Game of Thrones: Deleted Scenes Fuel Fandom Frustration

By MJ Snow on Feb 21, 2013 to Game of Thrones

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The recent reveal of the four deleted scenes which were among the “Dragon Eggs” hidden within the Game of Thrones Season 2 Blu-ray box set has sparked controversy within the fandom. The general outcry is one of frustration, as diehard fans of George R.R. Martin’s series of novels wonder why these scenes featuring characters from the books were left out, only to be replaced by scenes original to the HBO series, or featuring characters who had minor, or nonexistent [read: the vile and ubiquitous Ros], roles in the novels. Another faction of the fandom, however, finds the deleted scenes to be poorly written and badly acted, giving them yet more fodder to support their argument that the HBO series is the end all of disappointments.

Note: Big THANKS to our own Cian Gaffney for uploading these scenes onto YouTube!

Irri and Doreah

The Dragon Egg that no one cares about, this one is so bad that it almost seems a bit insulting that HBO thought  fans of the show would feel it was worth searching for. Fan reactions over multiple forums agree that it should have been a deleted scene. Both the writing and Roxanne McKee’s performance as Doreah were, in fact, painful to watch. It’s a shame that time and money was spent filming that scene, drawing resources away from scenes that would advance the plot and contribute to character development.

Loras and Margaery

A great disservice was done to Finn Jones by cutting this scene from the series. Well acted, well thought out, and lending depth to the character of Loras Tyrell, it’s truly sad to see this one ended up as only a Dragon Egg. Fans emotions range from broken hearted to downright angry upon viewing this scene. Although I strongly disagree with the casting of Natalie Dormer as Margaery Tyrell, this scene would have served to help viewers understand Margaery’s drive and her commitment to her endgame far more clearly, had it been included in Season 2.

Varys and Littlefinger

Absolutely, positively brilliant, this is the Dragon Egg that’s worth the hunt! Who can get enough of the banter between Lord Petyr and Lord Varys? Conleth Hill and Aidan Gillen are pure magic, embodying their characters so perfectly that we are left in complete awe of their genius. So why did this scene end up on the cutting room floor? Who’s to say? Perhaps an earth shattering “Ros the Whore” scene took it’s place. I’ve not yet found anyone who disagrees on this one; this scene should have made it into the final cut.

Sandor and Sansa … and Tyrion?

This is the big one. The Dragon Egg that launched a thousand tumblr posts, “San/San” fans are in a frenzy, blogging about their “feels.” Here is where the controversy is strongest, however, as long time book purists, HBO fans, and those who read the books for the first time only after watching on HBO, collide. The effect is reminiscent of the Ghosbusters crossing their proton pack streams… heated and dangerous.

My own feelings concerning Sandor and Sansa are strong, and extremely book driven. Therefore, I feel that it was a good decision to leave this out of Season 2. HBO has already wreaked havoc with the Sandor/Sansa storyline to the point that the addition of this scene would have pushed their relationship even further into the abyss. While Rory McCann played his part well, Sophie Turner was, once again, a disappointment. She switched, just for a moment , to her second facial expression, bitchy, but for the most part, spent the scene gaping like a dying fish. That’s just poor acting, in my book. The other thing it was impossible to ignore was the fact that she is nearly as tall as Rory McCann. At 6’6”, Sandor should tower over Sansa. If the girl cast as Sansa is nearly his height, they should have done something to make her seem smaller. As it was, the effect of Sandor being a huge brute was incredibly weak, as it has been in all of their scenes together. I, for one am relieved to see an end to HBO’s version of “San/San.”

To top this one off, while Peter Dinklage is incredibly talented, I can think of no reason that the addition of Tyrion would be necessary to this scene. We love us a little Imp, but really HBO? Changes I can understand, if they are necessary to drive the plot forward, however, I’ve about lost my patience with changes that make no sense and serve no purpose.

Third Time’s a Charm?

So HBO, upon release of the Season 2 Blu-ray,  I find myself one of many frustrated Game of Thrones fans. I have to say, as a book purist, I’m in agreement with the majority of the fans who are throwing up their hands and wondering what HBO was thinking. My reasons are mixed, but overall, I would not waste my time searching the box set for Dragon Eggs next season. To be perfectly honest, if Season3 doesn’t turn out to be a giant step up from what we’ve seen this past season, I can’t see myself bothering to purchase the box set at all.

