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Overview: As the economy slowly recovers from the worst financial crisis since the Great Depression, an increasing number of families are caught in a daily struggle to meet basic needs. At the same time, the social AmericanWinter_postersafety net intended to help those in crisis has been weakened by budget cuts, creating a perfect storm of greater need and fewer resources for the vulnerable. Viewed through the stories of eight families, AMERICAN WINTER reveals the devastating fallout of the mortgage meltdown, unemployment, the health care crisis and a shrinking social safety net. Included in the film are interviews with local economic experts, policy analysts, religious leaders and social workers.

Expectations: I’m not quite sure how to take this one. My expectations are pretty high for like everyone else, I know stories from my own community of the hardships people have endured over the past few years. Can this documentary show me something different that I haven’t already heard? But, why should I doubt that it shouldn’t be able to offer something different. First, it comes to me via HBO and their top-notch documentaries rarely totally disappoint. Plus, my first person perspective is from a small rural community and not even from a mid-sized city let alone a major city like Portland Oregon. I suspect I am going to see how really bad it is out there.

Review: This documentary was filmed over the winter of 2011 -12 and it locks in the analogy perfectly. A largAmericanWinter_familye portion of America is facing a harsh, bitter and bleak time. We get a glimpse into the desperate lives of eight families as they struggle to survive their own form of distress. The circumstances vary but each one is in peril. This 91-minute film, interspersed with statistics and economic experts is by the Gantz Brothers of TAXICAB CONFESSIONS fame. Their film clearly spells out the dilemma; showing a broken system in a vicious cycle. AMERICAN WINTER makes its point well and then pounds it home again and again.

In fact, I might find that a fault with this piece. The editing was not fluid and the piece could have been a bit tighter. I lost count of how many statistics were posted and the musical interludes of the winter scene around Portland stretched this work out to long. It proved unwieldy to play out the perils of eight different stories within the construct of the work, though all of those stories proved of interest. I liked the device of listening to the 211 Info calls and the concerned on the other end to draw us to the families filmed for this work and I appreciated the ‘talking heads’ and their insights too what is happening in America today. Again, though I hate to wish these stories cut short, an hour and a half of their situation was a tiresome experience. One I don’t, in the long run, regret having.

AmericanWinter_coupleIn Conclusion: The stories of TJ & Tara, John & Geral, Brandon & Pam, Diedre, Ben & Paula, Shanon, Mike & Heather and Jeannette & Gunner are tough yet common tales across America’s landscape. Through their examples AMERICAN WINTER proves that something must be done. Good luck to us all.

Other air dates on HBO include 03.21 at 4:30pm, 03.23 at 10:30am, 03.26 at 8:00 am & 12:05 am, 03.29 at 3:00pm and 03.31 at 1:15pm. It can also be seen on HBO2 and HBOGo.


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Ok, the film has shown a very important and relevant problem. It is not only the USA who suffers from this but also many other countries (like UK for example). I got the message and the overal intension. But honestly I was simply put off by the way this film was made. It has a feeling more like reality show then real document. Maybe it is because I am from Europe and I am used to different kind of documentary work, but is it really necessary to show crying faces in front of camera every single time? To stalk mother… Read more »
Albeit this is the state of the Union this does not simply have to be. Look around globally to third world countries shameful. We are Americans who live in the wealthiest country and yet we do not support our own. I am not saying do not help others but Heaven’s sake support, educate our own. This is the backbone this country was and is built on. If we do not want to see uprising in our streets we truly must address these issues. Not to live in denial and turn our eyes away from the realities of many. Just some… Read more »
One of the reasons my family survived the crisis on one income for awhile, is because we practice BIRTH CONTROL. We have ONE child, and there will be no more, because even though we make decent money now, the idea that the economy is even remotely safe or recovered is laughable. Kids suck up your money and time, and it’s easy to find someone to babysit one kid if you need it. I have a hard time feeling bad for most of these people, because the idea of permanent birth control (i.e. IUD or sterilization) never occurred to them. Having… Read more »

I can’t believe some of the people on here. I’m one of these families and to say we eat out all the time is crazy I cook every night for my family and I make sure my 3 kids are taken care of. I work my butt off every day to make sure my kids are taken care of. I wish this will never happen to you

yes dont listen they will understand when it hits their stomach like it has ours

Tara, the whole point of the film is that the problems exist with the system, not with families or individuals. Some people are just unable to see that. They are protecting themselves psychologically from the idea that the same thing could happen to them. I absolutely admire your courage and persistence, and I am glad I have the opportunity to tell you personally. Please ignore the judgmental comments.

