Girls Season 3 Almost Certainly Green-lit

By Jacob Klein on Nov 12, 2012 to Girls

Controversy swirled around HBO’s new comedy series, Girls when series producer Judd Apatow said this at the end of his most recent interview with the press:

“We’re about to shoot the third season of Girls. Season 2 starts in January”

HBO usually confirms new seasons of series’ immediately following the first episode of the newest season.  No one doubts that Girls, with Emmy awards and steady ratings, was going to fail to be picked up by the premium cable network. But this probably isn’t how HBO wanted the news to break.

The network said this in response to the controversy:

We’re looking forward to the launch of Season 2 and hope to have good news shortly thereafter.

Girls season TWO premieres on January 13th on HBO. Season 3? With a filming date starting… nowish it sounds like?  We predict that Girls season 3 might air as early as Summer/Fall 2013. We’ll keep you updated as soon as we receive official word.

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I’m glad the news has broken this way. When a renewal is this obvious, there’s no reason to wait until the season to announce it. The second season is going to do better numbers than the first, it appears to be a series that connects with a female audience and lena dunham is becoming a star through it. If anything this surprise news will build more anticipation for season 2, remind everyone that Judd Apatow is part of the show and make pop culture headlines for a day. Win-win-win. If anyone has their feathers in a ruffle over the news… Read more »

I tend to agree as a newsman myself. Not to mention the fact that it was pretty much assumed that it was going forward. I mean Im not going to confirm Game of Thrones season 4 or 5 yet but is there really any way they aren’t happening? They’re just covering themselves. I totally understand. Just glad to get the news!

Thanks for all the work you do here. I really enjoy it and check in practically every day.


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