Rocking the Eastbound and Down Soundtrack

By David Pergolini on Nov 18, 2012 to Eastbound & Down

“I’ve had a lot of memories, sometimes I have to dump the small ones to make room for the bigger ones.”


The Kenny Powers saga may be on hold but that doesn’t mean we can’t rock out to some of our favorite ‘Eastbound’ moments. Ladies and gentleman, I give you the ‘Eastbound and Down’ Soundtrack – complete with classic monologues and an arsenal of bad ass music. The soundtrack takes us back to some of the most legendary moments in the Kenny Powers chronicle, from showdowns with arch-nemesis Ashley Shaffer to tear-jerking, inspirational speeches about ‘sucking your dreams dick.’ Truly beautiful stuff. As we jam to Lil Whyte or Black Betty or Lee Hazelwood, we begin to remember the highs and lows of this epic journey. I can picture Kenny cruisin’ and boozin’ through the Carolina country, riding free on a leopard-striped jet ski or bumping out a fat Hollywood line.

Damn, I miss this show, and I know many of you do as well. With the premiere of ‘Boardwalk Empire’ this past Sunday, I was hoping for a teaser, an announcement, a caption – anything to satisfy my curiosity surrounding the release of ‘Eastbound and Down’ Season 4. But alas, the wait continues. In the mean time, pick up a copy of the ‘Eastbound and Down’ Soundtrack and relive some of the funniest moments of the Kenny Powers saga. To be continued ..

What are your favorite Kenny Powers moments?  This soundtrack will bring them all back, bitches.

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