Game of Thrones to Emphasize Gay Characters

By Jacob Klein on Jan 21, 2011 to Game of Thrones

Game of Thrones

In the wake of HBO’s recent GLAAD nominations, Game of Thrones author George R. R. Martin has confirmed that the first entry in the Song of Ice and Fire series features multiple gay characters, and those characters’ sexuality will be even more clearly visible on the HBO show premiering April 17.

Warning: Game of Thrones Spoilers Ahead!

Martain says that by the third episode of the ten episode premiere season, viewers will know that the ‘Knight of Flowers’, Loras Tyrell as well as another character named Renly are in a same-sex relationship.

“I like to handle things subtly,” Martin says. “I couldn’t ever actually say, ‘such-and-such is gay,’ because, as I’m sure you know, the word wasn’t invented until the 60s. And I’m talking medieval times… But I thought it was pretty clear in context.”

Other gay, lesbian, and bi-sexual characters also inhabit Westeros. The Red Viper of Dorne, for example, gets outed as a bisexual character.

The show’s executive producer and writer D.B. Weiss says that HBO is quite possibly the only network where this would be possible.  Wiess also says the show’s second season will see even more of these LGBT characters in action than the first season.

  • DAN

    This gay sex scene was the most horrible scene in the whole Game of Trones. I fast forwarded the scene where two gays engage in sexual activity in the first episode of season 5, and even considered to stop watching the whole series… I absolutely don’t want to watch something like that! For now I’m still watching because I really love this show… and luckily there are no more such a horrible scenes. I hope there will be no more gay sex scenes, which are only suitable for homosexuals. Why the hell would you force people to watch something like that?!? Why would you destroy such a amazing series with gay affection scenes?!?! Why?! Because gay activists protest everything and want to force everybody to think like them – so you change the show?!?!

  • Violet

    Still waiting on queer female characters.

  • The Correctness

    Makes me not want to watch it…

    • Doitright

      Then don’t watch it. It’s funny cause you don’t see any gay men complaining at the fact that just about every woman on the show gets naked. But whatever you know

      • The Correctness

        An insignificant portion of the population doesn’t have the luxury of dictating television content to suit their abnormal desires.

      • Ariel Constantin

        Why would you think that 1% of the population shoot force their deviation on everybody else?!

  • Ali

    I don’t understand why there is so much Gay sex in this show, they don’t show any lesbian scene.

  • Telling-the truth

    Homosexuality is not normal, natural or healthy and it’s morally reprehensible. It has absolutely nothing to do with being in love. Look up Simon Rudshie who is gay and did a documentary stating that the gay community is the sewer system of society and is obsessed with gay sex. Biology 101 tells you it isn’t normal and the Center for Disease Control reports that in 2011 gay men who are 2% of the population accounted for 73% of all new HIV cases, 46% of all syphilis cases etc… You have no credibility to put this perversion on the same level as heterosexuals who help preserve society. A gay man identifies every aspect of his life around being gay. That obsession makes him a pervert.

    • Paul

      I’m really sorry you believe this

      • The Correctness

        He has valid points though, it’s not normal, it’s the very definition of abnormal, a behavior an overwhelming portion of the population does not take part in. Even though it takes place in nature, it’s often overstated and not understood how by gay advocates. Most of this behavior in nature is to show dominance, other times it’s a random act that is most often abandoned for natural reproduction. Biologically speaking, look at the anal cancer rates of gay men in comparison to straight and you will understand that anal sex is not made for the human body regardless of gender. Outside of 4 play, gays cannot even have legitimate intercourse with one another. These are not opinions.

        • cablainer

          Idiot! White old women have the highest anal cancer rate in the US. BTW it is also rare. Funny how you appoint yourself the expert on what is normal intercourse. What is not normal for you is very normal for others. Get your head out of your ass!

    • Doitright

      I hope that every pathetic, ignorant, small minded excuse for a human being like you gets what they deserve before you rot in hell. Because that is where you are going. You are the reason this world is going to shit and I hope someone someday destroys everything you hold dear. To the point where you end your sad existence.

      • Cannotsay

        Hey, guess what. No offense to people who are gay, but they are the ones who are going to hell and rot. Because they don’t listen to God, who told us that homosexuality is bad.

        • 100

          Fuck you and fuck your god.

  • kaka

    HBO *was* the only channel with openly gay characters, now MTV has them in teen wolf, and the expectation with wolves is that they are manly, hunt for the V etc, but one of the wolves likes dick, and thumbs up to them for not generalizing the image of a wolf… and then there’s supernatural that gives subtle hints, and more….I actually thrilled to see how far the acceptance of same-sex relationships on TV and in movies has come in 3 years, acceptance in general has increased too. i have guy friends who at the time assumed they were straight, but had the attitude of people should be allow to love whoever, man and man, woman and man, or woman and woman, and there should be nothing wrong or gross or evil about that….He recently embraced his bisexuality….but when he was “straight” the opinion he had should be the general opinion of all heterosexuals.