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MJ Snow is a Canine and avian behavior specialist by day; a role player, blogger and writer by night.  A long time George RR Martin fangirl and Game of Thrones Addict, MJ spends way too much time in Westeros. MJ is the founder of  The Snow Keep, a short story and fan-ficiton blog and The Brothers Clegane, a Sandor & Gregor Clegane tribute blog, she also co-curates several other Game of Thrones themed blogs.

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Are these people serious?? specifically over the deleted scene of erie being killed? where they wrote: “The Dragon Egg that no one cares about, this one is so bad that it almost seems a bit insulting that HBO thought fans of the show would feel it was worth searching for. Fan reactions over multiple forums agree that it should have been a deleted scene. Both the writing and Roxanne McKee’s performance as Doreah were, in fact, painful to watch” HMM… If it is SSSOOOO “PAINFUL” for you to watch then wouldn’t you be pleased it was deleted?? and give me… Read more »

there is no way to include everything from the books in the show. sometimes changes need to be made. i feel this is still one of the best, if not the best, shows on tv right now. so bitching about it is pointless.

Hell Yeah I completely agree

I find Ms. Turner’s acting a little flat in parts. I have no objection to Mr. McCann’s portrayal. I don’t care who blogs what or what sites they run. I love GoT and have for years before there was a whisper of of turning it into a series. Tonight while scrolling through the comments I saw a lot of cattiness & some ignorance and more than a little jealous driven drivel. I could do less with a lot of characters especially Ros. Whether I agree or not with the article it was still well written.

Fan of GoT AND the Author !

Seriously ?! I’m reading some vitriol directed at the writer of this piece, everyone is entitled to their opinion but that does Not give you the right to yell at someone who telling the truth. Really, grow up & get a life, oh wait, you don’t have one instead you would rather spew negativity, Go suck a strap, jock that is :P

I do have to say, that saying you’re a “Game Of Thrones” fan, and yet doing nothing, in this post, but bashing the series doesn’t make any sense to me. Yes, we all have likes, and dislikes of the show, considering it’s relevance to the books, but I don’t certainly see a reason for such comments like calling Ros a vile character? Yes, blogs are supposed to be opinionated, but it surprises me that someone who seems to have a love for the series, would have something negative to say. The scene between the girls from Daenerys’s Khalasar is an… Read more »
I don’t see any of this as bashing at all. I love the series and I love GRRM’s work. I first read A Game of Thrones in 1997 and I’ve been addicted to the book series ever since, reading and re-reading, analyzing and over-analyzing. It’s therefore, in my opinion, not unreasonable to have concerns and criticisms of the way that HBO handles the changes they’re making to the show. I just want to be very clear that I’m not bashing the show, however, I’m disappointed with certain elements of the show and I don’t think it makes me a “bad… Read more »

Did you not see or read any of the negative comments over the recent Hobbit movie versus the books? And there’s plenty of negative criticism over LOTR and HP too.

Also, you needed an explanation to having a dead Dothraki whore on screen? I think a DEAD BODY was enough explanation to the betrayal that occurred. Majority of people don’t need that many baby steps to figure it out.

Oh good gods. Yes, Sophie Turner is pretty. Duly noted. Yes, Natalie Dormer was in the Tudors. Who cares? If you can’t act, you can’t act. It’s that simple. Everyone is entitled to their opinions. If you don’t like it, take your ball and go home.

Sounds like someone’s got issues w/ the women on this show. All the men are fantastic but you presume to know better than the people even GRRM approves of to play his women? What were you expecting? I’m guessing you’re not used to actors who use subtlety & depth. This isn’t Shakespeare, there’s not going to be a Greek Chorus making it easy for you. I get it, you’re playing the part of the disappointed book purist. Well, then you should recall that Sansa was quite tall as well. a 5’9″ actress in heels standing next to a 6’6″ actor… Read more »
That’s not the case, if you read the comments, the author mentioned several female characters she feels are played extremely well on the show. I also know of her on twitter and have seen her praise Michelle Fairley, Lena Heady, and Gwendoline Christie on there. You should probably check before you make comments that are so blatantly false. Sophie is a weak actress, and as a commenter below said, he can’t exactly criticize them can he? That would be unprofessional of him. That leaves it up to the fans to voice their opinions, which we all have and should be… Read more »

Let’s be honest, what’s GRRM going to do at this point? Say ‘that kid you cast can’t act. recast the role.’ He is making money and his books are selling. Complaining at this point would be counterproductive.

ST can’t act her way out of a paper bag. Sansa is a complex character and she is simply not doing the character justice with her wooden performances.

