HBO Reveals ‘Veep’ Poster

By Jacob Klein on Mar 7, 2012 to Veep

HBO has just released the promotional poster for it’s upcoming series- Veep! The show stars Julia-Louis Dreyfus and focuses on a fictional Vice President (Selina) played by the former Seinfeld star. If you aren’t a political wonk (or aren’t American!), the poster features the first names of the past few Vice Presidents of the United States followed by “Selina”. Take a look for yourself!

Veep premieres on April 22nd at 10PM, just after Game of Thrones so it should be in a good position to pick up some initial viewers! Good luck Mrs. Vice President! Check out the first Veep trailer if you haven’t already.

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I did see the pilot for LIFE”S TOO SHORT on HBOGo . I laughed at it but, I admit odd viewing habits. I’ll probably binge marathon this show after the season’s end. I’m not good at appointment (same time every week) viewing.

I hope this is the best comedy half-hour for HBO since the early years of ENTOURAGE or SEX AND THE CITY!


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