  • NPR

    Y’all are fucked up lmao. Gay people are awesome. They are so much better mentally adjusted than most people because they don’t have this huge phobic weight dragging them down. Let me redefine homophobia for some of you who seem to not catch the essense of what it is. Homophobia(n.): that feeling that a lot of men get when they are forced to imagine or catch themselves imaging (the more likely of the two) any sexual act involving two or more men. It could be involving two or more women, but most homophobics probably go to sleep at night after jerking their confused meat to lesbian sex scenes in their internet pornography. Anyway, the fact that I stated at the top can be backed up by numerous human sexual behavior textbooks written by PhD authors who have scientifically studied these behaviors as well as heterosexual behaviors for their entire professional lives. So don’t bother arguing it; you’ll only look dumb. And don’t go quoting some Bible verse. I went to Catholic school for 12 years of my life so I likely know it better than you do. I’m a straight male, by the way. And I have rid myself of the poisonous plague that is homophobia by coming to terms with humanity and realizing that good God-fearing men as well as members of every civilization known on Earth since the beginning of time have all had some amount of homosexual activity in their ranks. They feel love the same way a man and woman do, except they can’t have babies. And I know plenty of straight men and women who never intend to bare children anyway. So I say let the nice “butt buddies” be in peace and do as they like without listening to the dehumanizing, maniacal hatred that many of you have exhibited here (so-called Christians). I’m 22 by the way. Open your eyes to the world around you and see that it (all of it) is good. Don’t go turning it bad with our self-invented preconceptions that have no valid founding. Are Loras Tyrell and Renly Baratheon Satanic? If you claim to think so, just remember: it takes one to know one.

    • Adam

      Thank you! The world would be a better place (and a lot easier for us gays to live) if everyone would think the way you do.

    • sweetypie1

      Just don’t want to watch gays having sex. Do it behind closed doors. The majority of the world are normal so why be subjected to this

    • Violet

      They love pseudo-lesbian porn made for straight men, but are incredibly threatened by the sight of real lesbians out and about. The idea of women not needing men to be happy or secure, and not *wanting* them involved in their sex life in any way, terrifies them.

  • i hate the gays

    Fuck the gays, every single one of you nasty ass fucking homo’s. your fucked in the head, its not normal and not exceptable, even if your straight but have nothing against gays, fuck you to, fuck gay rights fuck it all every one of you sick fucking bastards

  • guinea54

    Society has turned to a giant gay butthole. back in the day when your friend said a tv show was cool,, it was something like macguyver, or night rider, or the f’en A team.. Now.. A cool show your buddies watch are gay knights ramming each other through their armor.. wtf is wrong. .. I wanna go back to the 80s

    • KeepnITrealDOGG

      duuude Come one. It isn’t gayness the whole time. If that’s all you see when you watch the show then i guess the show is not meant for you.
      In the 80s weird stuff was going on too. Since basically Roman times. Gayness is nothing new but people are making a big freaken deal about it everywhere. It is a trend.

      • kaka

        lol and in roman and greek times men ran around naked and did sports while starkers, imagine all the boners, if we had a city where nudity was allowed publicly, then heterosexual men would be more okay with seeing a variety of what they have between their legs haha…. funny how an extremely straight man will tug on his own rod and moan like an animal in heat while looking at another penis going into a woman, but when he sees another mans dick with out the vagina in the mix, he becomes grossed out … Men like that make having male privilege even more disgraceful

  • Reality Deferred

    I have no problem with homosexuality, I don’t think its wrong, I don’t think its satanic, I think it is perfectly natural (anything that occurs in nature is natural and almost all species of animals engage in homosexual activity), and I think people need to stop making people feel bad about being human (which is what it seems a lot of religions strive to do). But it is wrong how they force feed sexuality, both homo and heterosexual, to people. Children don’t even have time to start having sexual urges before they are bombarded with sexual innuendo. All of the stuff the media feeds us from a young age is wrong, drug use, sex, violence, narcissism, etc its all wrong. So I think we should protest stuff like this but make sure you qualify it and protest against the other stuff as well, not just the gay stuff. If that’s the only thing you have a problem within the media then your drive is not morality its homophobia

    • ddd

      So if animals do it it is okay to do it? I had a dog that would eat her babies for who knows what reason. I could think of nothing more gross that a mother killing her offspring. Your reasoning is bad. I’m not trying to argue with you, just pointing out that if everyone’s moral compass is based on the behavior of animals the world is gonna get weird.

      • Nahojism

        He’s using the “argument from nature” which is a logical fallacy. It doesn’t make him less correct though.

        It’s OK “to do it”, as you put it, because it involves two consenting adults. End of story.

        And don’t come and waiving with your bronze age morals. To deprive someone of a person that they love, that is immoral.

    • The Correctness

      Mothers eating their young is natural

  • Tall Handsome Genius

    Men having sex with men is not only thoroughly disgusting, it is satanic, it is evil, it is depraved, it is perverse, and it is deviant. I have seen 4 films in the past month that were excellent until suddenly two men—out of the clear blue and with no relation to the PLOT—start getting it on. I turned them off immediately because it is sickening and anyone who does not think so is living in spiritual darkness. Note the 4 films had no warning about this—which is my real beef. Had the warnings included “men having sex with men (as best they can with the same equipment)” I simply wouldn’t have rented it; no harm no foul. I don’t care what kind of movies are made. But it was designed to be rammed down our throats, by getting us hooked on a fine story with wonderful acting and cinematography before wham! Putting that in our faces. But smoking! For that there IS a warning: Warning—people actually smoke cigarettes in this film; might not be suitable for children. But peterpuffing? Children MUST see that and often.

