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HBO Fall Preview Video Gives First Look at Several New Series

By Jacob Klein on Sep 8, 2013 to HBO News

HBO knows how to make a trailer.  It helps that they have some of the hottest tickets on the silver screen but they sure do get us excited when they put out these seasonal trailers.  This one even gave us our first look at a handful of new series.   Here’s the trailer:

First up: Chris Lilley’s New HBO Series: Ja’Mie – Private School Girl

jamie-chris-lilley-hbo Good news, Chris Lilley fans.  He’s back!  And it looks like he’s reprising his role as one of his most beloved characters.  We should Summer Heights High was absolutely hilarious and Angry Boys was pretty great as well!  No word on a premiere just “coming soon”.  

Next Up: Getting On

getting-on-hboWe touched on this one last month but this is the first little peek!  Take a look at our coverage but essentially the creators of Big Love are adapting a British comedy set in a women’s geriatric center.  This one looks to be hilarious!

Mike Tyson’s: The Undisputed Truth


Not much is known about this one but it is a Spike Lee Joint so it’s sure to draw some attention!



We admittedly have almost nothing on this new series so we’ll be digging up the goods ASAP and we’ll file a report soon.  HBO + New Series almost always = awesome though!

True Detective was also showcased but a full trailer is also available now so check that out.  Of course, new seasons of Girls, Game of Thrones, Veep and more are confirmed as well.  Look for this in Spring 2014.

We’ll be covering all of the above this year and into next so stay tuned.  More as we get it.  It’s a good time to be an HBO subscriber.

  • JPeron

    As for me I look for three main things in a show: plot, characters and dialogue. I found the show had little to no plot, the characters were not particularly interesting and the dialogue was, given that I can’t remember a single line, forgettable. I didn’t see one thing that inspired me to watch a second episode.

    It is billed as a comedy-drama. I didn’t see anything close to comedic and the “drama” was a tepid as yesterday’s bath water. Even their daring sex scene was anything but daring and actually rather boring. I’m not blaming the actors, who were sufficient for the material they were given. But I thought the writing was awful.

  • Jef Dinsmore

    Just to follow up – we actually have a little bit of information on HBOWatch about the upcoming series LOOKING. The series just recently got that series title but we were tracking it as early as a 12.16.12 post. The creator, Michael Lannan was talking about an untitled concept at that time. By May of this year he called it “Lorimer” and has just within the last month labeled it LOOKING. We will spell out all the particulars in an upcoming “What We Know About…” post.
    The series that actually came out of the blue and was not on any radar was the latest from Chris Lilley. We have a writer or two excited about his return and you can count on more about that show as well and, as Jacob mentioned, all the other content coming to HBO in the near future.

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