I think Sophie Turner is an excellent actress – the girl knows how to act with her eyes. D&D don’t really know how to write for women, especially the more ‘traditional’ women, and we’ve seen both Sansa and Catelyn’s character developments suffer for it. We also don’t get the benefit of the internal monologue – of /course/ she’s terrified and without the plotline with Ser Dontos, she continues to have no plan in getting out of a terrible situation. In contrast, I hate the way they’ve woobified Sandor Clegane. Rory’s fantastic, but this conversion from drunk and belligerent to quietly… Read more »
David and Dan – you better step it up with Sandor. We don’t want to hear anything about “it’s an adaptation”. You guys chose this series because you were deeply affected by it. well i don’t know exactly WHAT you were deeply affected by, but you missed one of the best story lines in this epic. The Fractured Fairy Tale of two promising young souls who had their hopes and dreams ripped away early by life and monsters. This is one of the deepest, most complex psychological tales in the books. Don’t dumb it down, or do away with it.… Read more »
Wow, there’s a lot of ugly in this thread. Can people discuss the show without resorting to personal attacks and mudslinging? Jeesh. As where it concerns the subject matter posted above, I personally think Sophie is a fine actress and I think she did well in the above video with what she was given. She’s had the short end of the stick in terms of dialogue quality, -some of the lines have just made zero sense,- and her character has been hampered by some harmful minimization. If only they gave her more. Additionally may I say I hate the expression… Read more »

Oh she is WAY too tall! Sansa maybe wasn’t short, but the Hound should make everyone look small. I hate that they cast her as an Amazon. That bugs me every time I see her stand next to ANYONE. And she can’t act. Honestly, I’m shocked that people actually like her in the role. She spoils Sansa for me, completely. And Sansa was my favorite character when reading the books, so that was a big letdown.

You’re right that Sophie’s had the short end of the stick, dialogue-wise. I *really* agree with you there! And book Sansa isn’t short, but not almost of a height with Sandor. I can’t get behind the image of them being almost equal, but I know it won’t bother many others the way it does me.

Also, you hit the nail on the head here: “Additionally may I say I hate the expression “I don’t know what show
people must be watching,” as if there can’t be any disagreement in
opinion. Preferences are subjective after all.”

Well,… Sophie’s listed as 5’9″ and Rory is 6’6″…That’s not “equal” in my book. ;)

You couldn’t be more wrong about Sophie. I’m sure she’d care about your completely off the mark comments about her but she’s too busy counting her money and being more successful than you at sixteen years old.

Game of Throne fans have to be the biggest bunch of whiners in all of fandom. All you ever see is bitching and moaning about every aspect of the show and/or books. Do you people even like these things or is this some form of masochism?

Yes, yes, yes and yes.

People seem to be really passionate here! I happen to really enjoy Sophie Turner as Sansa, but if the author of this article doesn’t then that’s fine by me. It doesn’t impact my opinion on Ms. Turner at all. She’s a very fine young actress.

Wow people need to chill. This is a great piece, accurate in the review of each scene. I’ve been really disappointed in Sophie as Sansa. I love most of the other women on the show, so I’m not a woman hater, just don’t feel like she’s the right fit for the role. Well thought out, well written article overall and it’s nice to see a writer who’s not afraid to voice an opinion that is not necessarily popular, but valid and expresses the thoughts of many of us long time ASOIAF fans.

I keep seeing people saying how “many” fans feel this way, but all I ever see is love for Sophie. And I frequent many corners of the fandom, and I can count on my hand the number of times I have seen any Sophie hate. And I’m glad of that because to me she’s great in the role, and also physically fits the character really well – which is why I don’t understand that bit about her being too tall when canonically the character is tall for her age. It’s nitpicking just to nitpick because it’s not like the author… Read more »

I too, frequent many corners of the fandom and have definitely heard plenty of people unhappy with Sophie in the role of Sansa. Apparently you’re not talking to absolutely everyone, Jackson.

Not absolutely everyone, but certainly the best kinds of everyone. :)

The fact that you have to point out that you’re not a woman hater makes me think otherwise.

Except that I’m a lesbian and a feminist, honey, so you thought wrong. ;)

There is such a thing as internalized misogyny, just so you know.

Wow you really are just being silly. Catelyn, Osha, “Yara”, Arya, Cersei, and several others are really excellent on the series. I’m not impressed with Sansa, that doesn’t make me anything but someone with an opinion. You’re entitled to yours. Relax, already.


Don’t pay attention to this writer concerning Sophie’s performance in this scene. She’s pretty notorious on tumblr for being a Clegane fan (and a Rory McCann fangirl) so of course she would think his performance was great while Sophie’s was terrible. Like someone already commented, it’s a good thing major critics and everyone who has worked with her, including Peter Dinklage and Finn Jones recently, have nothing but lovely things to say about her and her talent.

