HBO Announces The Newsroom Season 2

By Jacob Klein on Jul 2, 2012 to The Newsroom

HBO has just announced via a press released received just moments ago that its new series “The Newsroom” will continue for yet another season!  Early critical reaction to the first few episodes of the series has been lukewarm at best but many actual viewers of the program are loving the show.  The new Aaron Sorkin series also pulled in decent ratings numbers on its premiere night.

We hope you’re enjoying the first pair of episodes of HBO’s The Newsroom and we all look forward to seeing where Mr. Sorkin takes these intriguing characters in Season 2!  Check back often for more casting news and information on this and every other HBO program.

No word yet on exact release dates but keep an eye on our HBO Schedule for more up to the minute news on your favorite HBO series.  We’re assuming The Newsroom season 2 will premiere next summer but that is, of course subject to change.  Keep it locked.

UPDATE:  We can now confirm that The Newsroom Season 2 will air in June 2013.  This was mostly a given if you follow HBO’s normal premiere date schedule but we thought we’d keep you up to date with the latest!

  • Sherl

    Could have been a really terrific show except for the casting and aspects of
    the plot. (1) Regarding the casting; the two key leads are fine, BUT, the grunts
    at the Newsroom’s office desks look like college juniors. If you close your
    eyes and just listen, they are fine…open your eyes and it looks like whoever did the casting, raided kids in college. These extremely
    young looking people, assigned to and doing very complicated work lessen some of the main plot’s credibility.
    (2) Regarding the script; my comment regarding the casting is reinforced in
    several ridiculous scenes, such as during a very tense moment about a
    decision to scoop the other networks with a very important news story. In this
    scene, one of the grunts is arguing or lecturing another about dating issues.
    Obviously, it’s too late to change the casting; however I recommend keeping
    social life discussions out of the Newsroom’s grunts’ area during what should be tense scenes.

    One last thing: Someone should tell Jeff Daniels to lose
    weight and consider a nip and tuck on his face.
    He looks very doughy.

  • Hal2.0

    Love this show! Watched them on demand in about three days. Can’t wait till season two.

  • Jason

    This has been a great show. Very interesting in different points of view. Not to mention the cast of this show has been on point!

  • Ken

    Newsroom is Boss! I believe i have memorized season 1… Keep up the great work HBO… We need more shows like this!

  • So excited to watch again in June! It’s the only reason I have HBO!

  • Pierre

    I encourage you to continue with this show “The Newsroom”. It is very smart and provocative. I enjoyed all the characters… One thing I would like you to consider though: You made Will a smoker… Not sure this is necessary and I am concerned about the entertainment industry alignment of success and “being cool” and smoking… Unless it serves the story (see Constantine), it looks like product placement. Respectfully! Pierre :)

  • steph

    Steph – Great HBO series…love that it makes you ponder how our news is reported (fact based?). I watched all (15 episodes) of season 1 during a snowstorm…can’t wait for season 2 to start. Finally a show with intelligent writing and compelling story lines. I was so relieved to have something other than mindless REALITY tv to watch. I love that the episodes often parallel current events in our world. :)

  • Diane

    Best written show since west wing. Sorkin is a brilliant writer. I hope it stays on for 10 yrs!

  • One of the top three shows on television.
    Ignore the critics….This is Sorkin at his best!

  • Erin

    LOVE LOVE LOVE this show! June is too far away!

  • Judy Salamacha

    This is by far the best series/best written series depicting and fictionalizing real world happenings and reaction of the media to current events we have all witnessed and remember where we were then. Congrats to the cast, Sorkin and HBO for excellence in television programming. Can’t wait until June and why I will re-up with HBO in June!

    • Capetillo

      I am with you. I was curious to see title were I started to watch Season 1 Premiere and loved the combination of actual events. With 9-11, specially the combination of real coverage and newsroom, I love it. It gives fantastic reality on past events which we might have forgotten like “Blackout”. Can’t wait until summer. Aaron production team…kudos to you all!!!

  • Gerdog

    This is, by far, the best series ever presented by HBO. It is the #1 reason I still subscribe to HBO and the top reason I will cancel if the series ends. It concerns me that only two additional episodes are in the can. It is obvious that ratings will determine the rest of the season. Drag a friend to your big screen and force them to watch; in ten minutes they we be like the rest of us who wish the episodes would continue for a second hour. I have never seen a drama so perfectly cast.

