Game of Thrones Season 3 Blu-Ray & DVD Release Date Confirmed

By Jacob Klein on Jun 24, 2013 to Game of Thrones

The triumphant third season of Game of Thrones is set to be released on Blu-ray, DVD and Digital Download on February 18, 2014.  Available for pre-order NOW on  The box set will feature the beautiful dragon shadow image however; the fate of the exclusive Best Buy packaging is in the hands of fans. Over the past two years, the sigil box art sold at the nationwide retailer has become a favorite among fans who have taken to message boards and social platforms to speculate over which images will be featured then struggle over which one to purchase. Now they can decide!
Via a social media poll, Game of Thrones devotees will pick the Season 3 exclusive covers. There are three stylish options: a “Character Edition” featuring third season poster art of Peter Dinklage, Kit Harington and Emilia Clarke; “Season 3 New Sigils” featuring the sigils of Houses Tyrell, Tully and Stannis Baratheon who were prominent this season; or “Bring Back Your Favorite Sigil” with Houses Stark and Targaryen (Season 1) and Lannister (Season 2).

“We love that Game of Thrones fans are so passionate and vocal about our home entertainment products and the reaction to the Best Buy exclusive packaging has been fantastic for two years running,” said Meredith Vincent, VP of Marketing, HBO Home Entertainment. “This is a fun and exciting way to reward fans and give them a direct voice into what is created for the next release.”
The polling begins Monday, June 24th on the Game of Thrones and Best Buy (US) Facebook pages. Each page will host a gallery of the exclusive packaging options and fans can cast their single vote by “liking” the appropriate image. The votes will be tallied in real-time so fans can keep track of which option is gaining the most support. Voting ends on Sunday, July 21st and the winning art will be revealed on both Facebook pages, and available for pre-order, on Friday, August 2nd.

The Best Buy exclusive packaging will be available in all retail locations nationwide as well as Future Shop in Canada and additional international stores to be confirmed at a later date. Information on the BD/DVD bonus features will be announced by the end of year.

HBOWATCH:  Well, we know what the #1 comment on this post will be… “WTF Not before Christmassszzz!!11one111!…”  But honestly if you’ve been purchasing these sets year in and year out you’d know that HBO releases their DVD/Blu-Ray discs JUST BEFORE the following season.  Agree or not that’s the way it’s always been and each time the sales are more than the last, at least with Game of Thrones.  What will you watch in the meantime?!  Don’t worry, HBO has a ton of shows coming this summer, fall and through the cold, cold, winter.

We’ll update our release date page with the latest but be sure to check back to see if we’ve gotten any more details before 2014.

UPDATE: Holy Dragons! Amazon just announced this crazy limited edition set available for pre-order.

UPDATE 2: We’ve got the discs early and have reviewed them here!

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I love Game of Thrones, but I feel like the DVD’s come out much too late. I’ve waited so long for this one that my enthusiasm has actually waned and I feel a kind of anger about it. i feel like I’m being jerked around, and it makes lose respect a bit for the series.

It’s amazing how much I dislike you right mow Renaldo…Rendildo, whatever. You just killed the season so for me. Whatever excitement I had in watching it has decreased tremendously just because of you….Rendildo. Thanks for that Jackass.

Screw you Renaldo. Go jump off a cliff. I HAD been looking forward to watching season 3.

You can watch every episode of season 3 on I already watched the whole season 3.. Rob stark & his mom gets killed by Walter Frey, along with the Lord Commander. & Jamie Lannister makes it home. Best season yet.

Maybe some have not seen this , or read it….Just saying

Your a dry cunt thanks for the spoiler alert fuckface

If you had read the books, you would know this already…just saying

If you had read the books, you would know this already…just saying

really books can tell you the future?


I am waiting patiently for both season 3 box set and Martins’ new book.

hear the book perhaps will be out 2015

how come you can buy on AUSTRALIA ITUNES already and not in NA?

Probably Obama. Thanks Obama!

I have just watched Season 1 and 2 and I will patiently wait for season 3 to come out. Anything this good is worth waiting for. Not pirating here :)

2014! No wonder Netflix is kicking HBO’s ass!

Says who?! That’s a personal statement not based on reality.

shut up joe

I bought the first two seasons and heard season 4 just started , and now I hear season 3 will not be available until February ! This is why I never feel bad about pirating. I would have gladly paid just like I did for breaking bad, Rome, The Sopranos, and Empire, among others. I will watch it, but I will not be waiting. HBO you lost.

Season 4 hasn’t started yet, what are you talking about?

You are an idiot. Go away.

Pirate now (or just use HBOGo) then buy the DVD/Blu-Rays later. It’s what most do. They come with some pretty cool extra features too.