    • Get Over Yourself

      Guess what? Your religion doesn’t rule the world, as shocking as it may be. If you have a problem with homosexual scenes in movies, why not bother to look them up before you rent them? The increasing exposure to homosexual behavior is because our society is finally beginning to accept it. Despite what you might think, this is good. Humans have equal rights, no matter what race, creed, or sexuality they are a part of. People need to stop persecuting one another based on what happens in their bedrooms. What happens behind closed doors stays there, simple as that. Is it your business if Tommy and Jimmy are getting into bed with one another? Absolutely not, because it doesn’t affect you in any way. Do people follow you around screaming at you for sleeping with women? No, because it doesn’t affect them in any way. There’s usually a good buildup to any kind of sexual scene in a movie, so you can’t claim you didn’t expect it to happen. If you don’t want your kids watching, then don’t let them watch the movie. Usually movies that have homosexual scenes carry a PG13 or higher rating on them, so look at the back before watching.

      • kaka

        His name should be Pea-Brained Hideous Moron, his name he uses to preach should reflect what he says not his over inflated ego.

  • Jack

    Not enjoying gay sexual activities does not make you homophobic. A homophobe is someone that does not support gay rights, downright think being a homosexual is wrong and wouldn’t in a million years vote for gay marriage. I have no issues with same sex marriage and I think homosexuals should be able to do whatever they want, but I just can’t bring myself to watch two guys having intercourse or even making out. That is not homophobic behavior that is just biology, we are programmed to be attracted to women and thus watching makes us dare I say repulsed. As two women having sex repulses a lot of straight women and homosexuals, we feel the same way about two men doing the same.

    • kaka

      A homophobe is a straight man who fears that a gay man will treat him as he (A heterosexual) would a woman. Sorry handsome ;) homophobe has nothing to do with supporting gay rights, or thinking it’s wrong, or any of that…. If you were educated the correct way you’d know that that suffix -Phobia means Fear… Not Supporting the act, Fearing it…. And you’re to right fear us… “I’m straight” “So is spaghetti until things get hot.” “Are you suggesting we boil heterosexuals?” <—-An amazing idea actually, Just throw them in there, we can make Soupe: Crème de Ignorance and skip around in an apron singing "Applause" and usurping the sanctity of "traditional marriages"

  • Ello

    I’m a straight male, I love game of thrones BUT I do not enjoy the gay sex scenes. I’m not a homophobe but seeing two guys in the nude making out is just really not my thing as I’m sure two women having sex would by no means please a gay man. I think Game of Thrones will be losing alot of its male viewers due to the fact we came for the war and the fighting not nude men.

  • Friendly debate is encouraged, but personal insults are strictly not.

  • Irene

    I see a lot of morons around here complaining about this little gay scene. Why don’t you complain about all that fake lesbian shit that Americans cram into each and everyone of their shows. What’s wrong with you? That revolting, offensive lesbian stuff is ok, but then you feel threatened by two guys kissing? What, afraid of being raped through the screen? You’re just a bunch of homophobic sissies that just can’t stand your own gay repressed feelings.

    I had my doubts about watching this show or not, but after finding out that the producers/director are also those typical hypocrites with double standards towards gays and lesbians, I thought “fuck them, I’m not giving support to this”. And I think that neither straight women nor real lesbians nor gay men should ever support things like this, which are just cheap fanservice for straight men. We would then see how important really is the “white christian straight male audience”…


    this show is so fucking queer that the person who is sitting by me loves that gay blow job scene i hate it the show can go die #pissed


      dude i agree with you #i so right

  • Hero

    First of all I think everyone who is saying homophobic stuff can fuck off from here, heterosexuality and homosexuality are both over the earth, it happened in the past, in the present and would happen both in futureThe, I consider every serie,movie, novel, etc should be written without forgeting the real plot, and reality, a world with just heteros or just homos is not real. I do like Games of Thrones and I thought that it was fine to have sex scenes to know more about characters reationships, how are they with their loved one, or even how deep are their relationships even with whores or whatever, but suddenly it turned just into a fanservice stuff, they lost their point about showing everything in a crude way, cause they just showed heterosexual sex, even lesbian sex and with long unreasonable scenes that didn’t show anything relevant like important characters feelings or information, just hard lesbian sex to attract hetero guys and lesbians, but when we talk about the one gay relationship that seemed to be really deep and imoprtant to show, there were just kisses and stuff wasn’t seen at all, that just means all the hard sex they excesivelly show wasn’t genuin to show deep relationship, it was just pure fanservice and for perverts stuff, every 10 minutes there’s a unnecesary sex scene between random characters, so whoever you see it, they lost it for having male hetero perverts and homophobics writting the story.

  • James the Traditionalist

    Please don’t try to explain why I might be wrong. I am a hopeless idiot and I just to die alone while eating my favorite brand of glue. Is it really so hard for a bitter sorryass bigoted bastard like myself to be ignored ? I know it seems like I’m posting to get the attention I desperately lack in real life, but it’s just an opinion. Now get off my lawn cuz I can’t see the neighbour’s children playing with myself. I mean playing with themselves. Oh just shut it.

