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Game of Thrones DVD & Blu-Ray Release Dates

April 25th 2017

Here are the release dates for each of the available seasons of Game of Thrones on Blu-Ray and DVD.  We’ve also included links to the amazing soundtrack featuring music from Game of Thrones as well.  The epic new fantasy series from HBO is finally available on DVD and Blu-Ray to relive the magic any time on your home entertainment system. These sets make perfect gifts for those unfortunate friends and family members who don’t have HBO. Would you deny them Game of Thrones? Information on the box sets and links to reputable retailers are below. We’ll update this list as we know more.

Season Release Date Find & Buy
Game of Thrones Season 1 March 6th, 2012
Our Review)
Game of Thrones Season 2 Feb. 19th, 2013
Our Review)
Game of Thrones Season 3 Feb. 18th, 2014
Our Review)
Game of Thrones Season 4 February 15th 2015
(Our Review)
Game of Thrones Season 5 March 15, 2016
(Preview / Review)
Game of Thrones Season 6 November 15th, 2016
Game of Thrones Season 7 Air Date TBD 2107 Read the Books!
Game of Thrones
Soundtrack I
Available Now
(Our Review)
Game of Thrones
Soundtrack II
Available Now
(Our Review)
Game of Thrones
Soundtrack III
Available Now
(Our Review)


  • Jennifer Sweeney

    Middle of March 2016??? Yeah OKKKKKKK! More like pirating for free lol….I got on the GOT train 2 years after it first aired so I’ve never waited for a season until now. Funny part about this is the first time I watched it was through pirating. Now I’ll just return to that site and screw paying for the danged box-sets! There is no reason I can understand for this long of a wait. Aside from holding the DVD/bluerays until March so that HBO can make a shit ton of money in March! Silly corporate b.s I say. I’ll grab a box set from FYE used in a couple of years to add to my HBO series collection hahahahahaha. Did they pull this crap with True Blood? I do not remember waiting this long for that to be released. But I could be wrong!

  • jacob

    ffs the only way to get Game of Thrones legally over here in Australia is to pay the controlling cunt Rupert Murdoch $150 for Foxtel and it’s not even worth it as it takes forever for us to get the episodes compared to the US and Europe. Until they can work out a better way, i’m sticking to pirating. You Americans complaining about it coming to DVD late, be grateful you don’t live here in australia!

    • Ian

      I feel you mate, Foxtel should at least give us some condoms if they’re going to fuck us!

  • Mechaniche Konigin

    why is the release date so loooooooong!!!! ridiculous! im guessing two years b4 i can even pre order season 6 lol. so netflix it is! fuck you HBO

  • Patrick

    HBO need to wake up and realize that if they don’t release stuff quicker onto DVD and Blu Ray then people will get impatient and proceed to more illegal means of getting the episodes which would result in them losing more money. Their current release model makes zero sense!

  • DoubleD

    I don’t know who had the idea to wait till March 2016 but c’mon, it’s not even fair….
    I just want to enjoy as much as my ILLEGAL friends do… I really want to pay to watch it (Because it’s a super production, super interesting, etc.) but i just can’t wait that much. I thought the 5th season was going to be released this month or next… but 7 more months? Just unfair….

  • A.O

    Dear HBO,

    Why is it taking so long anyway? If you are planning to put in a lot of extras, then just release an early version with no extras, just the episodes. No one watches them anyway. I need that CD since there no other ways for me to watch GOT in Germany. I’VE been avoiding spoilers online for too long. I’M SICK OF WAITING AND SO ARE MILLIONS OF OTHER PEOPLE. We are all choosing to pay for it rather than watch it online for free. Releasing that DVD is the very least you could do.
    Thank you.

    • Jess

      I bought the entire series 5 on iTunes.

    • Bratista


  • :(

    how long does it take to make a fucking dvd why is season 5 not released till next year

  • Kennedy Life Live

    As of now it is only 7 months away till February 2016 which is what they mean by winter 2016 so that isn’t that bad of a wait time.

