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HBO Go Available Now on Apple TV

By Jacob Klein on Jun 19, 2013 to HBO News

apple-tv-on-hbophoto credit: Laurent Pantanacce cc

Apple TV users: your day has come.  You can now use your parents‘… your HBO GO login to access HBO’s content via Apple TV!  It has been a long time coming for some subscribers who were baffled at the omission for so long.  But HBO has your back these days and you can FINALLY watch HBOGo via Apple TV.  We’ll let HBO itself explain it properly via this handy video:

I know what millions of people will be doing tonight.. Game of Thrones Seasons 1-3? True Blood all night long? Or maybe a Curb Your Enthusiasm marathon? Have a fun night, Apple TV users. Don’t forget about food, water, sleeping, your significant other etc.

  • Enmanuel Gonzalez

    anyway the technology going so good, the future it internet tv, so company cables will be totally out :)

  • Peter Park

    Wish I could sign up for HBO Go WITHOUT any cable subscription. I’d jump on it in a heartbeat.

  • Jeremy Snow

    What about if have Comcast, and it won’t let you use HBO Go?

    • Comcast should work for HBO Go. I have Comcast myself.. Have you tried contacting them? You need a login that you probably never use.

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