  • James the Traditionalist

    Homosexuality is repulsive. Such has been the opinion of the vast majority of the human race throughout history. Even in our current besotted and depraved culture, scenes depicting or implying gay sex will result in some lost viewers. This is not due to any “fear” that watching such atrocities will turn an otherwise heterosexual person gay. Rather, it is the natural disgust that such scenes induce. Those who feel no disgust have either been brainwashed by the popular culture, or are not being honest with themselves. Not subscribing to HBO, I just watched the aforementioned episode on DVD. Suffice it to say, I will not be renting or purchasing season 2.
    By the way, if this post is deleted, I will not be at all surprised. Freedom of speech does not apply to those who dissent from the current liberal orthodoxy. Such was the case with dissenters from Nazism and Cummunism as well. Doubtless you will attempt to demonize me by calling me “homophobic”. Now what exactly does that word mean? Do you mean to say I am afraid of homosexuals? I assure you, I am not. Does it mean that I am secretly homosexual myself? Not a chance. The purpose of the term “homophobic” is an attempt to intimidate and silence those who disagree with the prevailing gay social and political aganda. Now, I believe gay sex is repulsive, dishonorable and morally wrong. I do not, however, belive in censoring people who disagree with me on this. Liberals on the other hand, belive thatI should be dragged before a court for the opnions I just expressed. Not particualry “liberal” is it?

    • Jason

      You may well find gay sex “repulsive” – but how is it “dishonorable” and “morally wrong”?

      Your claim that no heterosexual person could honestly not be disgusted by homosexual sex scenes suggests only how limited your understanding of other people is.

    • Irene

      Well, I get turned on by gay sex (though I’m repulsed by lesbians, I grant you that) and I’m a straight woman. And there’s millions of straight women around the world like me. Ever heard of slash fiction and yaoi? Google it, or better search for images so you can see the actual pictures to scare your little underdeveloped brain.
      So much for your theory of “the majority of people is repulsed by gays”.
      And yes, I don’t think that homophobes like you should have freedom of speech, just like people who say idiotic things would be better if they shut up. But this is because I’m not a liberal. I would have all of you shooted up, really. Does it make me a fascist? Well, maybe, but I don’t give a shit.

  • Chodo Montague

    Neither Martin nor HBO intended to give us an accurate depiction of the books. Everyone has an agenda & we know part of HBO’s was GLAAD awards/friendliness. Martin made a cool thing and like many creators :cough:Lucas:cough: may not be able to stop fiddling with something once he’s completed it. So what may once have been less than a whisper of speculation becomes an overbearing shout. The May 6th episode proves that both Martin & HBO are willing to go completely off the page & into the misguided uncharted world of pure tv derpiness.

  • Lyta

    I really do not see all this outrage when are two women kissing or having sex in this show (or in any other) and the scene between Loras and Renly was very very discreet compared to this others. two weights and two measures, isn’t?

    • Exactly Lyta. I think the people complaining are probably a bit homophobic themselves whether they know it or not. I mean have you seen the second episode of Girls on HBO? I think HBO has “straight sex” covered on most of it’s shows. It’s okay to have some LGBT sex thrown into the mix, people. You’ll be okay, I promise!

    • Violet

      The problem is that the show does not depict real lesbian sex. It’s sex between women of ambiguous sexuality, yukking it up for the pleasure of men. That is not lesbian sex. That is a straight male fantasy. Real lesbian sex – sex done without any concern for the gratification of a straight man – would be an abomination to these homophobes.

  • David Collins

    I’m so tired of all this gay stuff being shoved down my throat. I love the show except for the repulsive gay scenes. I just watched the third one and I turned off the show. Get married gay people I dont care it’s you effin’ life but pushing gay culture on everyone is bs. Heterosexual dudes don’t wanna see dudes making out. I’m not one to support abuse of anyone, but honestly I miss the days when two dudes in love had some discretion. It’s fuggin’ nasty.

    • Michael P.

      “I’m so tired of all this gay stuff being shoved down my throat.”

      Given the barely-hidden homophobia you are exhibiting here, I sort of doubt that, David.

      • What’s funny is.. SPOILER SEASON 2 EPISODE 5 – Renly and Loras are.. shall we say.. broken up. and I don’t think you’ll have to “deal” with any “gay stuff down your throat” for quite some time in the remainder of the series. Don’t worry.. there will still be straight sex in almost every episode. *phew*

        • LanP

          Wow – were you wrong.

    • taylor17387

      And I’m so tired of all this lesbian stuff being shoved down my throat. Heterosexual women don’t wanna see girls making out. I miss the days when shows didn’t have some lesbian shit in each scene.

      Had you ever thought about this with your little brain?

  • lyta

    was ONE scene, against thousands of scenes with naked boobs and sexposition, I did not care, I like Loras and Renly.

  • CW

    The overwhelming sexuality of the show is so overbearing it’s actually distracting from the plot. This is a brilliantly written show, and it’s really unnecessary.

    That said, I have zero against gay people but every single HBO show becomes more and more about “Man ass”. The Sookie Stackhouse books have about 1/10th the gayness of “True Blood” and if GoThrones becomes another “Man ass on parade” series, I’ll be very disappointed. The scene in this episode, I didn’t mind, even though it was made up for the damn show.

    • I don’t really mind it as I think it’s important to Renly’s/Loras’ characters (SPOILERS AHEAD!)…

      But if you’ve read the novels you know that there will be fewer instances of these encounters in later books.