Thanks for the interesting comment. HBO tried Monday nights not too long ago and it was sort of a disaster. I’d settle for HBO simply filling in the gaps on Sunday nights throughout the year. There used to be one from NOV-JAN but they’re filing that with Chris Lilley, Hello Ladies and Getting on. January the drama returns with Girls (probably) and True Detective and Treme. Those end as Game of Thrones picks back up w/ Veep, TB and The Newsroom in the summer and back to the boardwalk in Fall. LOTS of Sunday room in there though in between… Read more »

Just finished Season 2 of GoT, now on the The Walking Dead Season 3. In our house we don’t “whore” an entire season in one sitting and only watch 2 or 3 episodes a month of DVD TV Series we buy, that way we’re never “jonesing” for a entertainment fix.

Wow, what the hell? They are just begging me to pirate season 3. I would buy the entire season in HD, like I did for the first two seasons on ITunes, but fuck that, I am not going to wait 5 months to see this. Pirate-bay I go.

Fucking idiots and their shit marketing.

have you ever had to mass produce a product to nearly 50 different countries on a deadline just to keep ungrateful douche bags like your self happy? No? Didn’t think so. So shut up and deal with it like everyone else.

Yeah, other distributors with less money do it all the time. HBO is doing this so that people will buy it before the next season starts. Get a brain, smartass.

many other titles do it and normally put it out by august. the australians were able to get it on itunes i believe a few days to a week after each episode(making me want to move there) but if they were able to do that for other countries many would be happy. one reason why i think they do it is for some of the percentage that want to watch it will keep their hbo subscription till next season. to bad that most people do what i do and cancle it once the season is over and watch pirated version… Read more »

I can’t believe I have to wait for February 2014 for season 3 on blue ray!!! I don’t have HBO so this really sucks! Guess I will just have to read the books in the meantime. Very disappointed!

Have just started watching the series on DVD since I do not have HBO. I REALLY like the show, but my son said the books are even better. I have read a lot of the comments and have a couple questions please. On a rating scale of 1 to 5, how do you rate the books, then using the same scale how do you rate the show compared to the books? Thanks.

A stranger handed me the first book in a bookstore several years ago and I burned through the series like a crack addict on crack! Everyone who’s asked to try it borrowed a copy from me and were hooked as well. The first book starts off really slow. My advice to everyone is get to at least 100 pages and it starts to pick up. Book series is a 5 for 5 for me. Individual books range from 3.5-5 depending. Like the other commenter said there is one book which was basically cleanup of side stories. I didn’t care for… Read more »

most of the books i would give 4.5 out of 5 only one of them ( i cant remember exactly which one it was but anyone who has read all of them will know) let me down and focused on side characters too much.. so i would give that one a 3 out of 5. you absolutely cant compare the books to the tv series, there is no contest between imagination and cgi. Just my two cents. If you like the series read the books before you watch anymore.

I pre-payed when I ordered April 25, 2013 with expected release date June 2013. WTF now it is FEB 2014?

What a crock, Put it on amazon DD NOW!

Not in time for Christmas???? Oh no!

2014???? Ugh…. i seriously raging
I love this show, already own both blu ray seasons. Yes im going to buy them all. Ive re read the books like 9 times but i like the show more, every character is perfect except for well, lets not snow into that. <·<

I absolutely love this show and i don’t know how i will be able to wait till February!!

February 2014…why wait so late…what’s the point? it would of been a great Christmas gift if released not understand what’s behind this decision…

Season three was another huge disappointment and will be the second Game of Thrones season that I won’t be spending any money on. I’ve already paid my HBO subscription in order to be disappointed by Benioff & Weiss and their writers completely disrespectful treatment of an amazing series of books. They won’t be getting anything extra from me, and from many of the book fans who are as disappointed in HBOs interpretation.

I respect your opinion (because nothing can make everyone happy) but I believe Benioff & Weiss are doing a great job in the show from a writing stand point. I cant say that i’ve been reading the books before the show came out (mainly because I’m not a huge reading fan and cant find out the latest and greatest book series to save my own life) but after the first season i started reading the books and I’m actually quite satisfied with the results with the show because it has been a while since I find myself craving for more… Read more »

What a downer! For the record: There are a ton of book fans who love the show. It’s not as cool as the books (as a book-reader first). But it’s the best thing on TV.. maybe ever. :)

i loved it. some people are just crazzy thinking that the movie was going to be exsactly like the book.

No one thinks that the show should be exactly like the book, but there is such a thing as a bad interpretation.

You need to watch more television series and stop suckling the HBO tit. The breast milk is getting sour like Lysa’s.

Right? No show can ever Actually put in every single detail that is in a book, but this one came damn close. There are differences, but the author is completely involved in the production, he even wrote a few of the episodes! So, honestly… If it’s good enough for the author, and not good enough for you… Lol you need to reassess your standards. It’s a great set of books, and it’s a great television show.

