Game of Thrones Season Seven (Mostly) Confirmed

By Jacob Klein on Oct 30, 2014 to Game of Thrones


Today in “news you probably could have anticipated but still desperately need confirmation of” — Game of Thrones will most likely see a season 7.

HBO has already confirmed Game of Thrones Seasons 5 and 6 but many fans have wondered: What about a seventh season?! What about an eighth season?  Can’t Pete Dinklage keep on playing Tyrion Lannister until he dies of old age?  We hate to be the ones to break this to you but there will be a day when Game of Thrones is not on the air. We hope and expect that HBO will fill that void with new series by that time but we know Game of Thrones holds a special place in everyone’s hearts.

News of the seventh season broke when THR got wind of a renegotiation deal with several of the actors and actresses on the show that extended through a seventh season of filming. We won’t disclose which actors were signed because that might spoil the ending for non-readers (and some readers, even!) out there.  Needless to say many of your favorite characters will return as long as HBO keeps making the show which is now almost confirmed to be seven full seasons of Game of Thrones.

What about after that, though? George R.R Martin would like to see some sort of epic, 100 Million dollar movie made for the finale.  All good things come to an end and HBO’s Game of Thrones will be no exception. You will be left wanting more as you were with The Sopranos, Sex and the City, Rome and all those others.

We’ll be here with you the whole way through.. when your favorite character dies horrible death in one of these seasons of Game of Thrones.. we’ll be there to comfort you.  Hire a therapist through 2017.

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Except for the stupid ice zombies, they did a largely good job last season of keeping the occult to a minimum. That said, I dread the eventual reappearance of the holy hand grenades, or whatever it was that concluded the previous season.

They really oughta do two versions, one straight and one for the sword and sorcery crowd complete with RennFaire tie-ins.

Santanu Sarkar

when is the premiere date for season 6….keeping all eyes open for it….sad john snow died brutally….and yes bran stark was completely taken off the show…is he still flying /////

Caleb Clarke

Jon snow def not dead lol!

Jaidyn York

I just want to know what happened to Bran Stark and his mystical powers and the tree… They just dropped him?!
(I haven’t read the books so idk if it’s in the book)

Justin Brown

Bran’s character was caught up totally in series and books. That’s why he wasn’t in the last season. I would expect to see him in this upcoming season though.


am sorry to see LANISTER THE FATHER knocked off on potty by good son,
Lannister he was william shakespear,tradition,of the show.
i love this show.the scenes rich with details,clues,irony&predictions.
a sense of history.good rulers&crazy mad rulers….just like rulers around the world today.handful of co-workers,we talk about the entertaining plots n twist n turns..the characters/cast,the fanatics,the people that make up the towns,
the disruptions while folks go about a life of penrury,levels of torment&mystery.
elements of invasions,innocents,revenge,consequenses&surprises.
the dragons scare the hiccups out of me.i like the chubby stepmother of ramesey,lol.

Bunny Smith

is the books anything like the tv shows


ARE the books anything like the TV show……Good Grief….


Bit worse but still decent

Jef Dinsmore

In your opinion! To add mine I must say I prefer the books over the series myself. They are a lot richer in details and my imagination takes the books further than the series goes. Maybe, it all depends on how strong an imagination you have or if you need the series to visually fill it in for you.

Stephanie Gasior Danz
Stephanie Gasior Danz

I agree. Books are far superior.

the books are even better. The 1st season was spot on with the book and the subsequent seasons have hit the key points but you lose some details when turning a book into a movie or series like this. Still, the show does a great job of following the books plot and twist and turns. I strongly recommend reading the books if you like to read. George R. R. Martin is a great author and has done a fabulous job of bringing his characters to live. The cast of the show was perfect also, they were exactly how I pictured… Read more »
Michael Jones

I’ve never read ANY fantasy books…but the GoT series got me hooked from the get-go! I couldn’t put the books down and each chapter has something important that happens. Reading the books will make you be on the edge of anticipation watching the shows!


This is by far my favorite HBO series. Each episode goes by too quickly and each main character that is killed off has been hard to accept! Bravo to the creators and writers for the many twists and turns and completely unexpected endings! I would like this one to go on forever, but I’ll be happy if it goes seven seasons! Did I just hear of a possible 8th? Woot Woot!!


i will hate it if jon snow leaves the show. i hope they kill off anymore main stars for a while. i want him to meet baby dragon mom and take over. I hope all the rest of the stark family finds each other

lolknee .

Those dragons and their mother will never see Westeros. They will be raped to death before ever crossing the sea.

Ezri J. Rediker

The Tales of Dunk & Egg are just as good if not better than A Song of Ice & Fire only shorter. Hopefully HBO will produce a series for that after Game of Thrones concludes. I would also like to see a movie about Roberts Rebellion & the events leading up to it, (i.e. Tower of Joy, the Mad King, Lyanna Stark & Rheagar Targaryen).


I’m anxiously awaiting the new season!! I love love love this show! 12 thumbs up from my household!

JP boi

Why is it taking soooo long???!! Winter will be long passed by the time the new GOT season returns!!


game of thrones always returns around the end of march each year

JP boi



There’s been leaks already confirming a season 8 you can see them on this video production site look under the blog


I think we will see GoT for quite some time on HBO, as long as there is material to film. The reason being that it’s their only really big show at the moment and it would be madness to cancel it.

JP boi

At the slow pace they are going in producing actual shows, they could stretch it out for decades!


That be fine with me :)


Indeed it would be glad to see GOT reaching final to season 10. Read all novels ; heard all audio book ; all music from GoT ; comics & many more…it’s an epic.


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