      • LanP

        Again – you were wrong on this one. HBO (and Martin, I’m guessing) have taken big steps outside of the books in order to include more male-on-male love scenes that are not necessary to the plot.

  • jankyn

    I Read the book_ Yes, loved the series still. its funny how a lot of straight guys are here trying to convince themselves that the fact that the gay scene was not in the book is the reason that they hate it so much. Fluff!!! that was not the only scene that was not in the book, you hate the scene cause its gay… lord of the rings, twilight and even harry potter had random scenes which no-one professed to hate however pointless they appeared. straight guys have a tendency to hate anything gay sexy because everyone knows that guys are sexually stimulated by many things and the thought of that being another guy terrifies them… ummm Chris, you thinking now aren’t you?

  • Jack Jones

    As long as Game of Thrones doesn’t OD on both Homosexual and Lesbian scenes it’s fan base will grow. The shaving scene was subtle and appropriate, we got the point, they’re gay. I am a hetero who is far a homophob. I am a live and let live individual but I don’t enjoy watching men sucking other men off. Sorry. I’m not built that way. But I won’t condemn a man for doing it, I’ll just turn and look away.

  • Margeaux

    I’m a young adult female. I look away during ANY sex scene that I consider gratuitous or not really earned based on the relationship’s development and maturity.

    I’ve been reading the book and would like to watch the series with my family…unfortunately first thing they ask when they hear it’s on HBO is if there are gay sex scenes. Again unfortunately, my nerdy family of fantasy and sci-fi lovers got scarred watching Torchwood’s Captain Jack (random graphic gay sex scenes of the one night stand variety).

    So if my tale and this board discussion tells you anything, it’s that people have different levels of tolerance…and by adding gay scenes it becomes increasingly difficult to introduce the series to any group of friends or family. And THAT’s why it’s a shame.

    • John

      So glad this is happening in the show!


      Okay, but the problem is, your nerdy family probably sees graphic straight sex all of the time and doesn’t have a problem with it.

      As a gay man, I have to see graphic heterosexual make-outs all of the time (which I personally find repulsive– it’s just biology) so it’s quite humorous when we see three hookers running out of Tyrion’s room, nobody makes a fuss or calls it “pandering” to straight males.

      There’s decent character development in that scene. Also, knight of the flowers or not, Loras is a pretty decent warrior, and I find him rather manly. Renly is also a pretty decent human being because he doesn’t take joy in killing. I think these are great characters who feel more like real people who happen to be gay rather than just tokens.

  • Hey Now did I see it right YOU Mean to Tell Me that you are ALL Hit UP OVER THE ONE GAY EPISODES OF TWO DUDES BEING IN A GAY SCENE TOGETHER CHRIS?? OMG!!!!! NOW I Truly think that you and the way you have exploited this whole world of yours in your Head to being Dangerous YOU are really dangerous Chris people why are you we even thinking about this guy and his not only homophobic life but why are we even othering to rpely to a GUy who does not care about what we say to him about the series I Mean come on only one Episode on the Gay guys I mean REALLY that is a real pyschotic disorder this guy has got in him for Gay Men!!! he is dangerous not only to others but also to himself I am surprised that he is not self harming himself literally over this or is he OH well any way that is what I think of this Chris guy anyway and all those that support him too and by the way I like this Programme I like the Stories and each task and action of mission that they are taking each week after week but over all if there are gay scenes like lesbian scenes and straight scenes I dont care about them i just go straight pass them or i just look away for the moment or go make me a coffee in that moment and then come back to the story nothing wrong with doing it that way at all. But I do like the seires. SO Chris Grow UP NOW ok before you lose it all together Man…

  • Daemon Blackfyre

    @doug “Chris as the elitist, self-aggrandizing racist misogynistic homophobes that they are.”
    i guess your right when you say homophobe but how the flip is he racist?
    i find that highly offensive
    chris stated that “I am a white, straight, middle-class, american male”
    is he racist simply because he is white?
    you are a very sad person doug and need to meet more people.

  • Kimmi

    … a quiet thing, from a woman.
    I don’t like seeing anal sex. it looks painful to me, and even if you say it isn’t, i don’t particularly like watching it.

    kissin’ & stuff ain’t bad tho

  • Crawdad

    Err….. ’emphasize’? They had one gay scene in one episode, man. This isn’t ‘Glee’.

  • Roscoe

    I just wanted to make a few points.

    1. The comment made a few times is that straight men don’t want to see sex scenes featuring gay men. Why does this bother you so much? You are aware that you can watch a show that features homosexual characters without becoming homosexual yourself, right? Watching a show where a character shoots another character in the face doesn’t mean you enjoy that in real life. It’s a plot point, it’s an element of the story.