  • Dot

    So glad there another series coming. Hope it’s long than the first.

  • Cate Bene

    Sorkin is to television as Shakespeare is to theatre. I’m looking forward to season 2. Downton Abbey is the only other TV show worth viewing.

  • I can not wait !

  • Jim

    Bring it on. Smart writing, genuinely acted, tastfully directed, brilliantly prodused.

  • pat

    This is the smartest, sharpest most pertinent show on televison, and by far the best written. Thank god, I recorded all 10 episodes from first season, and can rewatch when in need of something substantial to digest. June 2013, is just too far away!!!

  • Malta

    I have watched each episode 3 times and it is THE reason I have HBO. For the 1st time in a VERY long time I feel throughly entertained by television. I have recommended The Newsroom to everyone I know. It is GREAT TV !!!!

  • Bo 53

    by far my favorite HBO series. I am in my 50’s the America we have become is scary and there’s no turning back. Corporate greed, the middle class having the deck stacked against them, and banks making up the rules as they go along.

  • Tony

    I just love this show, and keep re-watching on HBO go to catch lines I missed. Alan Sorkin’s writing is brillant and the dialogue so so so fast that repeated viewings never get dull because I get to see and hear something I missed. I am so glad that HBO has committed to another season and can’t wait for June 13th. Jeff Daniels is great in this role and you just could not have cast better. I love all of the characters, especially Sloan. Keep it up HBO, another winner!!!

  • Macy

    Jeff Daniels is amazing and the other actors on the show have more talent than we’ve seen in years.

  • I don’t like being jacked around and exactly why I love this show!

  • I love it!! I wish actual news channels were like this in real life!

  • grifterskitchen

    oh for god’s sake. A summer show? Luke warm reviews? Are you ABSOLUTELY NUTS? Best show ever in the whole world of everness.

  • Best show I have ever seen. Never waited so much for any shows as for the season 2. Damhh June is too far …l

  • Guest

    It’s an wash, shows. I have never waited so bad to see the season 2…. Damn June is far…..

  • Margaret Steinnmeyer

    I have no idea who “the Critical Reactors” were – but once again – “we Americans” are are afraid of anything intellectual! This is indeed one of the, if not the best, show on TV. It has all the elements – strong story lines, humor, truth, and characters that are relate-able and yet admired for their intellect. Much like Mr. Sorkin’s “West Wing” that was not received all that well in it’s first season went on to be one of the best TV shows of all times. The Newsroom – is ANOTHER WINNER. I subscribed to HBO – just to watch this show! Let’s try to keep it going! We anxiously await it’s return. Consider getting it back on the air sooner.

  • I love this show, i hope it goes for years and years.

  • Absolutely the best new show on TV. Brilliant Cast!

  • Michael Tucker

    This show is the only reason I have HBO. When it ends, I will no longer have HBO.

  • Just finished Flying thru the 1st season. Frikkin Amazing!! Most Certainly the best series in years. Its truely absurd that a network of any kind, in todays “sex um up” world could do such an amazing job and theres not a bit of overplayed sex scenes in the whole 1st season. Kuddos to you Aaron for a Well Written Show with a Super Dynamic Cast.

  • The best show on television, so say I.

  • For those who Love Politics this show is EXCELLENT. I’m glad it’s returning and I hope they don’t change a thing, excellent show and great cast.

  • Lynn

    I can’t wait for Season 2 to begin. Best series. Hope it continues for many years!

  • Christine Lightcap

    I can’t wait! Is it almost June? I’ve watched every episode in Season #1 several times on demand. It’s brilliant. Brilliant Sorkin scripts, brilliant cast. I’ve always been a fan of Jeff Daniels – ever since (way back) “The Butcher’s Wife.” He’s the consummate actor whether comedy or drama. Love him – he’s perfect – as is the entire cast. Not only is The Newsroom incredibly entertaining, it’s so informative. I have learned to analyze the news. Political debates. It’s important, significant, educational, entertaining television. Who could ask for anything more. Amen!

