Girls Season 3 is Confirmed, Filming in March

By Jacob Klein on Jan 24, 2013 to Girls

Girls-Season-3While we reported earlier that Lena Dunham pretty much confirmed a Girls Season 3 a couple of months ago we are now calling it official.  Speaking to Alec Baldwin in a podcast the show creator said:

“We’re starting season three at the end of March […] I’m so excited.”

Between the awards, book deals and almost-confirmations this year we expect the official HBO press release to come soon regarding Girls Season 3. Usually HBO announces renewals shortly after the new season begins. So nowish would seem appropriate and likely.

With filming beginning this early will we see Girls Season 3 earlier than 2014? Maybe alongside Boardwalk Empire season 4 this fall? We’ll keep you updated.

UPDATED: HBO has issued a press release and confirmed the third season of Girls as having 12 episodes this time around:

Third-season commitment is for 12 episodes. The premiere episode of the second season already exceeds a gross audience of 3.8 million viewers with only partial data available.

So there you have it. Girls 3 is officially good to go and longer than every before!  Premiere date TBD.

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I need Season Three!!!! But live in AUS!!! How do I get me paws on it MEOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Looking forward to season three!!!

I LOVE this Series and I’m so excited for Season 3! Thanks HBO :)

every when do they show it on hbo? the new episode

I’m a dude and I connect with hannah and adam, depending on the day…. maybe i’m bipolar

I love this show! I just discovered it ~1 month ago. I watched every single episode on cable On Demand to catch up. Then I bought the Season 1 DVD set. I’ll buy Season 2 as well. I’m 42 years old, African American, single, no kids, & never married. Although this show is centered around girls for whom I’m almost twice their age, the writing and plots are amazing! Keep it coming Lena! You rock!

Oh my god – I LOVE this show and I am a 42 year old married mother of 2 in New Zealand – Whats not to love, its like sex and the city crossed with Californication – Fantastic! Its so nice to watch normal sized women on tv that aren’t wearing $2000 clothes/shoes also! Way more realistic and very funny, totally addictive :)

Love love love this show!!! I was hooked after watching just one episode. Can’t wait for season 3!!!

I am 36 and I love this show!!!

I cannot wait!! I am so invested in this show, and it continues to grow my curiosity of how Hannah will cope.

Lena connects with anyone who has every been 20 or anyone who looks forward to being 20. She is brilliant, hilarious, and amazing!

She’s running hot but, I have to ask, just who is she connecting with besides 20 year olds? I wish there was a demographic illustrating just that.

I am 32 but the story of all the characters are enjoyable and relatable individually, I have an ability to be socially empathetic so maybe its jusyt me :-)

I am 30 and have never known a drama series I connected wit so closely!


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