HBO Announces The Newsroom Season 2

By Jacob Klein on Jul 2, 2012 to The Newsroom

HBO has just announced via a press released received just moments ago that its new series “The Newsroom” will continue for yet another season!  Early critical reaction to the first few episodes of the series has been lukewarm at best but many actual viewers of the program are loving the show.  The new Aaron Sorkin series also pulled in decent ratings numbers on its premiere night.

We hope you’re enjoying the first pair of episodes of HBO’s The Newsroom and we all look forward to seeing where Mr. Sorkin takes these intriguing characters in Season 2!  Check back often for more casting news and information on this and every other HBO program.

No word yet on exact release dates but keep an eye on our HBO Schedule for more up to the minute news on your favorite HBO series.  We’re assuming The Newsroom season 2 will premiere next summer but that is, of course subject to change.  Keep it locked.

UPDATE:  We can now confirm that The Newsroom Season 2 will air in June 2013.  This was mostly a given if you follow HBO’s normal premiere date schedule but we thought we’d keep you up to date with the latest!

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Could have been a really terrific show except for the casting and aspects of the plot. (1) Regarding the casting; the two key leads are fine, BUT, the grunts at the Newsroom’s office desks look like college juniors. If you close your eyes and just listen, they are fine…open your eyes and it looks like whoever did the casting, raided kids in college. These extremely young looking people, assigned to and doing very complicated work lessen some of the main plot’s credibility. (2) Regarding the script; my comment regarding the casting is reinforced in several ridiculous scenes, such as during… Read more »

Love this show! Watched them on demand in about three days. Can’t wait till season two.

This has been a great show. Very interesting in different points of view. Not to mention the cast of this show has been on point!

Newsroom is Boss! I believe i have memorized season 1… Keep up the great work HBO… We need more shows like this!

So excited to watch again in June! It’s the only reason I have HBO!

I encourage you to continue with this show “The Newsroom”. It is very smart and provocative. I enjoyed all the characters… One thing I would like you to consider though: You made Will a smoker… Not sure this is necessary and I am concerned about the entertainment industry alignment of success and “being cool” and smoking… Unless it serves the story (see Constantine), it looks like product placement. Respectfully! Pierre :)

Steph – Great HBO series…love that it makes you ponder how our news is reported (fact based?). I watched all (15 episodes) of season 1 during a snowstorm…can’t wait for season 2 to start. Finally a show with intelligent writing and compelling story lines. I was so relieved to have something other than mindless REALITY tv to watch. I love that the episodes often parallel current events in our world. :)

Best written show since west wing. Sorkin is a brilliant writer. I hope it stays on for 10 yrs!

One of the top three shows on television.
Ignore the critics….This is Sorkin at his best!

LOVE LOVE LOVE this show! June is too far away!

This is by far the best series/best written series depicting and fictionalizing real world happenings and reaction of the media to current events we have all witnessed and remember where we were then. Congrats to the cast, Sorkin and HBO for excellence in television programming. Can’t wait until June and why I will re-up with HBO in June!

I am with you. I was curious to see title were I started to watch Season 1 Premiere and loved the combination of actual events. With 9-11, specially the combination of real coverage and newsroom, I love it. It gives fantastic reality on past events which we might have forgotten like “Blackout”. Can’t wait until summer. Aaron production team…kudos to you all!!!

This is, by far, the best series ever presented by HBO. It is the #1 reason I still subscribe to HBO and the top reason I will cancel if the series ends. It concerns me that only two additional episodes are in the can. It is obvious that ratings will determine the rest of the season. Drag a friend to your big screen and force them to watch; in ten minutes they we be like the rest of us who wish the episodes would continue for a second hour. I have never seen a drama so perfectly cast. g

So glad there another series coming. Hope it’s long than the first.

Sorkin is to television as Shakespeare is to theatre. I’m looking forward to season 2. Downton Abbey is the only other TV show worth viewing.

I can not wait !

Bring it on. Smart writing, genuinely acted, tastfully directed, brilliantly prodused.

This is the smartest, sharpest most pertinent show on televison, and by far the best written. Thank god, I recorded all 10 episodes from first season, and can rewatch when in need of something substantial to digest. June 2013, is just too far away!!!

I have watched each episode 3 times and it is THE reason I have HBO. For the 1st time in a VERY long time I feel throughly entertained by television. I have recommended The Newsroom to everyone I know. It is GREAT TV !!!!

by far my favorite HBO series. I am in my 50’s the America we have become is scary and there’s no turning back. Corporate greed, the middle class having the deck stacked against them, and banks making up the rules as they go along.

I just love this show, and keep re-watching on HBO go to catch lines I missed. Alan Sorkin’s writing is brillant and the dialogue so so so fast that repeated viewings never get dull because I get to see and hear something I missed. I am so glad that HBO has committed to another season and can’t wait for June 13th. Jeff Daniels is great in this role and you just could not have cast better. I love all of the characters, especially Sloan. Keep it up HBO, another winner!!!


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