Girls Season 3: In Production Trailer

By Jacob Klein on Oct 18, 2013 to Girls

HBO routinely allows us to go behind the scenes of our favorite shows with these short trailers. Just today, HBO debuted that production trailer for Girls season three. Here we go, ladies and gents:

It looks like we found out what happened to Charlie… SPOILER he “leaves abruptly” and Marnie is “grieving”. I suppose we’ll have to wait for the show to find out what the whole story is.

Also this week we found out that Girls season 3 will air on January 12th, just after the premiere of True Detective. Are you excited yet?

  • Tippy

    SOOOOOOO psyched! <3

  • MJ Snow

    I’m going to go out of my mind waiting for January! This all looks so good!!! I think Season 3 will be the best yet for Girls. Oh, and if it wasn’t already the best show on TV, check out those Rainbow Brite sheets! I totally had those sheets back in the day!

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