Game of Thrones Season 4 DVD & Blu-Ray Review

By Jacob Klein on Jan 25, 2015 to Featured Post, Game of Thrones


Remember that feeling you got when you had that special thing before all of your friends?  Maybe it was a Nintendo 64, maybe it was a Ken Griffey Jr Upper Deck Rookie Card or maybe it was your favorite show on VHS.  Well, here at the offices of HBOWatch, we’re feeling just that way this time of year.  We’ve got our hands on Game of Thrones Season 4 on DVD 3 weeks before any of the masses will see it on store shelves.  And yes, it was worth the wait.  Let’s get this out of the way first thing: you should buy this right now.


Want the rest of the scoop?  Keep reading. Well, here’s what the discs look like:


You’ll get 5 discs chalk full of bonus features (we’ll get to those later). Each disc holder contains one of your favorite characters.  Dany, Jon, Tyrion… you get it.  All in all the set looks and feels great in terms of packaging and quality.  But let’s get to the MEAT of this thing right?  What does it look and sound like?


I’d say the video and audio are comparable to what you get on HBO, honestly. I have a pretty decent home theater and season 4 looked great when it aired but looked just as good on disc format.  Not much to report on audio as it always impresses.  I have a newborn in the house so I couldn’t push it to the LIMIT but it seemed fine on my Klipsch surround system.


If you’re reading this we’re going to assume you already loved this season and that you love Game of Thrones.  You don’t need me to go into my opinions on this change or that twist, right? Right.  So on to the BONUS features.  Here’s the list directly from the packaging:


So some of this stuff can be found online and you probably already saw it while you were waiting for the season to air. But the deleted scenes (only 2 this season?!) and blooper reel (hilarious) are both exclusive to these discs.  The audio commentaries as well are all new.  Didn’t get a chance to listen to all of the 11 commentaries but they’ve been amazing in the past.

So are you ready to take the plunge? You can’t pick up a copy just yet but you can always pre-order so that you’ll get it on Amazon Prime the day it’s released.  What day is that, you ask?  February 17th.

Have any specific questions about the set? Leave us a comment below and we’ll try to answer.  Until then, grab your copy before they all sell out. Make sure you’re ready for season five my getting this set now!

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This is all about the content, which as always is excellent, “Game Of Thrones” is one of my favourite shows…but in so far as the Season Four DVD set, I love the graphics, the presentation, but one recurring issue was the damage I kept finding inisde the box. This is obviously a problem with the manufacturer and/or the delivery service. I literally had to change 4 different boxes because I kept finding the plastic casing inside cracked or broken. Even with the fifth set I got…I found another crack which will only get worse eactime I pull the disc out… Read more »
What a stingy set of bonus features. Basically, you get one feature on making one battle, TWO deleted scenes, and some bloopers. The rest is either stuff you’ve already seen, stuff that’s all over Youtube – come on! Aren’t you sick of endless interviews with the cast? – or stuff you only ever use when you are REALLY bored (commentaries). All those discs, and all you really get of any interest is a feature on the battle that will be less than 30 minutes long. All for spending way over the odds on something you’ve already seen several times, and… Read more »

Yeah, there are a bit fewer features on this release. I guess you can’t have 12 hours worth of behind the scenes stuff EVERY YEAR.

Hey all! We were lucky enough to get a Blu-ray set for review so I believe we are the first site out there with one live. In addition to the excellent recap up above here of the DVD set, you can find pretty much everything else you want to know about the Blu-ray release, complete with unboxing pics, over here:

Hi Jacob, Would it be at all possible for a list of the commentary track participants, and which episodes they covered? Thanks so much! (I think this is the first review that’s appeared online…I’ve been anxiously awaiting info on the bonus features for months!)

Hey Jacob! I have everything listed for the audio commentaries in my Blu-ray review here:

Jacob, any updates? It would truly be awesome if you could give us some more info on the actual box or even more pictures. A lot of people are looking forward to this set, and again thank you for giving us what you have already.

Can we get more pictures? :D

Hey Jacob. Sorry for the question, but I take it the Crow box is just a sleeve for the set and box that says Valar Morghulis is the box that actually houses all the discs within another box? I’m truly sorry for all the requests, but is there anyway you could look at the Valar Morghulis box spine if that is the actual housing box and see if the spine is solid or if it’s a paper type of spine which can be opened if you force it? I’m really anxious about this set as I love Game of Thrones… Read more »

I would also like to know. Sucked that they changed the box on Newsroom. Would really suck if the same thing happened with GoT. Anymore pics of the boxes?

Jacob. Thanks again for answering all the questions. This is truly my final request. I’ve posted a link to the Season 1 Spine for the DVD. I’m just wondering if the spine for Season 4 was the same. It’s completely solid with no flap and can’t be opened from this side. The discs can only come out from the front and it’s made of a sturdy type of cardboard. I just want to make sure it’s sturdy like this as I want the collection to be uniform. From what you said previously it sounds like it’s just like this.… Read more »

I’m just wondering about the actual box. I’m really hoping that the box matches in quality with the first three seasons. I really can’t tell from the picture, but I’m crossing my fingers for the sturdy box and not the paper style boxes that HBO has started recently using.

It’s hard for me to say for sure because i havent held all of them and thought about this. But I have BWE season 5. It’s thicker than that by far! Feels pretty good to me.

Hi Jacob! Thank you for the quick reply. OK, so you have the BWE Season 5? The actual box that houses all the discs is kinda made of a paper type material and you can actually open the box via the spine for BWE. The Game of Thrones boxes were more likes boxes where the spine is solid and doesn’t have any type of opening. I see you reviewed the True Blood Season 7. It would be like the that. So my final question is if the spine of the box is more like BWE Season 5 or True Blood… Read more »

I dont have TB7 in front of me but from what I remember.. it’s more like that!

Do you have any more pics of the boxes? I’m also curious to see if the boxes are the same.

So the spine of the box is solid and can’t be opened? If that’s the case, then you just made me a very happy man! I really wanted the sturdy box for Game of Thrones. Thank you Jacob!

Why even bother posting a review if it’s just for the DVD? We want to know about the blu-ray set.

This is what HBO sent us :( Someone has to do it! The only difference is the video/audio quality, which probably doesn’t matter on 80% of the home theaters/laptops that people reading this will be using.

Oh. :( Thank you for the response, though. :)

So my question is the box. Is it made up of the same material as the former boxes or is it the paper style boxes of the last two season of Boardwalk Empire? I’m really hoping it’s the sturdy box of old.

So are the History and Lore worth it ? They’re not listed up there but they’re supposed to be in, no ?
Looking forward to that roundtable !

1. Is this a Bluray/DVD set? I never saw one available and had to pre-order a Bluray/digital copy set. I usually like to lend out my DVD copies to potential “coverts” while keeping my Bluray copies in case I suffer from withdrawals and need a fix.
2. Previous seasons contained an Interactive Guide where you view an animated short based on history that was mentioned in the scene. Please tell me this is still included.


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