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HBO Go now on Kindle Fire; Nintendo Next?

By Jacob Klein on Jun 6, 2012 to HBO News

HBO-Kindle-Go1-176x300HBO Go is now accessible on the Amazon Kindle Fire tablet! All subscribers to HBO can now watch their favorite series on their favorite eBook reader. HBO has been dedicating a lot of resources to push the HBO Go app out to as many devices as possible. This is just the next major step in that overall goal. Head over to the Amazon appstore for Android to download now.

In other HBO Go news rumors have been circulating around the E3 gaming conference about a possible HBO Go application making it’s way to Nintendo’s new WiiU console as well as their DS handheld. This news is all but confirmed but we’ll hold off on saying it’s a sure thing. It would make total sense for both parties (Nintendo and HBO) to make this move and we foresee an official announcement soon. HBO Go is already available on Microsoft’s Xbox gaming system.


Artist's rendition of HBOGo on Nintendo's WiiU

Which device would you like to see HBO Go on that it isn’t already? Leave us a comment below with your thoughts.

UPDATE: ┬áHere’s the trailer for the app release:

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