  • sandbag747

    I would like to point out winter 2016 likely means mid february like all of the other seasons barred the first

  • Fred

    Fuck it I’ll just boot leg season 5 seeing as this fucked up company is so greedy anyway. We should all do it then they won’t make any money the worthless fuckwads

    • Ben the Cable Guy

      Then there would be no more Game of Thrones, DUH!

      • Ben the Cable Guy

        I’m usually the last person to condemn piracy but the amount of ignorance in one comment is too much for me to handle…

  • Ian

    WTF just release the damn season 5 whats the big fucking deal

  • Paulette Casey

    They don’t have game of thrones on Netflix. Only on Amazon.

  • RidiculousReallyWithdrawing

    I know!!!!! Winter 2016 for series 5 !!!! They have got to be kidding!!! Are you sure it isn’t a typo!!! Surely it must be released in Winter 2015 at the latest!!! It really sucks, I have been avoiding anything related to it so as not to spoil the plot!!! Another 18 months of ducking and diving !!!

    • T

      It’s seven months . . .

      • Jake

        No it’s not seven months is winter 2015

        • Rudy

          Winter 2016 Means likely means February 2016, like all previous seasons except the first.

    • aspicdandy

      Agreed. I’m so sick of avoiding spoilers – and I’ve already found out two major plot twists just by accidentally seeing headlines in weblinks Aargh can I really wait till the release date – it must be a fiendish money-spinning ploy. Get them hooked then let them sweat. Does Ramsey Snow work for HBO?

  • Someonereadingthis

    I want to know why the DVD for season 5 is almost twice the price as it was to preorder season 4. If HBO is going to play the game where they charge 5-8 dollars PER EPISODE for their DVD’s the very least they can do is release it right after the season has finished showing on TV. HBO’s greed and price gouging is just getting ridiculous at this point. This is why I hate giving any of my money to them.

  • Daenerys

    DVD season 5 winter 2016?! Not 2015… That’s more than a year… Maybe a tip: release it just before Christmas, see how many people buy it then as a present ;)
    And then they wonder why people watch it online…

    • Justin

      I do believe by winter 2016 they mean February 2016, which is the same month as the other seasons

      • Bfhhgf

        No the release date it dec 26 2016 not feb

  • Scott

    The problem with cable so much, especially Comcast/Xfinity, they have so much clout, they blocked the ala carte option the FCC was leaning towards a few years back. You could pay for the channels you want, instead of paying $80/month for channels like the Golf channel, horse racing channel, the food network, the gameshow channel. BS channels you would never watch (really, why do I need some 150 channels if I can only watch 1 at a time)? Funny thing was, the blew their wad on that argument, then got into a fight with the NFL Network, and then they wanted you to [pay $2 more a month for that channel alone (as in, an ala carte option). So to get HBO, you almost have to pay a minimum of $100/mo in my area. Which is crap, especially with so many rotten channels I never watch. I gave up my cable in November 2014, and find I don’t miss it that much. I can go online and stream or go to my local library and take out a whole season of some series for free for up to a month. Then I have a local dvd rental place (very nice one, because it is locally owned indie with obscure movies places like Blockbuster never carried) and you can rent a whole season for a week for $1.99. The DVD release date is a headscratcher though.

  • Nicholas Dupont

    people by the box sets so that they can watch them and then at a later date re watch them.

  • Khaleesi

    I think that they would get a hell of alot of buys from releasing it by Christmas… too bad

  • Bob

    Fuckers, fuckers, fuckers, just ruined Xmas

  • matty

    I think it should be released for Christmas its a good thing as a present.

  • Daenerys

    I just think it would be smarter if they released it for Christmas… And now people have more reason to watch it ‘illegal’ on the internet..

  • vchorseguy

    WTF? I’m in marketing and it makes no sense that Game of Thrones is available in E.U. just weeks after the season ends but is not even available for Christmas here in the U.S. What kind of retarded cock roach made this decision and why? This is the kind of corporate decision that makes people buy pirated materials.

  • GoTLuvr… cheaper to rent than to buy a box set… Just saying.

  • No Cable

    It is ridiculous that UK can get it on amazon and US can’t. It is also ridiculous that the only way to get HBO Go is through a subscription through a cable company. I don’t want cable. I would pay a monthly fee for HBO Go.

