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By Jef Dinsmore on Aug 8, 2017 to HBO Specials


George Lopez is back for his fourth comedy stint for HBO and he seems pissed. It all started with AMERICAN MEXICAN in 2007, followed by 2009’s TALL, DARK & CHICANO and added IT’S NOT ME, IT’S YOU in 2015. He had other stints on HBO; above is just his comedy specials. Though he is a native of the U. S. (born in Mission Hills, L. A. CA), he is steeped proudly in his Mexican heritage. He was a son of a migrant worker and his stand-up routines have always reflected his ancestry and his ethnic perspective. Now comes THE WALL, LIVE FROM WASHINGTON D. C. 

Being a live event, held on Saturday, August 05 naturally, there were no lead-in promos that could highlight performance snippets, but there is a clip we can share. Clearly, this is a topical session, the special’s title is evidence of that, and Lopez is ready to walk into the Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts and offer up his take on the current state of the U.S. of A., Latino relations and the proposed border wall.

I thought that due to the title and the imagery surrounding THE WALL that we’d get something a bit different from Lopez. I thought that we’d get a more political rant about the current Administration and all the hot topics. But, mostly his set focused, once again, on the culture and habits of the Latino, especially Mexican, society. If you have seen George Lopez standup before you know he loves to talk about how Latinos are raised, how they work, what they eat and how they relate to each other. This special is filled with that kind of banter; Hell, he even goes off on peanut allergies. But, throughout, he gets back to the wall and Trump and he gets riled up again. There is no doubt that he dislikes his President and the views POTUS has regarding immigration, but there is no intelligent rant regarding the matter – just that the ‘punto’ has got to go.  

Yea, he will offend some I’m sure. He seems insensitive to conservatives and those with allergies, but that is what comedy does these days. One point he makes to walk away with though is that immigrants are what made this country want it is, so embrace it already. The majority of us, if you go a few generation back, will have immigrated here. In the end, it is not his strongest performance, though he got attention for going live in D. C. I would have liked it better if he would have stayed on the political bent if he could have kept it a rationale and controlled one. Perhaps we couldn’t and that is why his more cultural spiel was so prevalent.


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