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HBO Renews Enlightened, Cancels 3 Others

By Jacob Klein on Dec 20, 2011 to Bored to Death, Enlightened

Big news from HBO today as the premium cable network has decided to renew it’s Golden Globe nominated dramedy ‘Enlightened’.  We can also confirm that HBO has decided not to order new seasons of Bored to Death, Hung or How to Make it in America. Fans of the new comedy series Enlightened should be pleased with the renewal of Laura Dern’s new show. Conversely, we know a lot of you are fans of Bored to Death, Hung and How to Make it in America so we hope you’ve enjoyed those programs over the years!  Their memory will live on in you.

HBO is most likely doing this to make way for all of the new series being introduced in 2012 including Veep, Luck, Newsroom, Life’s too Short and Girls.

There are also new seasons of Game of Thrones, Boardwalk Empire, True Blood, Real Time with Bill Maher and a cornucopia of amazing mini-series and HBO films coming your way in 2012. We know some of you won’t be able to find solace in those above facts even though your favorite show may have just been canceled today.   But I think if you give some of these other award winning shows a chance you’ll still find a ton of value in your HBO subscription!

Today is a bitter-sweet day, my friends.   As Jimmy would say:  *raises glass*  “To the Lost.”

See you in 2012.

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Just watched the whole two seasons of How to Make it in America, in less than 24 hours, HBO dropped the ball on this one. Great show, why are you cancelling the cool shows and leaving the wack ones on? I said to my wife, finally something real! BEST SHOW ON HBO HANDS DOWN. C’mon man, seriously?

I want how to make it back on air. Sell the rights to the show if you don’t want it.

Bored to Death was a wonderfully fresh series with sharp writing and a perfect cast. What the hell HBO? I loved the fact that the lead characters were not meat heads or geeks but artists! Please bring Bored to Death back as a series or at least make the film.

Bored to a Death & How to Make it in America made HBO Sundays great. Those series had endless possibilities & should have lasted at least 6 not 2 seasons. HBO please bring them back

bring back how to make it in america.. that was an awesome show

PLEASE bring Hung back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Please bring hung back.

trueblood is the worst show i have ever watched! trueblood is absolute garbage , but they keep that show going

only reason i pay for HBO is to watch hung! think ill be unsubscribing to HBO

I want hung back!!!!!!! It was a wonderful show and the way you left it sucked!!!! I want to know what happens next. Will jess be with ray and that bitch lenore,is she finally dead? Will charlie pay back the money he owes? I guess I will never know because you cancelled it! You suck for that and killing off jimmy from boardwalk empire. That sexy man could have done great things for that show! if there is one thing hbo is good for, its killing great shows and the people who make the shows.

Bring Hung back.

How to make it in America was inspirational to me and a lot of people I know, everyone wants to do something big and I know a lot of people feel like they knew these characters and most of us are these characters. Too me and many this was a real show, with their ups and downs and you feel like you can relate. It’s sad HBO, bring it back, please. They were just coming up and we don’t know how it will end. I would bring it back, speaking for myself and about 7 of my friends. Take care.

I am so sad that BORED TO DEATH was cancelled!! I absolutely loved this show!! WHY, WHY, WHY!!?? F**kity!!

Does this mean Hung isn’t being filmed at all? Because if it is, I am going to find it a watch it elsewhere..


I very much enjoyed the series Hung on HBO. Was hoping it would continue, thought it needed more publicity to catch on. I am a fan of Girls series. Glad that one is coming back. Try for more episodes this season please. Love HBO GO!!!!

No biggie, never watched them anyway. Don’t sweat it HBO… Game of Thrones and True Blood fans will pick up their weak sauce slack.

No biggie, never watch any of them anyway. Don’t sweat it HBO… If that’s all they watched true fans of Game of Thrones and True Blood will pick up their weak sauce slack.

Bored to Death was so funny! Huge mistake HBO, why, why, why?

You canceled hung? Wtf
Get rid of that idiot Bill maher . Bring back hung

completely agree!!!!!