    • nymeria

      Me 2

    • Apesthereya go

      Roku U can subscribe to HBO without having to buy cable

    • Ben the Cable Guy

      Get the UK version and play it on your computer, you may have to put up with the annoying PAL pitch increase though.

  • Laura Kay Perrine Freeman

    I would not mind paying for just HBO, I resent needing to have basic cable, which is absolute crap, to get HBO

  • Rob Peterson

    I definitely agree with everyone on the long wait for the release date… Waiting until 2015 is a bit much… As for the paying for HBO subscriptions…without a customer base they wouldn’t exist. I happen to like a lot of what HBO comes out with. I grew up on HBO and still recall when it was a part of basic cable still lol… They should release it at the latest after thanksgiving so that there is time to distribute it around the world and have it available by Christmas.

  • justine

    Dear HBO,

    I live in Australia. Australian internet isn’t that good, there is no cable available where I live, so internet streaming is patchy and files often get interrupted/buffer slowly.

    I encourage you to rethink the delayed DVD release date.


  • max

    better wacth on my PlayStation 4 is great

  • Anon Person

    And this is why I loathe HBO and would never, ever pay to subscribe. Season 4 ended two days ago. There is no reason at all for them to hold up the DVD release date in the US until 2015. Especially when you consider if you lived in the UK you could get all episodes of season 4 on Amazon live stream two days after season 4 ended. HBO is the worst channel out there when it comes to customer service.

    • DravenInc

      I know where you are coming from, I would LIKE it out much sooner myself…but HBO is not the only company that does this. EVERY TV SERIES does not get released on DVD/Blu Ray until very close to the beginning of the next season. In the case of GoT, it simply seems worse because the seasons are so short, with such a long wait in between them.

      • kaludah

        Not quite true. Dowton Abbey is always available as soon as it finishes on tv, in time for Christmas. Very good strategy.

    • james crosley

      so true i missed the first three episones of season 4 so i didnt watch the rest of them now i find out i have to wait 8 more months to watch my favorite show on tv :-(

    • If you paid to subscribe you wouldn’t be in this mess.
      Not sure I follow this logic.

      • Common Sense

        It seems you have no logic. Paying for HBO is stupid. Everything is on the internet for free. Can you follow that logic? Oh wait if everyone did that, you wouldnt have your job as HBOWatch Author. They will let anyone work for them, as long as they can NOT follow logic.

        • If no one paid for HBO, there wouldn’t be any HBO shows. If you don’t understand this logic, we can’t help you here.

          • Common Sense

            No, they would just have commercials.
            No one pays for local channels.
            If no one paid for HBO, you would not get paid.
            Do you understand that logic?

          • No, I don’t understand that logic, as I don’t get paid, nor does anyone else on this site.

          • Common Sense

            An author that doesnt get paid is someone that no one cares what they have to say. you do not get my logic? What part is over your head? The part about HBO can have commercials and have the products pay for services and not the consumer? Or the logic that only an idiot will pay for something they can get for free?

          • Steven Houston

            What does any of this have to do with release dates of the dvd, I do not pay for HBO because there is not enough on there that I’m interested in. But for the few shows I do like I buy the season when it is released. HBO still gets my money so I am a paying customer. What exactly is the reasoning for such a long wait.

          • It doesn’t have anything to do with it, I was simply addressing the person above who can’t seem to understand that a high-budget television show can’t be made without said budget.

            To address your comment; yes, there is always a ridiculously long wait for HBO boxsets, and I don’t think anyone is disputing that. The content included is always substantial and rewarding, though.

        • Big dick

          Your a Kent and have no money

    • Anon Person

      I don’t have cable and they only way to get HBO is to pay $61.00 a month for the cheapest cable first then pay $13.00 or so on top of that for HBO. It’s ridiculous that HBO doesn’t make it’s channel available on ROKU at least. Again – they are the worst channel out there when it comes to customer service. Ironic when you consider they are also the most expensive.