  • marge w

    Best show on TV. Tells the truth and does it so entertainingly. I am so sad I have to wait until June

  • This is by far the smartest show on television. I love it! I have watched season 1 s in it’s entirety several times. Jeff Daniels is excellent as is Sam Waterston, Emily Mortimer and Olivia Munn. The ensemble cast is a joy to watch.. Hats off to Alan Sorkin!!

  • Anyone else notice any similarities between what Colin Powell and Will McAvoy had to say about the problems in the Republican Party?

  • The Stringer

    Can’t wait for the airing of Season Two. Please, please, don’t screw it up.

  • Ervin

    the best series I’ve seen, has to continue with more seasons is very good, I see it now

  • Eleanor

    The Newsroom is very good. I only hope it will continue for another rich season. Terrible to wait until June!

  • Tony T.

    Newsroom is the best show on TV – Since The West Wing and Studio 60 we did not have a great show to watch – Newsroom is THE show to watch on Season 2.

  • Steve

    I just looked to see when Newsroom second season would be airing and was disappointed to find out that it won’t air until June of 2013. This is one of the most refreshing new shows that has aired on TV for many years. Please continue producing this show and make many people happy by airing it sooner than June 2013. Oh and by the way let the people who watch the show be the judge of it worth not the so called critics.

    • Sorry Steve but HBO’s big series almost always take a year to produce. Going to have to wait. I just hope they focus on current items as opposed to 2010 as season 1 did. I’m sure they’ll do the election though. I’m guessing the season finale is Election night… but hoping they have time to jump into the school shooting, fiscal crisis etc. Would make much more of an impact IMO.

  • Danny

    Best PArt of this show, besides the great staff, like Jeff Daniels, And Terry Crews, and all of them funny good actors, plus the great story behind it and the way the show actually goes off of like real events that have happened, is the fact that it’s pretty much true. The stuff that Jeff Daniels portrays as Will about how people have become driven by pure entertainment at the expense of others and what not, and how lies are dangerous, I mean I love it, It’s absolutely inspiring and such a great show. I’ve seen many good series start for a season and then end because some stupid ass corporate person said it wasn’t good enough, but this one should go on. I would loose pretty much any interest in HBO if they canceled something as good as this, so I’m glad that they have a second season confirmed, and can’t wait.

  • Didzis

    Really, really great show! Can’t wait for the second season

  • Mona Dyer

    I’m not sure I can stand waiting until June! We LOVE The Newsroom at our house!

    Was asked by my 18 year old son to check on dates for Season 2 … The Newsroom is an “event” here :)

  • FWK

    I’m so happy The Newsroom got renewed for a second season ! The West Wing was such a fantastic show and The Newsroom is too ! Aaron Sorkin is a genius.
    Last time I was so hooked up on a show it was House ! I can’t wait for June. I hope we’ll get 20 episode this time.

  • Lynn

    I am so excited this show is coming back. I got worried. I have been telling everyone about how awesome this show is. Jeff Daniels is so wonderful. I have always been a huge fan. Gettysburg is the best civil war movie ever made and Jeff is a very huge part of the reason for that. What a great quirky cast also. I agree with Mary. This show always makes me laugh, cry, and get mad. Jeff is the reasoning persons version of Bill O’Reilly. How refreshing to hear an ‘Anchor’ so completely and succinctly nail current events in such an awe-inspiring manner. You go Jeff!!! Love You!!!

  • ddd

    Im so waiting for this show!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • pavelinux

    I’m from italy i really love this show and I can’t wait until june to watch season 2.

    If you american think that fox news is an example of bad information well, you should watch our news channels.

  • Joe F.

    Outstanding! Acting is superb & Jeff Daniels at his best. The actual news clips bring the show to life. The news anchor says what I’d like to hear on a news broadcast. Can’t wait for second season. Excellent job once again HBO!

  • Other than Mad Men, the best show on television. Love it.

  • Susan

    I love this show! June 2013? What will I watch until then?

  • Rick Jackson

    June 2013????? What are they thinking? The best show by far…why so long?

    • Most of HBO’s shows are annual. Sorry mate!

  • Kelsie Zhao

    This is the best show I ever watched on TV~! Just love it~!

