Game of Thrones Season 4 Casting Underway: Magnar, Mace…& the RED VIPER

By Cian Gaffney on May 28, 2013 to Game of Thrones

Red-ViperIn a recent report by Tower of the Hand, an esteemed fansite for A Song of Ice and Fire and Game of Thrones, it was confirmed by none other than George R.R. Martin himself that casting for season 4 of Game of Thrones has well and truly begun.

The confirmation came during a Q&A session at ConQuesT 44 in Kansas City. Notes on the content of this session have been recorded on Tower of the Hand, here. The report states that:

“Auditions are being held now for season 4 – including the Magnar, Mace Tyrell and OBERYN MARTELL!!”

For those Unsullied fans of the show who are as yet unaware of these characters, this is very good news, indeed. Styr, the Magnar of Thenn, is a wildling leader and ally of Mance Rayder. Mace Tyrell is the lord of Highgarden, son of Olenna and father to Loras and Margaery. And Oberyn Martell? Without giving too much away, Oberyn Martell is a Dornishman, known by most as the Red Viper of Dorne. He has been a fan favorite for many years, and is definitely a character to look out for.

All of this is certainly great news, and something to look out for and follow now that season 3 has almost reached its conclusion. Season 4 has been confirmed, of course, and will premiere next spring.  With that in mind, does anyone have any preferences for actors they would like to see in these roles? Sound off in the comments.

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Viggo Mortensen as the Red Viper


Not sure why but while I read these books the Red Viper appeared in my head as John Turturro. It would definitely be out of his usual acting roles but I think he’d fit the part.

Daniel Day Lewis, or someone of equal calibre, for the role of Oberyn. The higher up the Hollywood ladder the better, but only for this character, no other.

Certainly the actor finally playing Oberyn is up for big ride! I recently auditioned for that exciting role, and even though I know is virtually impossible that I get it, Ill be happy for the fellow who is chosen!

Naveen Andrews would be the best oberyn lost fans would shit the lid if they seen that but honestly he fits the charter more then any actor i know

Am I the only one having a panic attack about Ian Whyte coming back and ruining Gregor Clegane again? UGH! We need to rally together and get Conan Stevens back!

Yeah…no offense to Ian Whyte there, but Stevens had an air of menace that wasn’t just based on his size and really made the character work in the short time he was on Game of Thrones.

Don’t worry, so am I.

You are not the only one!!

Personally, I think James Purefoy would be a great Red Viper. He was outstanding as Mark Antony in Rome, and could give an equally memorable performance as Oberyn. He could even be a great Euron Greyjoy! Mads Mikkelsen seems to be ideal for Euron, though.

While I’m at it, let’s stick with Rome alumni. Indira Varma for Ellaria Sand or perhaps Arianne Martell, and Ray Stevenson for Victarion Greyjoy!

LOL I love the idea of taking the cast of Rome and adding them to GoT! Especially Ray Stevenson, please! Cian, you’re brilliant!

Haha, Polly Walker would be a perfect Genna Lannister, too…although her character will probably be unfortunately cut! Also, KEVIN MCKIDD FOR JON CONNINGTON. He is the only actor for that role!

I’d rather see McKidd as an Ironborn, I think he’d make a great Crow’s Eye…

Oh she would! And she probably will, yeah, which is too bad, I liked her character a lot. Oh but now you’ve got me thinking we need to find a way to cast some of the Deadwood characters too!

I’ve always thought Ian McShane would be an amazing Randyll Tarly. The formidable Al Swearengen of Westeros!

oooooooh, that would be fuckin awesome

Yes, please! I would actually be happy if Ian McShane appeared in everything I watch, very happy indeed!

Would absolutely love to see Mads Mikkelsen as Euron Greyjoy. He has a very icy yet charismatic presence to him. As for James Purefoy in the role of the Red Viper….yes! He’s played a multitude of characters over his career. I could totally see him in that role. Of course, my choice for one of those characters would be Tom Hardy, but that’s only because I love him and could see him playing something in the GoT series. Wishful thinking. Who is Indira Varma? Ray Stevenson – two thumbs up!

Indira Varma played Niobe, wife of Lucius Vorenus, in Rome. I have to say, as much as I admire Tom Hardy’s acting prowess, I’d rather keep big named actors away from the show as much as possible; the actors should never be bigger than the show. Ned Stark was different, as they had to get the show up off the ground, and Sean Bean was born for that role.

I’ll do it if you like. I can be trusted not to give spoilers to the press and stuff like that.

What? No call to cast Ellaria Sands? I would be all over that part!

“daughter of Olenna and father to Loras and Margaery”? did I read that right?

I’m pretty sure Mace isn’t Olenna’s daughter…

Thanks, it’s changed now!

Happy to help. Love HBOWatch!

lmao good catch.

Yea… He is. Loras and Margaery are her grand children. In one of her scenes this season she refers to him as a great buffoon or something of that sort saying she wanted to keep him out of the war. I think she was talking to Queen Cyrsei

That would make him Olenna’s son, not daughter.

BWAHAHAHA! I can’t believe I missed that! I suck at that internet today

It seems I do too!

Dominic West!!! He could not be Mance Ryder but he would be an excellent Red Viper:

McNulty! Given the habits of the producers, I doubt he’d be cast after so gracelessly turning down the role of Mance before, unfortunately.

Isn’t season 4 supposed to be the second part of book 3?

A Storm of Swords hasn’t literally been split in half, but yes, they are incorporating it into two seasons. However, it’s thought that elements of A Feast for Cows and A Dance with Dragons will seep into the last few episodes of season 4.

Since Red Wedding will be in this season and is in book 3, pt 2, no?

Keanu reeves

I don’t even

oh,have u seen any recent photos of him?

Seriously, I would like to audition for the part of Oberyn. I could be dornish.

I would like to Audition. Where do i sign up?

seriously, that drawing looks like me…

it would mean great if the audition was held nearby………huuhuhuh


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