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By Jef Dinsmore on Jan 20, 2013 to HBO Films

Nice! It’s better than nice. Finally, we count down to the premiere of PARADE”S END. I just want the piece to speak for itself. We can discuss it in the comments below.

The PARADE’S END Trailer:

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I’ve seen the series also. Can not compare with Downton Abbey. Much as I love DA, Parades End is a more cerebral, extremely well written piece. Tom Stoppard wrote the screenplay, wonderful cast and great exposition of the idiocy of the Brits during WW1. It is really a set piece of personalities and manners, all from Ford Maddox Ford’s trilogy or tetrology of the same name. The series as filmed now only covers part of the book. I hope they film more. Its extremely good.

Yes, there clearly are similarities between both pieces. However, one difference is that PARADE’S END, from what I can research, will not focus on the mechanics of the class system. It appears to deal more with the political scene of the day, as well as the romantic entanglements, as opposed to addressing societal behavoir.

As someone who’s already seen the series.. *ahem*
It’s NOT like Downton Abbey at all. It’s much more about this man’s relationship with his wife, a new girl with some World War 1 scenes/issues thrown in. Much more intimate.

Absolutely nothing like Downton in terms of tone or atmosphere except for the time period.

As a Downton Abbey fan, based on this clip, it “appears” that Parade’s End is using a similar vehicle in terms of both the time frame and the evolution of the class system following the war. The wretched middle class comes to challenge the aristocracy and all it stands for. There is certainly an audience to be drawn from Downton, and I wish you well. No doubt, Parade will have it’s own twist on things, and I look forward to watching, BUT will I want to watch two shows with such striking similarities? It’s smart to make this a miniseries,… Read more »

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