    2. While I’m no doubt sure that straight, white males are indeed a large portion of this show’s audience, I feel like the “target” audience would be medieval/fantasy enthusiasts, and in my experiences, that audience is a fairly even split of male and female, and not an insignificant amount of gay and lesbian people. So, it seems flawed to me for you to speak as if you’re somehow qualified to speak on the behalf of the entire target audience (when clearly if, as you say, all this gayness scares the straights away and yet, ratings remained strong…)

    3. I’ve not read the books, but the film or series that is 100% true to the book is few and far between. The difference of the mediums themselves make this impossible. Regardless of this, from what I’ve read, the author of the series has said that he’s very pleased with how faithful the series is, and I’ve not read anywhere that he’s added the disclaimer “… but it is a bit too gay…”

    4. Finally, the handful of episodes that I’ve watched contained mostly sex scenes featuring hetero couples or lesbian couples, and contained fairly minimal content with homosexual undertones. Now, granted, I’ve not seen all of the episodes, but if you’re focusing on the few homosexual scenes adrift in the gratuitous sea of boobs that I saw, then it seems to me that you’re somewhat preoccupied and perhaps you need to look within yourself rather than complaining on the interwebs about it.

    5. Finally, while I found all the sex scenes in general to be somewhat over the top and bordering on unnecessary, it’s NOT porn. The primary intent of the series is to tell a story, and sex scenes are incidental to that. If sex scenes that don’t cater to your particular persuasion bother you, perhaps you need to go to the adult store and fine something that does.

    • Jason

      An excellent post on the issue. I’d only add one more point:

      6. are the people who get cut up over sex scenes (of whatever type) also unhappy about violence?

  • Bad Gays

    If you read interviews with GRRM, he says there are gay characters in the book, and yes, Loras and Renly are gay in the books.

  • Barnesita

    light spoiler:
    I’ve read the books and it’s sometimes pretty clear when characters “get it on” with others of the same sex. Funny thing is, when this happen with Daenerys or Cersei, I’m sure we will hear no complaints.

  • ramon

    HBO puts so much emphasis on gay characters… It’s so politically correct. I don’t have a problem with the gays. I think it’s good to integrate them into stories when it makes sense or when it makes the plot more interesting.
    But come on… it’s so lame sometimes. HBO tries to make it seem like everyone is gay or bi

  • Sam

    If it makes you uncomfortable to watch dudes getting it on, you can avert your eyes for the thirty seconds that they’re showing that on screen. I’m not particularly interested in watching dudes make out, or have gay sex, but it IS an element to certain characters in the story and if I see something that really grosses me out, I can look away for a few seconds, it’s not a big deal.

  • Shelly

    It’s great that Game of Thrones is showing off more of its gay characters. Nobly, I like seeing gay people represented in the media. Shallowly, I like seeing two hot dudes making out.

  • devin

    characters* will make the appear one dimensional.

    sorry about the double post. slip of the mouse

  • devin

    I think there is good support in the books for the Renly Loras relationship. However, I think that overt sexual affection should have been delayed a few more episodes. I also think Loras should have at least appeared more manly in public. I say this because I think explicitly showing Loras’ homosexuality too early takes away from the Sansa storyline.
    I think that placing this scene to close to the charicerts introduction

  • Sadie

    Umm, Chris and everyone else b***hing about how ‘unnecessary” the Renly|Loras scene was… why is it unnecessary? There’s a reason writers put things the way they do. It was implicit in the novels sure, but it was a writerly/directorial ARTISTIC CHOICE to depict it the way they did and that automatically gives the scene value. We as viewers are supposed to look at the show as a whole. This was a tender, tasteful development of a relationship, chosen by the directors. Now if character development is NOT important to you then you’re watching the wrong show…

  • DirectorDoug

    It is sad that this is still an issue. I stopped in to read a bit about this series (I never read the books…I am more of a Katherine Kurtz guy), and as a gay man, to find out if this was what it looked like – just another macho swords and bosoms epic designed to reinforce Chris’s belief that indeed, the world DOES revolve around HIM. I was pleased that in a series that, apparently, is populated almost entirely with straight characters, a bare few are gay (a word that pre-dates the 60’s, but certainly was not medieval in this sense) and act on it. We still take crumbs, and a series with a few people like me in it is, at best, cold comfort, but it is better than it used to be, and more straight folks are willing to stand up and tag people like Chris as the elitist, self-aggrandizing racist misogynistic homophobes that they are. I can’t wait to start watching this series…and I may come back to this forum and see what else all of you are saying.

    • Tirell

      I wish more humans in general would stand up to your own elitism, and bigotry. Try having a kid with your partner without a women(even egg), and then tell me why “straight” people are the majority and necessary to keep this whole train moving.

  • ben

    It would be more shocking if the series didn’t have anny gay characters, as this would be unrepresentative of the reality
    Ok we don’t want to see gay love scenes but for crying out loud, you’ve seen your own penis guys get over it :D.

  • Tag

    The sexuality of the characters is really irrelevant one thing you will find from reading the books is that almost anything goes and thats one thing id like to bring up as i couldn’t find anywhere else to do so .

    ****Slight Spoiler*****
    Towards the next three episodes, if they follow the book, there will be a very explicit Rape scene/s in regards to the dothraki. I found this hard to stomach in the book, i personally don’t think it should be included. It only slightly develops daenery’s character and if cut they can concentrate on the story. If they do try and do this i pray they have a bit of sensitivity to both genders of the audience. i was wondering if anybody feels the same?

    • Tirell

      Rape exists. Women in this country are being raped. Women in other countries are being raped more like what Mr. Martin is describing in his books. I don’t need to see it in the amount that it’s described in the books, but to edit out completely would cheapen the effect it has on the characters and on ourselves. We can’t hide from evil and hope to defeat it. Maybe people watching this will empathize with real women in the world that are going through this.

