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HBO Go to Apple TV in 2013?

By Jacob Klein on Feb 2, 2013 to HBO News

Apple-TV-HBOReports have been circulating this weekend that HBO Go may finally make its way onto one of the last holdout systems not yet capable of streaming the premium cable’s shows: Apple TV.

Due to what are most likely licensing conflicts HBO has been unable to offer HBO Go on Apple TV dispite the fact that it’s available on iPad, iPhone, Roku and almost all other devices with an internet connection and a screen.  But regardless it looks like the long wait is over for those of you HBO fans using Apple TV as their primary form of streaming.

You will of course still need an HBO subscription but we know that some people practically live through their Roku or Apple TV boxes so this will come as a welcome addition to the living room experience.

This information originates from Bloomberg online citing “two people familiar with the plans”.  I don’t see any reason to doubt it but this is far from an official announcement at this point.  We’ll bring you that when HBO or Apple themselves make it official.

Earlier this week HBO’s new CEO flirted with the idea of HBO Go as a standalone service.  Okay, so maybe he didn’t flirt with the idea.  He just smiled at it from across the room with a knowing look on his face.  Or something.  Hey, a girl can dream can’t she?  Our bodies are ready, HBO.

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Please help


How do I get Hbogo for my apple tv

Jef Dinsmore

I’m happy with a simple TV. I have an inherited Sanyo with built-in DVD and VHS bays and I’m content. I don’t need to even flick by Honey Boo Boo in HD or 3-D or any other kind of D.

Jacob Klein
Is it just me or are there way too many ways to watch things on TV? I think TV manufacturers themselves should get on board and build this stuff into the sets. My 600$ panasonic has netflix, pandora and amazon and I didnt even want them. I dont see why people need 3 or 4 different boxes around their TV. Apple TV is only 100 bucks. Just build it into the gdang set already! Apple, are you listening? build the ultimate TV. Just let us use HBOGo and Netflix too. Dont get greedy/exclusive on us.

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