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HBO Development Slate: Roach Deal; Kaufman Deal; Socialite Film & More

By Jef Dinsmore on Jun 1, 2012 to HBO News

Everyone is always in search of the “next best thing” and HBO is no different. The premier pay cable network is always working new development deals and giving the go ahead to new projects. Here is the latest on that front.

  •  Jay Roach gets two year deal with HBO.

 The man has quite a filmography but HBO fans might know Jay Roach as the mind behind HBO FILMS’ RECOUNT in 2008 and GAME CHANGE in 2012. They were both acclaimed works for HBO so it should not be a surprise that the pay cable channel would want to keep him close. Of course, it is too soon to say what project Roach will bring to life at the channel. Though HBO and its watchers are used to the political features that he has replayed for us Roach was also the director behind the Austin Powers and Fockers franchises. It will be interesting to see what he comes up with. Do you agree?

  • Charlie Kaufman signs for HBO comedy.

You might not recognize the name but the movies he has written might sound familiar. Do BEING JOHN MALKOVICH, ETERNAL
SUNSHINE OF THE SPOTTLESS MIND, ADAPTATION and CONFESSIONS OF A DANGEROUS MIND ring a bell? The man behind them is Charlie Kaufman and he has recently inked a deal with HBO. Kaufman will be writing and directing an original half-hour comedy for the channel and has already picked his leading lady. Oscar nominee Catherine Keener and frequent collaborator with Kaufman will star in the as yet titled show. It is described as an exploration of one day in a women’s life and how the events leading up to it can affect, or not, the reality in which she lives. It certainly sounds like it is from the metaphysical mind of Charlie Kaufman and also looks like HBO wants another female led comedy on the network.

  •  New film of Hollywood Socialite greenlit.

The story started as an article for Vanity Fair by Matt Tyrnauer and now he will direct it for HBO. The socialite in question is Janet de Cordova. She was the wife of Freddie de Cordova, Johnny Carson’s long time TONIGHT SHOW producer. She quickly became one of the lavish socialites of the Hollywood set. It was depicted as a whirlwind life as she spent more money than her husband was making; it all stopped when he died. The only constant person by her side through the good and the worse was her Mexican servant Gracie. It was truly a unique relationship. The original piece, called “Once Upon A Time in Beverly Hills,” refers to this relationship as the most interesting part of the story. We’ll watch for it.

  •  Hilary Swank stars in HBO movie.

She will star alongside Brenda Blethyn in a piece called MARY AND MARTHA. The story will follow two women who emerge from traumatic family tragedy to form a strong bond as they aid in the eradication of malaria. Swank said she was “looking forward to working with” her costar and as eager to work with the attached director Phillip Noyce. It is another one to watch for in the coming year.

  •  HBO interested in Christopher Guest.

He is called one of the best satirists out there and he is shopping a new improvised comedy he is calling FAMILY TREE. A number of networks are interested in the genius behind WAITING FOR GUFFMAN and BEST IN SHOW and other works. HBO would be crazy not to pursue this project. Think of the comedic talents associated with Guest including Michael McKean, Catherine O’Hara and Eugene Levy. Would you like to see them on HBO?

  • Basketball scripted series to HBO

CURB YOUR ENTHUSIASM producer Gavin Polone has successfully sold a one-hour series pitch to HBO. He and writer Jeff  Nathanson (TOWER HEIST), who will be a writer and director for the show, will focus on the life of a professional basketball team on and off the court. It has been billed as an “unflinching behind-the-scenes look at the money, sex, power and temptation that consumes the wild lives of millionaire players and billionaire owners.

We better stop there but HBOWatch will be watching for new and exciting deals and pictures to come. Feel free to pass comment on whether you are interested in seeing these talents on HBO.

  • Jef

    For what its worth I personally like most of these ideas.

    I(wouldn’t mind seeing Miss Swank on HBO, the Janet De Cordova film sounds interesting and C. Guest and his entourage of talent would fit in perfectly.

    As for the basketball dramedy it could be good too. Think of It as LUCK moved from the track to the court. Plus, you wouldn’t have to sadly put anyone down after breaking a leg.

    Anyone else have thoughts?

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