Game of Thrones T-Shirt Giveaway

By Jacob Klein on Apr 16, 2013 to Game of Thrones

In addition to the wonderful, free articles you’re reading today we’re happy to announce a chance to go home with some Game of Thrones swag!

To enter for your chance to win one of the three Game of Thrones shirts pictured below, comment on this post by providing your opinion of who deserves wear the crown in Westeros. You can also “Like” Us on Facebook or mention this article on Twitter for additional entries.

So who wants to be the sharpest dressed brigand in Westeros, courtesy of

Prize #1: Maybe you are a closet Lannister fan or just one of those bleeding hearts who thinks there’s a little good in everyone (we’re looking at you, Ben Rueter). Or maybe you like to root for the bad guys just to get a rise out of your friends?  Whatever the reasoning, this officially licensed women’s “Hear Me Roar” Lannister shirt will provide ample opportunity to sport your crest proudly (even if it is only in the safety and anonymity of your home where Stark fans can’t see).  Of course, the Lannisters are accustomed to only the finest; so this no-fuss 100% cotton tee will make laundry days easy for your squadron of eager servants.


Prize #2: Is it ironic that the “lion’s share” of fans flock to the house of the dire wolf?  That’s why no Game of Thrones t-shirt giveaway would be complete without something from the Starks.  It’s easy to feel fierce in this 100% cotton, officially licensed Game of Thrones Stark shirt. As it flies off the shelves as quickly as can replenish it, your chance to make off like a crook with this coveted tee is now!

image04Prize #3: “The Man who passes the sentence should swing the sword.” Now what Game of Thrones fan doesn’t get chills to the sound of those words?   This 100% cotton, officially licensed Game of Thrones The Almighty shirt carries authority and will up the intimidation factor at your next viewing party.


Who among you has the authority to enforce the law of the land?  Submissions will be accepted through the end of April.   Unfortunately this giveaway is open to U.S. residents only.  So leave us a comment below and be sure to use an email address or Facebook account that we can contact you through.  Three lucky winners will be chosen at random next month and we’ll notify you then!

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