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HBO Go Arrives on Microsoft’s Xbox One

By Jacob Klein on Nov 23, 2014 to HBO News


While it may have been frustrating for some in the past, HBO Go continues to expand to any and all device platforms of note as time marches on. Maintaining an app across literally all devices, coding languages and platforms is a feat for any tech company, let alone a television production studio. HBO has to prioritize based on device install base and focus their resouces on those platforms when it comes to development of the HBO Go app.

With around five million Xbox Ones out there now and another million or so expected to sell at the holiday, HBO couldn’t delay any longer.  Here’s what Jeff Dallesandro, Vice President, Digital Domestic Network Distribution at HBO said this week:

“Xbox is one of our subscribers’ favorite ways to access HBO GO and its incredible breadth of award-winning programming.  Now, Xbox One users can get in on the action and Kinect with the very best HBO series and films on this innovative, state-of-the-art device.”

All puns aside, this is a big day for fans of the Microsoft console!  Boot up your XBONE tonight and download the app if you’re a true HBO fan.  HBO even christened the moment with a video:

We’ll update our “ways to watch HBO online” guide now with this most recent development.  Where you want to watch HBO on the go next!

*NOTE* Wondering where that Game of Thrones themed Xbox One came from? Check out that story here.

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3 Comments on "HBO Go Arrives on Microsoft’s Xbox One"

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I feel so sad now. I thought the article would be announcing a GOT themed Xbox One available for purchase. Nope. Just more news about HBO Go. And there was only one of those GOT consoles ever made? LAME. I’d sell half my possessions to own that thing.

Jacob Klein
Maycon Chrystian

Shut up and take my money


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