  • jnc2552

    This is an unbelievable show. My wife HATES the news (too many bad things – babies being killed, planes crashes, etc). I talked her into watching the premiere with me, and now she has them all recorded and watches them CONSTANTLY! This has turned into our favorite show. Next time, please don’t make us wait nearly a year for the next season!

  • Janis kobe

    This is the one show I look forward to each week. Brilliant and fun! My favorite show all season! Looking forward to the new season! waiting waiting to hear.

  • keen

    i LOVE,LOVE,LOVE this show!Brilliant in all ways.If only our nightly news would be even half this way I might actually watch it.The “debate” was by far the best idea that anyone could hope for.Why,oh why doesn’t this happen in the real world?If you haven’t seen this show you are missing the best thing on television!Never thought that I would be hooked on the news but here I am,anxiously waiting for the next season!PLEASE do not cancel this show which always seems to be what happens when something really special and great comes along.Come on everyone and watch this show… is really something special.

  • lori bene

    I will definitely keep paying for HBO only if Season 2 of The Newsroom is a reality!! Love this show and all of the actors who portray these hyped up, intelligent characters…Thank you, Mr. Sorkin…..

  • OpenYourMind

    I’m not a huge fan of television, I don’t have a t.v in my room, and the one in the living room is never on. A friend of mine recommended me this show, explaining that my opinions of mainstream news reflects perfectly with the show The Newsroom, and forced me to watch the pilot. I couldn’t stop after that. If I won the lottery I would personally fund the next ten seasons, and pay for advertisement for this show out the ass to get more viewers. Society needs to see that this show isn’t far from the truth, and I think it portrays a very good representation of main stream news broadcasters, and how monopolies hold power of the news. ““The smart way to keep people passive and obedient is to strictly limit the spectrum of acceptable opinion, but allow very lively debate within that spectrum.” ― Noam Chomsky

  • Norbert Schmancy

    Air NEWSROOM NOW — please dont make us wait til June!!!!

    • Jef

      We like to think good shows should not be rushed. We like to think it ensures that the quality we expect will be evident. Nevertheless, the wait can be agonizing, can’t it?

    • I feel ya but it hasn’t even started filming yet.

  • Linda

    This is one of the best series HBO has presented. I’m hooked and HATE to have to wait until June of 13 to see whatSorkin and this fantastic cast has for us…it’s just real enough with the news content to keep the characters real too! Political but honest…what an oxymoron! It works…love it!

  • ratcliff

    This is a brilliant show! The writing is superb, so much that I’ve watch each episode several times and still see nuances I did not see before. The analogy it plays on our current (and very biased) news options is incredible. This is a show were art so masterfully imitates real life….that you hope it actually has an impact on our outlandish system. PLEASE KEEP IT!!!! Art does not just imitate… it informs!

  • DACC

    I’ve read all the previous comments of praise and I wholeheartedly agree with each and every one of them. What brought me here was seeking the date for season 2, although I’m enormously disappointed to have to wait until June, for programming like this I will wait forever. From the script to the casting coupled with the enormous opportunity to see how it really works behind the scenes, it’s nothing short of brilliant. Kudos to Mr. Sorkin for his vision on this one.

  • KayKay

    I LOVE Newsroom! I reordered HBO after I dropped it, just for Newsroom! Too bad we have to wait until next JUNE!

  • This is far the best show on television in 5 years. You will prove the degration of the human brain if you pull it. It is smart, funny, and dramatic. It has made me laugh, cry, and get mad during each episode. June is too far away.

  • Bob Davis

    When did episode 5 (five) air ?

  • sarah

    My husband and I LOVE this show. Much like a good book, we find ourselves thinking about it during the next day, and we cant wait to watch the next episode. There are only a couple of shows that we both really enjoy together. The Newsroom is one of them.
    Bring on season two. We can not wait!!!

  • C Ward

    Be as brutally honest about O as Tea — and this is the best in a decade…

    I sure hope you don’t give O a pass…. he betrayed all us independents.

  • C Ward

    IT’S OVER???

    10 episodes? — and you’re done?

    Jane Fonda was just hitting her stride ….

    Jeff Daniels finally recovered from his choice of Dumb and Dumber as a vehicle for his immense talent.

