Gwendoline Christie Cast in Game of Thrones S2

By Jacob Klein on Jul 7, 2011 to Game of Thrones

Gwendoline Christie has been cast as Brienne, the Blue Knight in Game of Thrones season 2.  George RR Martin, author of A Song of Ice and Fire, of which A Game of Thrones is based, often gives casting clues on his blog which updated with a post titled ‘I’m Blue” this afternoon.  Speculation ran wild about what the cryptic message meant but within hours, commenters on and concluded that only British actress, Gwendoline Christie could fit the given clues.

Warning!  MINOR SPOILERS AHEAD: Brienne Tarth is the only daughter and heiress of Lord Selwyn Tarth of Evenfall Hall; she had three siblings, none of which survived childhood. Larger and stronger than most men, Brienne is a skilled warrior and longs to be a knight. She has an awkward personality, but is also honest and stubborn. She holds a naïvely idealized notion of knighthood despite the insults she receives from many knights, who call her “Brienne the Beauty” to mock her ugliness. She is also known as “Brienne, the Maid of Tarth”, but her most common and neutral nickname is “Brienne of Tarth”, as she is both from the House and island of Tarth.

The 6’3” actress posed for a series of photos that explore femininity and deconstruct the idea of the Playboy bunny girl.  Seems like she’s a perfect fit for HBO!  We can’t wait to see what she does with her new role!

Season two of Game of Thrones premiers in Spring 2012 and begins principal filming this summer.  Here are a few more shots of the beautiful Gwendoline Christie:

Update: George R.R. Martin’s announcement of the casting news!

  • wintergore

    as long as she can play the part theres nothing to worry about, she doesn’t look how i’d have thought she would , but tbh none of season 1 did, except maybe king robert joffrey,the queen, ned,shasha, rob, snow, tubs, tryon, actually all the characters where perfect for me in season 1, season 2 surely will be too, and little things where obviously missed out but not htat it matters, i get to read the books too this way :)!

  • Count Roalnd

    She is WEAK I could pin that lass and make her say uncle and I am not a twenty year old Millitary monster anymore. She should be HUGE to make men think she is a BIG STRONG Knight when her helm is on – that girl is a bit plain yes but why can they not choose a swimmer / weight lifter / shot putter / volleyball / BBall / Judo – you pick the sport where they have girls with some meat and bulk- she is weak her shoulders look average on a girl in combat she would bust them on the first impact with a 200 pound man – total fail on the casting – arya / sensa/ ned/ pretty much everyone (excepting Renely) are spot on this woman is just that: a non-awe inspiring NOT freakishly stron female – supa fail casting I guess they do not muh care on making them look like the book except when it comes to showing a sad sack naked man pulled behind a horse or beasty dragon suckling on tits…
    I wish her the best and all and no dubt she can act… but sorry I know I am too old to be a teen idol star I gotta face it even if it hurts – but she also should see the fact she is not a mass of gross power in a female body – no man is going to quail if he bumps into her in a club bathroom hall way – sorry … ur weak

    • She actually turned out quite well huh?

  • When are we gonna be able to buy the first season on DVD .Nobody knows!!!!

  • Troels Kjær

    Read Martin’s blog – he said that when she came in to audition she didn’t look remotely like on those model photos you’d find on the net, she looked like Brienne. I trust his judgment.

  • “The characters doesn’t look like how you imagined them in your pretty little head! Guess Martin doesn’t give a fuck about how YOU imagined them. And seems like he doesn’t give a fuck if you approve of Ms. Christie either. Let me guess, you’re the same type of “uber-fan” that complained that the red comet didn’t show up in the finale, despite it being utterly.freaking.useless.and.meaningless.”

    Yeah, she doesn’t look remotely like MARTIN described her either, so he apparently doesn’t give a fuck about what he thinks either… ;)

    She’s not described as “plain” or “common” looking – she’s described as flat-out UGLY. She looks like a guy, has thin, hay-ish hair, buck teeth, large nose, and huge lips, with a strong jaw.
    And she’s built like a wrestler.

    I suppose they can use makeup, and it honestly doesn’t bother me all that much, but acting like they cast someone who just looks a bit different from the description is disingenuous, she’s nothing at all like Martin himself described her.

    It would be like casting as Sansa, someone who is regularly complimented on her looks, by an overweight, unattractive girl.

  • Mein

    Hot girls policy? She looks pretty plain and standard when she doesn’t have great lighting and makeup (yeah, that makes a difference…duh). Like here:

    She is very tall, blue-eyed, freckled, has an odd face that is not traditionally beautiful. This is no HBO hot. This ain’t frakking Angelina Jolie. Once she’s suited up in armor and thick with grime, I doubt she’ll be looking even mildly pretty.

  • Renjick


    And a big fuck was not given. Same utter bullshit fans whined and waaaahed about when season 1 was in development. Oh noes! The characters doesn’t look like how you imagined them in your pretty little head! Guess Martin doesn’t give a fuck about how YOU imagined them. And seems like he doesn’t give a fuck if you approve of Ms. Christie either. Let me guess, you’re the same type of “uber-fan” that complained that the red comet didn’t show up in the finale, despite it being utterly.freaking.useless.and.meaningless.

  • haha

    I’ve always loved the “Comic Book Guy” character in “The Simpsons” — he embodies the know-it-all, perfectionist attitude of uber fans. I casually read some ASOIAF/GOT websites about various castings, and the people who spout venom about how the character choices for the TV series makes for fun reading. Yeah, we get it, the actors are too pretty compared to the books. Everything has to be faithful to your standards, blah blah blah. I am old enough to remember GRRM’s work when he wrote for TV’s “Beauty and the Beast”, so I expect GRRM knows how Hollywood will change his characters and plots and names.

  • Fritanga

    So – HBO’s “Hott Girls ONLY” policy rears it’s ugly head again with this utterly terrible casting of Brienne. Did anyone bother to read Martin’s description of the character? Obviously not. I suppose we can all look forward to her cavorting around in the nude with her sword, giving Jaime come-hither looks before the doggy-style sex. Great. Just what I wanted: the “True Blood”-ization of GoT. Thanks!

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