Don’t let the crazy comments get to you. Any intelligent, compassionate person who saw the film clearly saw how hard you work for your family and the love within your family.

Good for you to rake the high road to wish the negative commenters the best / that it will never happen to them.

Is there a way people can get in touch with you & TJ or others profiled in the documentary to offer assistance?

I see the comments about who is paying for the tattoos and their large waistlines. While this may be an arguable debate with you, it appears you missed the point. The documentary was clear and concise on depicting the magnitude of this problem and its trickling down effect on us all. We seem to forget that these are real people who are trying to work just to have food and basic necessities of life. While education seems to be key, it’s apparent that the kids are falling short at finding their true potential, which will no doubt limit their ability… Read more »
The stories are all sad — sad for the children, first and foremost. What is unseen/undescribed but should not go unnoticed is that one notch up from the destitute families that were documented are families that are barely hanging on. And conditions in those families are stressed — as the family struggles not to become destitute. And then a notch above that is another level of stressed families — struggling not to fall into the abyss. How can the stress in the families be relieved/reduced? Is there any hope? I think that we need to have support structures for families… Read more »

I’ve worked on poverty effects as an economist and statistician for about 25 years now. This film struck me as highly understandable, highly informative, compelling, scary, and I felt much more guilt at being middle class. I’m sorry for people who cannot see the difference between structural poverty and the personal.

After reading the string of other comments, I
thought I would comment, but quite honestly, I simple wouldn’t know how to answer such ignorance!

#AmericanWinter wins #SidneyAward for exposing what happens to the shrinking middle class

Spot on comments about family planning. I watched the film last night and it was easy to see how these family’s got themselves into the situations they were in. While there were a couple of exceptions, the majority of the families profiled had 3,4 or 5 children. Why these parents thought on a single or even two lower end salaries it was responsible (it wasn’t) or even feasible (it wasn’t) to have a huge family I won’t understand. These adults found themselves in these situations based on a series of poor decisions, there is no one else to blame besides… Read more »

Most of the people are of a younger age, which is the age when people wanted material things before they could afford them. The older generation was taught to do without and save for a rainy day in case if these things happen.
I volunteer with the needy in the food area. I see some really bad situations, along with the homeless, but then others will take from many sources along with the government when they don’t need it, but are eligible.

By the comments in this film, speakers seem to be against capitalism and big business. It was the government (Dodd/Frank bill) who contributed to part of the problem by allowing people to buy homes they could not yet afford. Under the Oregon health plan (which the Government gave 1.9 billion to last year in the hopes of a saving a failing health care plan) the little girl’s bill would have been taken care of. Not long ago a refugee mother with her 5 children came to Oregon from Somalia, then was discovered to have lung cancer. Her treatment was taken… Read more »

Really makes me sad to see post about the tattoos , family planning ,if people cook their dinner …This is what is wrong with the world ! what I seen from this film is people just trying to make it in the world. Its not that they are not trying.I hope that one day you won’t find yourself in the same boat.

and who is paying for the tattoos? and the delivery they walked out of the hospital with plenty of supplies.
and does anyone cook at dinner time ??? a big no i bet
mickey dee’s everynight all week looking at their waistlines

Did it occur to you that the tattoos and delivery costs happened BEFORE these people lost their jobs? FFS!

what these family needs is a lesson in family planning…use contraceptives
there will be more resourses to go around with less mouths to feed

The destruction of the middle class….Thank you Obama. As you are spending money on stupid studies on the matting habits of fish, and failed green energy concepts, Handing money to the Muslim Brotherhood (Egypt) as they spew contempt for Christians and Jews. You take lavish vacations (Just this week) sending your kids to the Bahamas Prince Resort for spring break. You pay your mother in law $100k to babysit, and another $100k to a person to train your dog…. (I can get you both for less than $50K). You play king Louis and your wife plays Marie Antoinette and in… Read more »

Oh yeah, these problems didn’t exist until the Obama presidency.

Not sure if you’re trolling or not..
But all opinions are welcome here and you kept this semi-civil!

Not sure I watched this and though “Thanks Obama”. I don’t blame republicans either. There are things we know now in hindsight, of course.
I just hope we all learn from them.

Who edits these pieces? Learn the difference between ‘to’ and ‘too’. Perhaps there is a professional writer looking for work who could do a better job.


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