    And this is the best writing on TV… unless you’re a Republican.

    I was by the way… I am a recovering Republican… a Ron Paul republican. — I am waiting for Sorkin to go for the throat with date rapist Obama…. I voted for that schmuck…. and since I’m not gay or illegal… I got zip.

  • Lavonne Johnson

    Finally a superb method of educating citizens who seldom analyze the news or take time to notice how our democracy is being hijacked by poor media coverage! This drama not only shows what actually happened and wasn’t told during real national events… it points out the hypocritical and manipulative control the Right has taken of our country via Faux News. I concur with all the rave reviews of this marvelous series and also don’t know how I’m going to make until June of 2013 for the next season. Is there any way that we can speed up HBO’s readying of the DVD of season 1 of The Newsroom so we can spread this series to our friends in time for Christmas? Moving the next season to March or April would be wonderful, too… although I do understand the “quality of the show” issues, too.

    • Clearly

      Totally agree. We started watching the show on the last 3 episodes. We’d love to buy season 1 blu ray or DVD for our friends and family. Or better yet, on iTunes. Here is 2 more votes for releasing season 1 ASAP.

  • collette murray

    Oh no! I’ve just found out that there’s no Newsroom show tonight or any night till… When?? WHEN??? I have so enjoyed the first episodes – such a well-written, intelligent, engaging show, with such great actors and terrifically realistic feel….! It’s become my Sunday night treat to sit down and watch it, so I almost cried when I didn’t see it listed on my Guide tonight. Please tell me when it’s due to start up again. and make it soo-o-oon!

    • Jef

      THE NEWSROOM will return to the loine-up in June 2013.
      Such is the scheduling habits of the pay channel.

      I personally am OK with the pace HBO churns out new season’s of shows. I would rather see a show take its time to get the production quality just right as opposed to rushing into another round just to appease the masses.

  • andrew

    Teavangelism (n., slang) – 1. A parasite that grows by feeding on small minds and hearts. 2. “I will defend to the death your right to support my opinion.” 3. Tea…the new Kool-Aid. 4. Patriotism writ wrong.

  • Bea

    This is the best television show I have ever watched. I’ve been watching tv for 65 years. The writing, acting, sets, musical scores and anything else you can think of is superb.
    Don’t know how I can make it till season 2 airs.

    Can’t thank you enough for all of it. Kudos to everyone involved.

  • Velaya

    I’m a Canadian, and I absolutely adore this show. Sure there are moments of irritation, but overall it’s well done.

  • D and D

    This show is significant television. It’s thought-provoking, it’s enlightening…. It also happens to be extremely entertaining!!
    HBO delivers this show in a manner that appeals to viewers who long for something other than the current glut of reality ‘escapism’ and ‘guilty pleasures’ on Network TV.
    With no-nonsense layman’s dialogue, it aims squarely at our perception of “Political Correctness”, while loosely wrapped up in a hopeful, “…if only” type setting.
    And the script is refreshingly ‘uncensored’ (understandably not allowed in Sorkin’s previous Network offerings…..NOT an issue on HBO)

    All these nuances make it important television because it appeals to the idealism that truly reflects what we, as Americans should aspire to be…..
    — Informed without bias, brutally honest, accountable and compassionate….but most importantly—Honorable.
    These are just a few of the characteristics that the rest of the world primarily found admirable in the phenomenon known as “being an American”.

    HBO should be heavily promoting the success of “The Newsroom”. This series is BARELY eligible for a season 2. It’ll air ‘sometime’ next summer.

    All like–minded viewers who admire and love this show, and who are touched by the ‘message’ it brings should endeavor to “spread the word” of the show’s importance.
    If we want quality television like this to thrive, we must tell all our friends, relatives and acquaintances—no matter which side of the ‘aisle’ they’re on—to give this show a chance.

    Just watch the pilot. My wife and I who were similarly ‘touched’ and simultaneously entertained by Aaron Sorkins’ work like “The West Wing” and “Studio 60” were drawn in by the “hook” which was episode 1 of “The Newsroom”.

    —Once you watch the pilot, especially the opening diatribe by the main character, Will McAvoy, toward an unwary College sophomore, you’ll understand what I mean by “hook”.

