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HBO Releases First Production Video for Game of Thrones Season 3

By Charlie Harwood on Dec 2, 2012 to Game of Thrones Trailers

Who said waiting was easy? I don’t know about you, but i’m getting rather impatient waiting for Game of Thrones to return on March 31. Season Three premiere is now less than four months away and HBO has given us something to wet our appetites with by releasing the first production video for next season. Titled Game of Thrones: In Production, the two-minute feature aired before Boardwalk Empire and includes interviews with cast and crew, as well as first looks at new characters, including Mance Rayder, the Reeds, and Anguy. From the look of it, the next installment of the Game of Thrones series is going to be truly amazing and a nice bounce-back from the disappointments last season. So, sit back, relax, and enjoy the first look at Game of Thrones Season Three:

Game of Thrones: In Production

Not working for you? Try HBO’s direct link:

Author’s Note: Wow. Excellent interview Dan and D.B. talking about how getting to the third season will make this whole journey worthwhile. Book readers understand just how epic the third novel of the ASOIAF was, but this just adds to the allure of what these two have in store for us. A few excellent screenshots added to intrigue as well. The view of the Unsullied standing in ranks was amazing and the final shot of the flaming sword was incredibly awesome. And of course, our first glimpse of Mance Rayder! Further, I love hearing from the actors too. Richard, Peter, Emilia, and Maisie are always great. Overall, a great video and an enticing look into Season Three.

What did you think fans? Did you notice any hints or spoilers about Season Three contained in the video? Want to rave about how epic Season Three will be? Leave us a comment and let us know!

  • regisa

    well when you are impatient than guess what i am, i’ve read all the books and watched season one, in two weeks i’m able to watch season two for the first time and probably it will take more than a year until season three will be shown on german tv, so i think you are lucky ones for only having to wait a few weeks…

  • Ross Kardon

    I like watching GAME OF THRONES on HBO, but I feel a deep sorrow and pity for Bran Stark. I dearly wish George R. R. Martin wrote that it was Joffery Baratheon who fell and became crippled, instead of Bran!

    If Bran was a real person and lived in our world, he would still be confined to a wheel chair, instead of having Hodor carry him. This is because medical science in our world is yet advanced enough to re-grow nerve cells and make people who suffer spinal injuries able to walk again.

    Scientists in Switzerland were able to give a paralyzed rat back some of it’s walking ability. So there is hope that someday it will be possible to re-grow nerve cells and make people who suffer spinal injuries able to walk again.

    I am all for efforts to save endangered wildlife species, rainforests, wetlands, and other remaining wild areas. But because medical research, using live animals is absolutely necessary for medical progress, is why I hate the animal rights movement!

    On the bright side, if there were a telethon to fund medical research to find a way to re-grow nerve cells and make people suffer spinal injuries able to walk again. Isaac Hempstead Wright, the young actor who plays Bran Stark, would be perfect to host it!

    • Bran is a very special boy. You’ll learn more about him as the series progresses :) To be honest I might trade my legs for some of the badass shit he gets to do in the future. Hope that wasn’t too spoilery.

      Thanks for the thoughtful comment.

  • My small-clothes have been soiled, sers.

  • cannot wait

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