Game of Thrones Season 3 Premiere Decapitates Ratings Records

By Jacob Klein on Apr 1, 2013 to Game of Thrones

Last night was the most watched episode of HBO’s Game of Thrones… ever.


Pulling in 4.4 million viewers for the 9PM premiere itself and another 6.7 viewers in later showings the show completely dominated the season 2 record set last year. These numbers also fail to tally the HBOGo viewers and number of viewers per TV so you can imagine just how many fans are actually out there.

The show had to battle the Easter holiday and went head to head with The Walking Dead. Thrones will also have to compete with Mad Men when that show premieres this month also.

It looks like HBO’s massive publicity campaign worked rather well this time around! As the show continues to grow we’ll be here to get you all of the latest news on your new (or old) favorite series.

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Premier was awesome! Can’t believe how big the dragons have gotten :-) T.L. looks like he is finally figured out he will never get Daddies approval. The Lannisters have no idea how screwed they are. I can’t wait to see how much retribution one pissed off imp can serve up!

when did the north take harrenhall it was in lannister hands last season ?

Moron alert

Now we have a pirate Tyrion Lannister, but it lacks an eyepatch.

Awesome start to the new season! No spoilers so won’t say more.

Nice to see Denaerys gathering his army

Her army.

You mean khaleesi

Absolutely loved it… hanging for next week now. Give me more, I need more.

Arry of Oz

That nipple had to be removed, we all knew it

found it easy to masturbate to

well yeah men dont need nipple silly


WhooHoo ! I watched it @ 6-10 p.m. time slots AND on HBOgo ! It was wonderful, except no Hound ):-(

The Hound will be back ;-)

It was definitely a great episode, specially after TWD’s craptacular season finale.

Enjoyed TWD but GoT is a reminder that while TWD has its moments, GoT is actually a fantastic series. And yeah TWD finale was lame.

don’t forget shameless, cause we all love that train wreck too


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