    ~Good luck HBO and Aaron Sorkin! Here’s to several more seasons of “The Newsroom”.

    • Wow, D and D, Most eloquently spoken. And True. Haven’t been able to shut up about it since the first 3 min.s of episode 1.

    • Ashlyne

      I couldn’t have said it better myself. I recently learned of the show, and having watched the entire season in a few days, I cannot wait until June. Absolutely the best show on television. If this gets cancelled, my ‘faith’ in good television may be gone forever.

  • Carl Verdi

    Won’t be watching Sorkin’s personal soapbox show next season. I can watch Chris Matthews do the same thing on MSNBC. Does HBO intend to give equal time to the conservative viewpoint.

    • Hey they had Game Change earlier this year :)

    • Also did you watch the documentary “41” (President GHWB)? It was pretty good. CNN will be airing it soon so check for listings.

  • Sheila

    If Ihad the option of selecting one channel out of all the television channels available to me it would be without a doubt HBO. I thank the executives and producers for bringing into my home excellent television in the form of The Newsroom, Game of Thrones, Boardwalk Empire, Deadwood and the illfated Luck. These programs are far superior to all the other mind numbing television programs on all the other television stations. Simply, thank you.

  • ann&joe watson

    Thanks to HBO for giving us a program that makes us massage our brain. We can hardly wait each week for the next episode. We here in Canada are blessed to have CBC,CTV and Global who employ people from all nationalities, some older and many young people who challenge what the news is daily. Our country is very multicultural and the majority of Canadians don’t even give it a second thought. We can hardly wait for season two, it will be like waiting for Christmas when your a child. HBO has “it happening” with Boardwalk Empire and Treme – also beautifully written. regards, ann watson

  • Chloe

    I LOVE this show, I dont know what I will do with myself if I have to wait until next summe. HBO did awesome with this series. I and my household agree its held number on the list. True blood, newsroom and all the rest follow after, we will watch reruns until season two thank you hbo and alan sorkin!

  • Dev

    Loving every single part of this amazing show. Can wait for the next season!

  • Jim and Kali Tuscano

    We cannot wait for season two! This show is the most cultured and factual drama we have seen on TV in years. It makes owning a TV relevant again. Thanks!

  • Love your show!

    Tea party heads would explode all over the country if they watched this wonderful, fact based show. It contradicts all the fox faux “facts” they need in order to hate the black guy in their white house. MSNBC kind of serves that niche in real life. Too bad there aren’t a few more media outlets with this kind of guts…I can dream.

  • Sam spaulding

    Once again HBO hits it out of the park
    can’t wait for next season

  • KarlaEOO

    I love Jeff… It’s a great show

  • Anthony

    Love this show, totally hooked, but maybe I should not comment with my British accent ;)

    Excellent character development with great casting, even though the news stories are already known, the spin on how they get to the point of reporting it is not always that predictable and certainly entertaining.

    Heres hoping that the promise of season 2 becomes a reality.

  • Ray

    First off I really love the The Newsroom and look forward to each new episode! I’m really impressed with Jeff Daniels acting! He had never impressed me in the past, But he’s great and I wouldn’t be surprised if He doesn’t win an award. I think we’re living in the golden age of quality Premium programs, with HBO leading the way. I miss ,The Wire & Deadwood but love & can’t wait for more Game of Thrones!

  • Lanie

    I totally love Newsroom! It certainly is a timely series. I enjoy the actors. I love Jeff Daniels.

  • James

    I actually do not watch much television anymore. It’s not that I’m pretentious. It’s because there has been next to NOTHING that is worth my time on the tv for a SUPER LONG TIME! That being said, I am absolutely HOOKED on The Newsroom! What I love most about it is the level of character development that the show utilizes. EVERY chatacter, big, small, it doesnt matter. EVERY character plays a crucial part of the storyline. Just superb in almost EVERY way. We can’t jump on Jesse so harshly though. Every person is entitled to their opinion, no matter how silly their opinion may be. LOVE THIS SHOW….THE BEST THING on television right now!

