents its existence wainting for Sookie – lose control and screw up everything. So yea.. Making him come back seems to be the best thing to do to balance with this crazy uncredibility. It may seem like I’m talking a lot about Warlow, but… Read more »

LOVE IT…so AGREE with you Angelic Becerra!!! Thanks for the info./ opinion

Hi HBO ( yea you there ), if you ever dreamt of meeting a genius who could save your show : Hey ho hello! Nice to meet you! Ok, presentations done. Now, Listen carefully to the freaking brilliant ideas I’m about to give you to make a great 8 season! ( yes 8, which will occurs after the 7- which will not be the final one ). I won’t ask for money I promise ;) Just keep the show on our tvs. SO ; first of all kiliing Warlow whereas he was a lot more stronger and ancient and hotter… Read more »
Pathetic! All of you!

Wow! Is is mandatory to be completely illiterate to be a die hard TB fan? I have never seen such a vast collection of grammatical, spelling, and typographical errors!!!
Here’s an idea, put down the remote and pay attention during your English class!!! You sound like a bunch of morons!

I’m canceling HBO after this season if they cancel a True Blood i cancel them!!!!!,



Stop killing our favorite tv shows. First was Dexter now is True Blood. Go F*** OFF.

SO TRUE!!!!!

This makes me want to SCREAM! There is too much you didn’t do! You could have expanded a bit longer on Jasons love interest, you barely gave anything to Warlow! That could have been a season on its own as well as the vampire camps. Where the hell is Erik? Poor Terry! How could you do that to one of the best characters of the show. Sam could have gotten more time and Tara just became a vampire why the hell would you not give us more especially now that Pam is becoming more likable. HBO this was a very… Read more »

Read the books

the books and shows are different, by a lot.

Are you kidding with this? Are you 15? Grow up, its a business. There so many story lines threading out, they are getting dangerously close to jumping the shark.

Yeah I hope the actress didn’t lose weight for our benefit. I liked her more at a normal weight for sure. Hope she’s okay.

But honestly.. again 7 seasons is a TERRIFIC run for any show. Kill it before it dies (and yeah I understand the irony of this statement :)

Mallory Kathryne Dockery

she had a baby, actually 2! Twins, then she worked real hard to get back to pre baby weight. Sure she perhaps over shot it. I wish they were not ending the show sure… But i wish even more that they had not wasted so much on the Lilith story-line, which i do not recall at all in the books. Oh well. Alls well that ends well.

Just bring Eric back or don’t even worry about having a “final” season.

it is very sad that they will finish off true blood!! as this was the best story from all vampire movies, programs! and hats off to the original writers and to the casts crew who made us fall in love with the each individual characters and the director with their imaginations and the rest of the crew who made this possible to be loved in a different light, I found each season was very unique especially when they gave you the moment to understand all characters differently, it was amazing to see both sides of the coin (good side and… Read more »

maybe if they kept the story line close to the book maybe more viewers would tune in. I love the series it’s self but it did steer very far way from the original story line. I had a hard time wrapping my head around Lilith and the authority and warlow….

Please don’t stop the True Blood Series! In all my years of watching HBO series True Blood is my favorite of all times and will always be my favorite and its also more than 10 million other people’s favorite to. How could this be the END? I know if I was working with HBO, I know that getting rid of True Blood is really going to hurt HBO. I seriously hope they change their mind by the time season 7 will be coming to a close. Gosh, I’m still having trouble wrapping my head around how season 7 will be… Read more »

Very disgusted that True Blood is ending…I will miss the show but won’t cancel HBO (only because I love Game of Thrones)…if they cancel that I will cancel the network for sure!!!

What happen to fairies harvesting humans?
Bringing the end so soon sucks.

They hould have left Warlow an option to return,
Lillith too.

Eric should return.

Pam should not die.

Bill should regain Lilliths power and become more
ruthless, he was reborn by her blood.

Zombie vampires are good. But some more evil should

Ending the show wouldn’t be accepted.

you suckkk!! juss sayin..

jkkjk:)) nvmm, thought u said tht pam should die.. whoops..

sign the petition to SAVE TRUE BLOOD here:

i agree i will also be canceling hbo

I am honestly sad to see it go. Our family will be cancelling HBO and so aren’t the people in my community. That show was the only thing we watched in my home town anyways. I don’t really pick favorites. I just loved this show since it first came out, being hooked since day one! I can’t wait for season seven to come out because I’m am just dying to know what happens. Once again like at the end of most season’s we are left with a huge cliff hanger! It will never be the same with out True blood.… Read more »

Game of Thrones is a good series. So is Boardwalk Empire. I love True Blood too but these are good shows to get into. Game of Thrones will suck you in also.

Boy you have no idea about TV, you just like Porn. Brainless Idiot.

And you are just as brainless for being so ignorant. In case you haven’t noticed TV provides a variety of programming for all tastes; if yoy can’t handle that reality than quit watching it. Oh, and try to be more friendlly.


is there anybody…anybody at all… that doesn’t have the same quotes about the books making great tv…. and DOES have the reasons for the decision? Ratings are down but still not that bad…. #3 show on the network

im so sad to see my favorite show leave the air…..///// i love me some bill!!!

I recently quietly watched all six seasons on demand and told no one about it. I watched season one three years ago and had no interest in it whatsoever. I thought it was boring. If I was going to continue to embarrass myself watching True Blood, it had to be about more than a girl falling in love with a vampire. After deciding to give season two a chance and then quickly watching every single episode after, I must say, I love this show. I am, however, disappointed that the finale season will focus on a Sookie, Alcide, Bill love… Read more »

based on your last comment here i would strongly suggest reading the books.

Agreed! I love Eric!!! my favorite part of the whole show is Eric, And I really hoped sookie would end up with him. I dont like Bill and I like Alcide even less. Team Eric Fo-Evaaa!!!!

True Blood Season 7 watch Sookie’s new 1981 Honda Civic reborn. Vampires be aware she is back for revenge. Check out her new ride from Bill.

You are stupid. the show is stupid.

Hard for me to fathom something more unintelligent than reading an and all the comments about the article about a show you obviously don’t enjoy. Our maybe you just dont have any life at all?


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