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HBO Signs Five Year Deal with Sesame Street

By Jacob Klein on Aug 13, 2015 to HBO Kids, HBO News


Yes, that Sesame Street!  HBO and PBS announced a new partnership that will make the next five seasons of the iconic series available on HBO and its multiplex channels, HBO GO, HBO On Demand and the new internet-only SVOD service HBO NOW. As a key part of the deal, Sesame will be able to produce almost twice as much new content as previous seasons, and for the first time ever, make the show available free of charge to PBS and its member stations after a nine-month window.

Here’s the quote from Sesame’s CEO:

“Our new partnership with HBO represents a true winning public-private partnership model. It provides Sesame Workshop with the critical funding it needs to be able to continue production of Sesame Street and secure its nonprofit mission of helping kids grow smarter, stronger and kinder; it gives HBO exclusive pay cable and SVOD access to the nation’s most important and historic educational programming; and it allows Sesame Street to continue to air on PBS and reach all children, as it has for the past 45 years.”

Believe it or not, HBO has a long history of children’s programming. Starting with Fraggle Rock and now culminating with Sesame Street, HBO is diversifying their portfolio. Generes don’t seem to matter to HBO, only quality programming.  Here are a few HBO themed parodies to get you in the mood.  It’s okay to watch at any age!

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With Sesame Street moving to HBO, I wonder which character will be killed off first?

Just kidding, I think it will be great for both companies. So long as it still airs on PBS after a certain window of time (Not everyone can afford cable), I think it will work out well.

At first I thought this was An April Fools joke with real bad timing. Then it dawned on me how much this makes sense. There has been a relationship between the companies as noted and there is a level of quality at both , also noted. It certainly helps SESAME STREET. But the partnership helps HBO as well.It will offer solid children programming to the web services; It will change the morning hours on the channels to something other than repeated programming and, though not mentioned here, would certainly give HBO FAMILY a needed boost. It sounds like a win/win… Read more »

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