    • Nice! Glad to hear people are loving this show. I’m liking it as well and can’t wait for Season 2 to Premiere next year! I only wish the air date could be sooner…

      • David Newton

        ISLE OF MAN calling… We adore the Newsroom here and it’s a common topic of conversation in our local pub!! After the vast quantities of dross that American TV manages to sell to our broadcasters, it’s refreshing to find something worthy to follow the West Wing, Roll on Season 2 of THE NEWSROOM

  • Leanne

    I love it!

  • Dave McKenna

    Jesse, are you actually suggesting only people with American accents should be on television? Unbelievable! The Newsroom is a brilliant show and a breath of fresh air in a time of weak dramas and reality shows. So happy it’s returning for a second season

  • Flo Pearson

    I am totally hooked on this show! thank you.

  • Gillian Hearst

    A million thank yous for “The Newsroom.” Love it, love it! And, for what it’s worth, every family member, friend, acquaintance, and stranger I speak to about this program cherishes and enjoys each episode. What the “media critic haters” can’t admit, because of whom they work for, is that this program gets it better and many times right, when the employers of the “haters” didn’t and more egregiously wouldn’t. So, for the viewer, like me, it’s ecstasy and agony to relive some of the most critical news stories of our recent time with a finer lens. Thank goodness it’s not TV! That, instead, it’s HBO. Too bad it was TV the first time around. And, for the first commenter, Jesse, glad to read that you’ll keep watching, and I’d suggest reading the preeminent Dan Rather’s weekly review of “The Newsroom” on Gawker. He kinda knows a thing or two about broadcast journalism.

    • Janice

      I love this show. I look forward to Sunday night . I hage thqt the season 2 hasn’t begun. Great show

  • Jesse

    God what a simpleton show! It doesn’t take much imagination to write a
    story on a story (BP..oil spill) that’s been written about ad nauseam;
    and what’s with all those children running around the
    looks like a high school cafeteria; why have this immigrant Brit wanna
    be (Emily Mortimer) as a lead..can’t understand her and she speaks too
    fast…finally, Waterson is way over his head. He adds nothing to the
    scene. We deserve better.

    Why has Sorkin made this feeble attempt at producing when we all know he’s capable of better work. I cannot figure what got into him..the casting is bush league as well as the writing. I’m embarrassed to watch it. Yes I keep watching and hoping it improves to no avail.

    • Hmm not sure you can really judge the show if you’re having trouble understanding it… Also, it’s not uncommon to have people with various accents within a fast-paced, world-class organization. Not sure where you live/work/grew up but there are people of all nationalities working in important positions at almost all multi-national corporations. Sorry to be the one to break the news to ya.

      Diversity is an amazing asset in today’s world.

      • becca

        True that. I LOVE the series. It’s a refreshing change from the typical “series” shows out there. There are no vampires, housewives, or fist-pumps. I can’t wait for season 2.

    • Sam spaulding

      Jesse, One good thing about the show
      for you is you can click the remote off

    • kelly

      All I have to say is I love the show!! It is witty, to say the least. I think all the characters are interesting in their own way. I am saddened if season 2 does not air until next summer. My husband and I were hoping it would air sooner. I like the quick script, wit and humor of the entire case. It is eye opening to see how a newsroom actually works. I am rooting for the show and I hope to see it back again soon!

      • Matt

        Ditto! I’m addicted! Miss it already! Next Summer….too far away….how about next week ? ;-) Miss the West Wing too ! ;-)
        ~ ” the Tea Party…….the American Taliban ” ;-

    • Connie

      Sorkin is a genius. He hits every mark with Newsroom. It’s riveting in its message and incredibly entertaining. And to respond to Jesse’s comment above — have you ever been in a newsroom? I worked at CNN and it was EXACTLY like this. Young kids working like crazy. People from all over the world. YOU, my friend, are the simpleton.

      • Don

        Connie, I completely agree with you. My wife and I LOVE Newsroom. It has great relationships, drama, humor and is brilliant in skewering politics and the daily nonsense that goes on. Yes, it is fast paced, so the slow-witted may have a hard time keeping up with it. They can always turn the channel to some vapid reality show.

        • Sara

          Love Newsroom! So refreshing to watch a smart and witty show that tackels politics in a common sense way. I believe Newsroom challenges everyone to take a close look at their own political beliefs and make sure its based on facts instead of ideology.

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