  • Jfrog

    Ridiculous pandering.

  • Micah Diablo

    If you are going to reiterate something i said please do so correctly. I never said straight/hetero sex was rape.

    I asked a question…Do you enjoy watching a rape scene in a movie or a tv show with a man and woman?

    Gay or straight, it makes me uncomfortable watching something like that but I am not going to flip out if a show features it.

    I could see if the gayness of Game of thrones was dominating the whole entire show but for a scene that could easily be fast forward through, it’s not a big deal

  • Kevin

    @Micah Diablo: The scene was unnecessary fluff for a fluff crowd. It didn’t further the story. It didn’t expand the dynamic. It furthered the stereotype that gays are waifish effeminate pretty boys who are (or should be) hairless like nubile women. I find it more offensive than if they were just gay. Frankly all the sex scenes are a bit over the top, and unnecessary.

    And I find it offensive that you by implication seem to infer that heterosexual sex is rape.

  • Micah Diablo

    I am a gay male….i have no issues watching lesbians or straight couples in movies and tv shows. Would I prefer not to see a sex scene between lesbians, yes of course…will i stop watching a show because of it? NO

    I’ve yet to watch this show but i hear great things…and I can’t wait to see if it a good show.

    But some straight men need to get over it…DO you enjoy watching a rape scene between a man and a woman? I don’t….It makes me uncomfortable but I still watch because it makes the feature interesting

  • Melisandre

    Btw… it seems that somepeople who read the books didn’t thought they were gay?

    That’s something I don’t understad… to me it was pretty obvious from beginning of Second book, lots of characters made comments, but at least, the one ho put it out clarley was Garlan speaking to Sansa at “that wedding”. Tyrion had (accurate) assumptions all the way long, but Garlan is Loras brother, so He KNOWS what He talks about.

    Denying the fact that they were gay from the very beggining (the books) is like denying that Oberyn, Dany & Cersei are bisexual.

  • Melisandre

    @Not In The Book.

    At least I did read the books, I even have them signed by George RRMartin…. so, idem.

    And there are plenty of other scenes that do not appear in the book, but they do in the series…

    Series and books cannot be always the same, It happens a lot, don’t expect otherwise, You’ll be disappointed always.

  • James

    done with the show, clearly made for homos. i don’t mind gay people or anything, i just can’t stand to watch it. as far as i can tell it’s now a show designed for homos.

  • I don’t have a problem but it’s just not in the book? Like there was no point to that scene at all. If that’s all for a GLAAD award then that’s dumb as F***. So anyone that enjoyed that scene clearly didn’t read the book…so f***ing read it, then come re watch and you’ll hate

  • Melisandre

    XDDDDDDDDD This is just so stupid that anything else should be said… but I’m gonna try…

    This show has (and will have much more) plenty of female audience, and we ADORED that scene, and want more. The series has gratuitous lesbic scenes, “straight” and gay scenes. The last one please us (girls & gays), and the first two ones please you.

    I’m not a lesbian, and I didn’t throw up for Dany & Doreah scenes. I don’t find it repulsive, it just does not please me, but I did not complain about it.

    So please, all you straight-homofobic guys, get over it, because it’s gonna happen again and the series will keep going without a few homofobes. I’ve some straight friends and they disliked that scene, but they will keep watching the show because they love the books, and one simple scene once in a while is not gonna change that fact.

    Ours is the Fury & Growing Strong Forever!

    • Tirell

      It’s easy to dehumanize people by calling them a label like fag or homophobe. This doesn’t help your point and makes you look more bigoted than the people your attacking. Your obvious alternative views on sex are your right, just like his are. Also you should applaud his honesty, because he had to know he woul be attacked by bigots like you.

  • Chris

    @Sunny S

    I am a white, straight, middle-class, american male between the ages of 18 and 35. The world does indeed revolve around me :P

  • Chris

    It was a bit of unnecessary butt-shaking for the gay community alone. The target audience is straight men. Straight men do not care to watch that. Have gay characters, great! Fantastic! Make them likable, mighty, intelligent, cool, best foot forward… but guy on guy is interesting to a few women and gay guys. That’s it. When you force gay down the throats of straight men, they (we, I) instinctively are somewhat repulsed (no offense, just biology). Do that enough times and the straight men (who are VITAL to this shows continuing existence) will just watch something else, and I get denied a show I’ve been wanting to see since I read the books years ago. And why? Because HBO want to win a GLADD award or to please a small handful of their viewers. THAT would be a terrible shame.

    • hey

      i’m a straight guy and i’m not repulsed by the gay scenes. i’m comfortable with my sexuality and i’m not afraid that seeing two guys have sex will automatically turn me gay. there’s something wrong with you if you’re “repulsed” by gay people

      • Tirell

        Your better than everyone, and you just proved it by being understanding to someone else’s feelings that were different from yours. I applaud your tactics and look forward to a brave new world where people like you can oppress your idiological opposites, instead of engaging them.

