Game of Thrones Season 4 Filming This Summer

By Jacob Klein on Jun 9, 2013 to Game of Thrones

game-of-thrones-george-rr-martin-season-4-spoilersI know, I know you’re absolutely inconsolable. Game of Thrones has just ended its third season and you’ll have to wait until Spring 2014 to see a new episode. Well we can’t exactly alleviate that problem but maybe the fact that all of your favorite Game of Thrones actors and actresses will begin shooting season 4 in just one month will make you feel a LITTLE better!

Principal photography starts in July,” confirmed wardrobe supervisor Donna Hughes during a panel discussion at the Titanic Belfast studios in Northern Ireland.

Season 4 will cover the latter half of the THIRD book in Martin’s A Song of Ice and Fire’ series.   All (well most!) of your personal heroes will be present once again making sure that the books are faithfully rendered to HBO’s air.

With just under 300 days until Game of Thrones season 4 airs we know that the long winter will be rough for many of you. Stick with HBO Watch for non-stop coverage of principal filming of the fourth season along with all of the other great shows on HBO that will hopefully keep you somewhat entertained until Tyrion and the gang once again grace your living room silver screen.

Oh and while you wait check out some major Game of Thrones spoilers (or are they?) that George R.R Martin dropped on Conan last week:

We assume the Game of Thrones season 4 will air in Spring 2014 just as the last three have done. Until we know an exact premiere date feel free to follow the season countdown we’ve created with an estimated air date of Spring 2014.

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I just hope they cast the Martells properly.

Hodor, hodor hodor hodor, hodor hodor, hodor hodor. Hodor hodor hodor????

This serie is like a drug, a cruel drug: it feels awesome if you watch it at the beginning, but then it starts destroying you, but you still have to continue watching it.WHAT THE FUCK IS WRONG WITH EPISODE 9 OF SEASON 3?

I once read a quote by George. R. R. Martin that says “I want my readers to be afraid to turn the page.” That’s exactly how it was with the red wedding, but you wanna keep reading/watching because the story is so good!

Nothing is wrong, this is what makes Martin great didn’t you learn that in AGOT, in war people die. It’s been 5 books now and I’m still waiting for annoying axx Sansa to get herself killed much to my dismay she’s still around.

That honor isht got Robb killed, as it got his dad killed. That’s exactly what would happen in real life.

Robb didn’t get killed for honor. Robb was killed for dishonoring another house. You may not like that house, but in the end, dishonor is what killed him.

9+ months till a new season ? Horrible. Bad enough it was 5+ yrs between books. Looks like you arent doing much better with the video.

most popular premium shows, and even a few on cable, make you wait 9+ months for a new season, which mostly begin around the same time every year. this is nothing new, and definitely not a ‘total business failure’. lol take a look at their numbers, nothing else really need be said.

You must be a young one because normal used to be shows were on for 9 mos and only off during the summer for 3 mos. It is only recent history that TV changed this. I know at least ten people at my work who like me only sub when the show is on and cancel right after to drive home the point to them in the only place they pay attention to…their pocket books. Get back to normal regular seasons and not this abbreviated off most the year junk.

Bran – will you please make them stop Hodoring

Will this show ever end ?

Says Robert Jordan.

I fully expect Nolan, the Gunslinger to be traveling through Westeros on any day now.

I hope they cast Liam Neeson to play Coldhands

No need to cast Liam Neeson, Coldhands is obviously Benjen Stark.


Too expensive.

I see him as Victarion. Never gonna happen, but it would be awesome.

This sucks. a new season in ten months? who is going to wait for that? you lose half your audience.

Yeah, because that’s not standard TV format that most shows have been using for about 5 years now. A total business failure…

Each season of Game of Thrones has been getting more viewers than the last. In ten months, I predict even hermits in Bangladesh will know who Tyrion Lannister is.

So from season 2 to 3 GOT lost half their audience.

Till then…….

dat greenscreen

Can’t wait for the death of Joffrey and Tywain, although do love Charles Dance as an actor and will be sad to see the end of this powerful if terrible character.


the word hodor in my language means bastards xD


HODOR…hodor…. (echos)


The only thing that pisses me off at all series.. You must wait 10 months+ fir a new season ;_:

It’s worth the wait

Dude,, at least HBO is putting a FULL season of these out EVERY year! They usually do ‘half’ seasons, sometimes with over a year wait in between seasons. Eastbound and Down was notorious for that. 18 months between season1 and 2, and we only got 6 episodes. then 15 months between 2 and 3. It was agonizing.
Big Love had over a year between series’ til the last seasons.

FotC, 15 months.

I know waiting sucks, but we can’t rush greatness. I’m just glad we’re getting 10+ episodes a season.

Try waiting 5+ years to each book’s sequel!

True, but each book has 10x the details of the series.. :< I wish I loved reading as much as watching.

Even if you’re not normally a reader, it’s worth it to read the books. I have the opposite predicament myself, I wish I loved watching half as much as much as I enjoy reading. I read books 1-3 years ago, and watched season one when it came out, then re-read the first 3, and read the other two. Other than that first season my watching has been very sporadic though. When season two got released I was halfway through the fourth book, and just couldn’t keep track of who was dead, or alive, or undead, or you thought was dead… Read more »

Now that is rough

Good job George doesn’t do comedy.


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