We wait for good series like hung’ because they aren’t mainstream for the “mainstream morons’ Tru blood’ Wait a yr each time to catch up’ hbo has too many sh%* shows’ intro more sh%* should keep quality consumers with quality shows’ my friends and family will now wait for tru blood and buy it’ tired of loving a show and hung was just one’ that get stuffed over for $$ and not simply cancelling sub to hbo’ but have got word from thousands that are doing the same’ hbo is a supermarket’ not a care for real fans who do… Read more »

Hung, How to Make it in America and Bored to Death are gone? Seriously HBO? Give these programs at least 4 years! You’re messing with my DVR schedule. Come on!!

boo hbo… wasnt a big hung fan but how to make it and especially bored to death were awesome…… really gonna miss bored to death =(

Cannot wait for season 4 Boardwalk. Has improved vastly on first 2 seasons, which were themselves top draw. Cannot believe they have bought lifes too short. I assume it was because its a gervais project. Sadly mr G is hardly in it, and warwick davies just cannot do comedy

WTF!! I was really getting in to How To Make it in America. A different version of Entourage…..but nooooo you go an cancel it. Come on guys give me something other then True Blood. Paying for the channel is slowly becoming pointless.

You renew Enlightened . Thay show is horrible you guys don’t know your A#% from your @$%#@ and you cancel hung? WTH

HBO has a TON of new shows coming up. Hopefully one appeals to you.

Board to Death was my favorite show on HBO, cancelling it makes cancelling HBO all that much easier.

Really making the decision to switch to showtime easy canceling hung and board to death. If shows are caceled that easy why start watching new ones on this network just to watch it go when I get into it.

How to Make it in America was the next entourage. What an inspiring and passionate series! Young professionals in pursuit of a dream and better way of life, that’s enlightening!

Please consider other series like this. In my books HBO just got a little older and less hip.

Well said, HBO is seeming real old right about now and i was born in the 70’s.

I can’t believe they cancelled Hung. It was such a great show. Big mistake HBO. You turned away a good one.

Cant believe hbo cancelled hung and how to make it in america. I was a huge fan of sopranos and entourage. They are gone. I was a fan of these two and now they are gone. I not really sure if it is worth the extra money a month. I pay it just for these shows. Thanks for making my decision much easier.

when is seASON 2 FOR ENLIGHTEN- MORE levi MORE men!!!

I hope hbo change that desition bored to death is the best comedy hbo have and is a shame you are taking this show away there is a lot of costumer upset with this I hope to see another season of bored to death

Man I have been an HBO series fan since shows like OZ and the wire, but this really hurts my heart HUNG & E Bound & Down were the funniest next to Curb …

Excelent decision! Please bring more tv shows that make people think & feel higher!!!

Why cancel hung it wad the best seris besides true blood that yall aired

I was not a fan of these particular shows, but I did watch Deadwood, and ya, wow. We expect the major networks to be fickle, but when HBO signs up to do a series, and you decide to axe it, have the class to give the writers a half-seasons worth of episodes to wrap it up. Then you can make your savvy biz decision, and keep retention up, at least for the shows that seem to have a passionate cult following, but do not appeal to the masses, this would seem like a fairly logical choice with all things considered.… Read more »

If HBO didn’t come in my package and my wife wasn’t holding on, hoping True Blood could climb out of its abyss, I’d gladly cancel. Good writing and drama has little place at HBO. Sorry, but Boardwalk Empire has had one above average episode in 2years. Wish we’d just cut my losses after the Deadwood fiasco.

It’s not just teenie tv, it’s HBO.

I agree. I watched all of the seasons of dead wood and of hung and just found out they were canceled why does hbo cancel all the good shows? If it weren’t for true blood and game of thrones I would cancel my subscription. Why pay that much for something when you only like two shows that you have to wait a year in between seasons this is so frustrating.

I should have proofread it…*2 years…*our losses

Bored to death was the best show you had next to Curb … Stupid hbo

Please do not take away Bored to death and Hung. I loved these shows. Why HBO!!

I agree that Bored to Death was the best!

Stupidest decision ever HBO. I’m cancelling my subscription!


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