    • joao moita filho

      Here is what totally sucks. I am really hooked on the books, and am halfway throuh A Dance With Dragons. The writing is simply incredible!!! That being so, why does HBO have to inject graphic sex scenes, homosexual or otherwise, along with ass and penis shots into the show? It seems to me they just can’t really take great writing and translate it to TV without producing something that’s flat out porn. Just a shame, really. I understand there are those here that enjoy watching the show by themselves in the bedroom for the arousal value, but there are those of us who simply would like a great show that’s not a screw fest. The same thing happened with Spartacus. It the beginning it was great, but by halfway in the second season it became an ass, penis and screw fest, with the gladiators spending a major part of the time getting into each other’s behinds. I finally gave up watching it when I found myself fast forwarding through huge chuncks of the show. Sad to say, but if it gets any worse I will give up on GOT as well.

  • Our World

    @Getting Gay With You, Well, Well said. My very first thought as I read Chris’ post was that So many people like myself have zero-interest in watching hetero-intimacy, nor do I directly relate to the story lines of their relationships. But I still find them entertaining, instructive or interesting. In the case that something is repulsive to me, as sometimes a scene in my favorite True Blood might be, I simply fast forward through that part.
    Something for everyone!
    Thanks HBO!

  • good gays

    If one man finds another mans buttocks irresistible, more power to you. I resent HBO and GRRM selling out to the Hope/Change lobby to inject gay characters into the series which were not gay in the novels. If Ned has a go at Hodor before you kill him off, maybe GLAAD will give you guys another accolade.

  • Sunny S

    I find the show amazing, a cross between Lord Of The Rings and element of 24 for me. Its is cast and filmed brilliantly. In regards to the gay story lines is in the essense of the show and diversity of characters and if people ie: ‘Chris’ don’t like then switch over the world doesn’t revolve round you!!!

    Love Game of Thrones n Sean Bean

  • GGH

    I didnt find anythiny “too gay” or hard to watch…just like in todays socitey I am sure there were many different lifestyles and I prefer the characters to be different and interesting…maybe you should stick to watching Disney when you are feeling quesy…I think the show is FANTASITC!

  • Getting Gay With You

    Unfortunately for you Chris, not everyone watching this show will be straight. Gay people have to watch straight people getting “too” straight with each other, and we don’t complain. GET OVER IT.

  • Chris

    Argg! No edit post feature!

    To clarify: “Nothing wrong with having cool, brave, gay characters- but most (straight) people have very little interest in watching a show that has too much: gay guys getting gay with eachother.

  • Chris

    In this last episode there was (what seemed like) at 10 minute scene where we had to watch some guy shaving another guy. It didn’t seem too relevent to the story and I found it kinda forced.
    Nothing wrong with having cool, brave, gay characters- but most people have very little interest in watching (self-included). I loved the books and look forward to a long series- PLEASE don’t ruin it. Like it or not, people will stop watching if it gets too… well gay.

    • John

      I’m confused why one gay scene will make you stop watching, because there are plenty of straight scenes that I have to sit through? Gay and straight and bi people exist, therefore, so do their respective sex scenes.

      But I did think the scene, aside from the sex, gave us a better idea of Renly and Stanis’ personalities and character development. It was just as interesting as any other character scene to me, anyway.

      • John

        *Renly and Loras, not Renly and Stanis, hahaha.

        But yeah, this scene is important to the plot too, because Renly and Stanis will fight for the throne later. This shows Renly’s incentives to take the throne.

      • Tirell

        Oh I’m sorry you have to sit through love scenes that represent 90% of the planet. Where as you can go watch any GLCV programming you want, that type of programming is now being forcibly inserted into most sci-fi/fantasy. You exist as a minority, so what makes you think I should have to see a disproportionate amount of you?

        • Thais

          Disproportionate? Dude, do you really want to put into numbers the amount of hetero-affectional and homo-affectional scenes we have in the television overall and in Game of Thrones? Really?

          I’m sure you can handle 10 minutes of “gay” scenes in one of your TV shows while homosexuals have to see an eternity of hetero-couples in 99,999% of TV programs. I know you can, you’re good enough.

        • Checkit

          It’s called privilege of the majority, bro.

          It’s easy to sit there and say “I represent 90% of the world, this should be cater to me and people like me.” All of a sudden, when the minority is represented, you view it as if you’re being wronged. “Why do I have to sit through this just so 10% of the world can be represented?” First off, you don’t. You can choose what you watch. Don’t want to see gay people? Don’t watch Game of Thrones. Probably best not to go on the internet or outside in public either, because they’re out there too.

          Secondly, gay people are no less entitled to be represented in a show than anyone else because they’re a minority, just like racial or religious minorities. Equal opportunity, man. If you don’t believe in it, you have some serious problems.

          Lastly, speak for yourself, not everyone else. As a straight guy, I don’t care if they want to show some gay love, and I’m not going to stop watching or whine about it.

          The author of the books and the director aren’t going to go back and cut out gay characters because you’re butt hurt about it. It’s for everyone to enjoy, so enjoy it or turn it off and shut up.

  • Chris

    Do you have to?

    • Tirell

      I remember the implication of same sex and multi sex partners from the books. Alot of Mr. Martins’ character plots and storylines are slowly revealed over time(knight of flowers), it’s part of what brings me back to the story. One of my only complaints about the show is that they force plot lines together with characters that didn’t originally contain them, because they think the audience is too memory riddled to remember characters from season to season. Similarly, if you force extra sex; straight, gay, or otherwise into the story you cheapen it. To WB Weis please keep your crusade out of my sci-fi and fantasy.

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