Game of Thrones Funko Toys: Round THREE!

By Jacob Klein on Nov 27, 2013 to Game of Thrones

It’s that time of year again!  For the past three seasons of Game of Thrones Funko has released a set of adorable dolls for fans to dode over.  We’ve been lucky enough to be able to review both the first and the second sets and we’re hoping to get our hands on the third as well.  Almost all of the main characters have been portrayed thus far but a few fan favorites have been omitted and are showing up again this time.  Here they are in all their glory:

funko-series3 Game-of-Thrones-Hodor-Funko-POP-Vinyl-Figure-e1384878926909



These figures will be released early next year.  February 2014 is the word on the street.  You can order them online via Amazon at the moment.  Here’s Ygritte, Hodor, Tywin, Brienne, Ghost and the lovable Joffrey.  And you can always order the older ones as well!  Read our reviews linked to above for more info on those.  I’ve received and given these as stocking stuffers over the years and they’re ALWAYS a hit.  Not bad for 10 bucks.

  • I want to make the small council! I really want Petyr, Varys and Pycelle! I’ve got Sandor, Renly and Cersei, so far. I’m afraid I’m going to have to buy Tywin now. And WHERE is RAMSAY? Come on Funko!

  • SerTahu

    I just have the Walker one. He stares at me as I sleep, it’s terrifying…

  • It’s a pity there’s no snap-on Bran accessory for Hodor. I might stock up on these after Christmas, I only have Robb so far!

    • Eleonora Iafano

      Drumroll please! Here’s who I have so far: Tyrion, Arya, Jon, Sandor, White Walker, Daeneyrs, Ned and Robb. I think I love these more than shoes. :) (they’re way more affordable, that is the ‘reason’ I keep telling my husband.

  • Eleonora Iafano

    I heard about this on FB last night and FREAKED RIGHT OUT. Promptly told my husband that I wanted all of them. Well, maybe not so much Joffrey but yes to everyone else! :) So stoked for February 2014!!!!

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