Do you have future plans of naming your daughter khaleesi?

GRRM wrote one of the worst episodes this season, so that’s hardly a selling point for me. I’ll be keeping my money too. GOT is not and will never be the best written show on TV.

it is the best and will be the best. Dont buy the blue ray and dont watch the show anymore.

As if they’re going to stop making Game of thrones episodes because you’re not going to buy it on blu ray…i loved the books and loved the show, dont see why all these people get on their high horses …as if they could make a better show…tell me MJ Snow, Do you have any idea how hard it is to put everything in a book into a TV show?

Actually, Alex, I do. If you read my comment below: “I’m not talking in any way about what was left out … I
review television shows and I have full awareness that it’s necessary to
cut things from books to fit them into a series for TV. What I find
disappointing is the unnecessary changes and ADDITIONS that take away
screen time from important characters and events in the books.”

No, actually I don’t need to reassess my standards. If you want to have low standards, that’s your business. There are book fans who love the show, but there are many who are incredibly disappointed with the disrespect that the producers have shown the source material. HBO has some great shows, and Game of Thrones is a good one, however, there are many shows on HBO alone that are, and have been, better. Visually it’s great, but the writing leaves a lot to be desired and some of the acting as well. Having been a fan of the books since… Read more »
There have been occasions when I’m completely disappointed in the show, its additions, and omissions. There have also been moments where I feel that I should, for health reasons, leave the room before my heart explodes. I have studied film adaptations from as far back as the French New Wave to present day and it is such a tricky business, albeit a BIG business. There is no tried and true method, especially in the case of epics with the scope and mythos of some fantasy realms. There are several schools of thoughts: some say that the essence of a novel… Read more »
I can agree with you on most points, except for the blatant disrespect that Benioff and Weiss have shown for the source material: Benioff: “The Sopranos in Middle Earth.” and “When asked about sexposition in Game of Thrones during an interview with Empire, Neil Marshall, who directed the second-season episode “Blackwater”, recalled that an unnamed executive producer (either Benioff or Weiss) repeatedly urged him to add more full-frontal nudity during filming. The producer told him, according to the director, that “[e]veryone else in the series [represents the] drama side. I represent the perv[ert] side of the audience”, an experience that… Read more »
Wonderful response. I appreciate the engagement. GRRM didn’t have a dissimilar response when asked about the sexposition on NPR’s “Wait, Wait, Don’t Tell Me”. He actually said something to the effect of “it was present in the culture, so I wrote about it”. I can’t speak for or against the amount of nudity being disrespectful to the source material. I can say that it is provocative. Provocative sells. HBO has a traditional of adding in “more” simply b/c they can. Not sure if you’re as cynical as I am, but the dumbing down of material is something that is pervasive… Read more »
No you totally didn’t come off as snarky (you didn’t lol at me ;D) Your answers are always well thought out and I can totally see your side, but I just can’t feel it. There is a lot about the series that I do love, the costumes, the sets, many of the actors, it’s not all bad. I’m fine with nudity and with sex scenes, in fact I think that they can add a lot to drive the story. What I think dumbs it down, is when they are actively catering to perverts, but could care less about the actual… Read more »
Ok first off, this is my first time really responding to anything like this at all; so please take that in mind. I’d like a second to talk about your issues with Ros. Yes she was added in by the creators, but not for T&A purposes. I originally went to school for video game design, and then fell in love with film for a time as well. That said, I have a fairly robust knowledge of tools authors and creators can use to move a plot. Ros, for all her amazing ginger t&a goodness, was exactly that. A tool the… Read more »
Not ramblings, really, I see your point, but I don’t agree that Ros was a plot device. If that is what she was meant to be than it was a complete and utter failure on their part. She did absolute zero to drive the plot, in fact she got in the way of it and tripped it up. The only thing viewers actually got from her was T & A & the ability to cry mysogeny after her (long overdue) death. If we had never seen her after episode one, the storyline would have been far more clear and better… Read more »

I feel she was a plot device but a rather weak one, her main purpose I felt was to look hot and make you not realize exactly how much exposition is in this show lol

I appreciate the contrarian viewpoint but I’m in agreement with Jacob and the rest of the world, it’s the best thing on tv.

I purchased my HBO subscription specifically b/c of the release times. Season 2 had just concluded and there was no chance I could have waited for HBO/iTunes to release. Subscriptions (I like to dream) correlate specifically to production value of the series. I buy as an investment of what the future of the show can be. Hopefully other will as well. Imagine a show like The Walking Dead murdering all the competition in ratings and being forced to see budget cuts for Mad Men or Breaking Bad. This isn’t a comment on the quality of those shows, but a reality… Read more »

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