      • Barry

        All you need is the internet to get “HBO now”. I see it on apple tv and I think its in Itunes. $15

    • SilverShadow

      Indeed, what’s especially dumb is they release the DVD’s after the Christmas holiday season. HBO is missing out on Christmas sales of their DVD’s with such a late release date. What would make a better gift for a GOT fan then a DVD of the latest season?

      I often ask for DVD’s of all the movies I want to see for Christmas gifts, and enjoy watching them during a week long end of year vacation from work. I was going to ask for the GOT season DVD’s for Christmas gifts last year, until I realized the latest season still wasn’t out on DVD. Then I decided, screw it, I’ll wait until the TV series is finished and all the seasons are out on DVD’s. Then I’ll get the DVD’s for all the seasons and watch them at my own pace. That way I’m not impatiently waiting to buy the next season on DVD months after it aired on TV, because why watch it if I haven’t seen any of the previous seasons either?

  • super depressed

    I had all of season 4 recorded, then my recorder decided to ruin my life and delete everything. I can’t wait for season 4 on DVD. Why can’t it be out NOW!!!

  • Elizabeth Jeffries-Stacy

    omg please dont make me wait for season 5. i need to see it now. how can i ?

    • Happy Fathers Day, Tywin!

      Read A Feast For Crows and A Dance With Dragons, first half of both books will be season five and end of season four.

  • abalian

    Starting Season 4 tomorrow, got all 9 eps on the DVR. Hope I can catch up till Sunday’s season finale!!! But if the BDs/DVDs came out a little earler, I’d be able to watch in REAL HD and delicious DTS-HD. Why not HBO, why the f*ck not? :(

  • Dylan

    Why are the Old Gods and the New making us wait for a whole year for Season 4? :'(

  • Sarah Burkett

    I don’t think I can wait a year for season 4 and season 5 will you please send me season 4 and season 5 on a DVD and send it to me in the mail on monday

  • Sarah Burkett

    Is Tyrion going to be king in the last movie or in the fourth season

    • Jesse

      He isn’t even king in the most recent book :p

  • Ivana Barbaric

    Omg I don’t think I can wait a year for season 4 …stupid HBO channel! :(

    • Roman

      Why can’t you just download it?

      • Ivana Barbaric

        I’m actually streaming season 4 so its all good …with downloading u never know what extra things you get …virus…etc..

      • Daniel Nagle


  • Myra Freeman

    Doesn’t work on Xbox 1 blue ray. Should be recalled. Consumer alert.

    • joe

      get a player update

      • Myra Freeman

        Still does not work. No store should be selling this item without saying it does not work on xbox one.

        • Jake Allan

          I have season 1,2 and 3 on blu-ray and I have only watched them on my xbox one. No problem for me.

        • Aaron

          Its your system… my xbox 1 plays it just fine.

    • Sean

      Works fine on my xbox one, must be just your machine or something cause i watch blu rays all the time and ive watch seasons 1-3 on my one with no prob

    • Ace

      That’s why i’ll never buy a xbox 1

  • p1ssedoff

    HBO missed a trick not releasing season 3 before Christmas – idiots!!!

    • ken

      oh I think they’ll be okay

    • Oldschool1987

      They release it just before a new season airs while interest is at its highest. Common sense – idiot!!

  • Katelyn

    Well that’s it then. Season 3 won’t be available until February 2014.

  • rachbrarian


  • Gary

    I meant to say season 3 on my previous post, sorry about that :P

  • Gary

    Wish I didn’t have to wait another year for season 2 dvd. I recently lost Sky so I still see all the channels (like sky Atlantic) but can’t watch them and it’s so horrible seeing that game of thrones season 3 is on but I’m going to have to wait until 2014 :'(

  • Danny g

    When can I buy season 2 and 3

    • Season 3 isn’t even on TV yet. Season 2 is available now on Amazon and.. well everywhere!

      • Eloise

        Season 3 is on pay tv…

    • Carol J. Jackson

      Season 3 will probably be out Spring 2014, as the others were released just before the next season aired.
      Just have it on Preorder and you won’t miss out.

  • wendi

    waitig on season 3 to come out on dvd. hope before Christmas

  • Tim

    why can’t season 2 come out near christmas, will make the best present!

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