Girls Season 2: New Trailer and Character Recaps

By Charlie Harwood on Jan 2, 2013 to Girls


“I guess I can never tell whether a guy is attractive in a loserly way, or if they’re just losers”

Girls is almost back. The brainchild of writer/director Lena Dunham is set to premiere its second season on Sunday, January 13 at 9 pm EST. In less than two weeks, the four twenty-somethings will once again navigate their lives “one mistake at a time” while experiencing assorted humiliations, disasters, and rare triumphs. While gearing up for the premiere, HBO has released a slew of new videos over the Holidays to give us a better idea of what to expect this year. From the looks of things, there will still be plenty of awkward moments, tension, and bathtub scenes to look forward to.

Here is the latest trailer for Season 2 of Girls:



HBO has also released four character recaps for each of the “Girls”:






We also have a list of descriptions for all the episodes premiering this month. You can check that out here.

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Eleonora Iafano
When Girls first premiered, it didn’t immediately catch my attention. A few episodes in, I started to relate to these girls. I remember my days as a 24 and 25 year old single woman – complete with romantic disasters, work blunders and generally wondering what the meaning of life was. I like that the girls all have flaws and nobody is presented as being perfect. I liken the show to SaTC but a younger version where the girls are not wearing top of the line brand name clothing and shoes and are just trying to find their footing. We all… Read more »
Rachel Smith
The recaps for each character are a brilliant way for fans to refresh on the details of the first season. I am very excited to see where the second season takes all of the girls, Soshanna in particular. She was a character that grew on me, and a coworker at DISH pointed out, that she currently has one of the more stable relationships on the show. I am so glad that even with my late train; I won’t miss this premiere with my DISH Hopper. With how crazy my schedule always is, I love that I can set it to… Read more »
Jacob Klein

Yeah I think Sosh is a “feel-good” character sort of like Charlotte was in SatC. Mostly good things happen to her, she’s light hearted and comic relief from some of the serious shit in the other girls’ lives.

I like her too! Funny girl.


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