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HBO GO: Far, Far Away From Your Parents

By Jacob Klein on Apr 21, 2014 to HBO News


HBO Go may be frustrating a few people at the moment due to it’s intermittent service around Game of Thrones episode premieres.  But all in all HBO Go is still the best way to watch all of your favorite HBO series from the past and present.  Today, though HBO launched a bevvy of hilarious commercials that remind you “it might be time for HBOGo“.  Most of them revolve around the awkwardness of watching intense scenes with your parents.

Give them all a watch, we promise you’ll laugh:



Girls II


Game of Thrones


Game of Thrones II


Curb Your Enthusiasm


True Detective


True Blood



Wow, I haven’t laughed at a set of ads in a long time.  Very funny, HBO.  Share these and keep enjoying HBO.

  • Eleonora Iafano


  • Blind RedHat

    How about some Larry Sanders on HBO GO?

  • noisy43

    GG HBO! :)

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