Game of Thrones S3 Character Posters Released

By Charlie Harwood on Mar 1, 2013 to Game of Thrones

HBO released a set of 12 character posters for the upcoming third season of Game of Thrones today. The set contains mostly a mix of Starks and Lannisters, with a few others thrown in, but they’re all pretty awesome.  I can’t wait for March 31. Bring on Season Three!

I REALLY like these posters! I know plenty of fans are probably disappointed that there isn’t a great mix of characters, and surely a lot of your favorites didn’t make it in here. Regardless, the show’s two main families are covered very well and that suits me just fine. Drop us a line in the comments and let us know what you think. Also, there’s a an extended trailer airing this weekend with a minute of extra footage. So be sure to check that out.

Winter is Coming friends. Only a month away!!

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6 Comments on "Game of Thrones S3 Character Posters Released"

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They need the Dire Wolves!!!!

if you blur your vision a little bit, they all look like their faces are half avatar. anyways, this is awesome !! i cant wait for season 3

Jaime’s poster is my favourite, and I can’t wait to see his arc portrayed on screen this season!

Love Tyrion, the Hound and Jaime’s posters. As for Arya….she looks AWESOME. In a menacing sense!

Wow. They really butchered Sansa now that I look at it closer. Doesn’t looks like Sophie at all! haha.

I do however think The Hound, Jaime, and Arya are fantastic. Oh and Tyrion! Those are four are very well done.

Jaime looks evil. The Hound looks hardcore. Awesome.


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