Don’t pay attention to this commentator because she’s being a troll. I don’t see what it has to do with an opinion on whether she blogs what character, I may remind you she is the creator of a Sansa page too you, self absorbed , knuckle draggin’ knothead !

Wow, some jealousy of the tumblr famous, me thinks. The author’s blogs are quality and extremely professionally done. MJ has been well known and respected in the fandom for many years, before the show aired on HBO as a very knowledgeable Sansa fan. And if I’m not mistaken, she is a Conan Stevens fangirl, not so much a Rory one. You should probably check your facts. I’m in full agreement on the Sophie front, her acting is really weak. I’d recommend others not pay attention to “Commenter”.

As a Sandor fan I follow her tumblr and I wouldn’t necessarily call her “tumblr famous, ” but I do like her blog. That said, it’s not a surprise that she would have no problem with Rory’s performance, which I actually found to be the issue in that scene if anything, since she is a big fan of his. It really is all over the blog. The bias is pretty obvious.

Well, Sophie is all over her Sansa/Petyr blog, and yet she doesn’t care for Sophie. She’s blogging for her followers, not necessarily for herself. Which, TBPH, is why her blogs have such a following. I’d like to know of a Clegane fan who doesn’t know her blog. I’ve never yet met anyone who didn’t know of this girl in the fandom or the RP fandom. MJ has been active in the ASOIAF fandom before most of the commenters on this article had ever heard of Game of Thrones. I don’t really actually like her or her RP partner, as they… Read more »

I’m not commenting on her knowledge as an ASOIAF fan. I know she is very knowledgable. I still see a bias there, as I noted in another comment about how she takes issue with Sophie’s height (her being too tall for the role) and not with Rory’s, as if it’s something we should fault Sophie for. That’s just ridiculous to me.

I’m not a San/San fangirl, (or a girl at all) but I can see MJ’s point about the height thing. It seems like she should be made to look small next to the Hound who is supposed to be so massive and intimidating. It’s a matter of opinion, though. I can also see how some people wouldn’t care if she’s too tall. I’m assuming she didn’t comment on Rory’s height, as he’s close the the height of the Hound in the books. It would be a lot easier to cast a shorter girl than find a guy taller than Rory.… Read more »

Sophie Turner is 5’9, Rory McCann himself has stated his co-stars are sometimes on a box or he is in a trench in close up scenes, She’s no where near the height they act like she is.

She was 13 when she was cast and not as tall as she is now. I’m sure their criteria for casting wasn’t “let’s find a girl who will look really small next to whoever we cast as the hound- that’s the most important thing!” because if size is all you need to convey fear and intimidation then what’s the writing for? Why bother with anything else? It’s such a poor complaint. And then to say “the effect of Sandor being a huge brute was incredibly weak, as it has been in all of their scenes together” when the person whose… Read more »
The one who seems to be biased here is you, Jackson. In your opinion, Sophie can do no wrong, apparently. I’m in agreement with Matt here, and the writer. Sophie is a very poor actress, indeed. I’m not seeing all the emotions you mentioned. She might do well enough for the Disney channel with that skill set, but I expect a lot more from HBO. The imagery looks very odd to me, to see Sansa as so tall in comparison to Sandor. I find it a very valid complaint, and I’m a 40 year old married man, not a Rory… Read more »
Then as a 40 year old man I would expect you to recognize that unfairly criticizing a 17 year old girl on her height is ridiculous. Sophie Turner is 5’9 compared to Rory McCann’s 6’6 frame. That is a 9 inch difference in height. If the show decides to put her in heels, then that’s the show’s fault. That’s not Sophie. I just feel like a lot of the criticism I’m seeing is being placed solely on her as if she makes these decisions when she doesn’t. She’s just a cog in the vast machine that is Game of Thrones.… Read more »

It may be ridiculous to you, but very important to another fan of the books/show. You are so focused on the fact that it’s not a valid criticism, but if it bothers another fan, that’s their right, just as it’s your right to champion Sophie. I, personally, don’t think she’s a good actress and I think she’s wrong for Sansa, height wise as well. You can tell me that’s stupid all day, but it will still be important to me. Obviously, I’m not the only person who find it distracting and frustrating.

LMAO “Commenter,” I know of this author on tumblr as well & she also co-runs a San/San heavy blog in addition to the Clegane blog. I also agree with her (and no, I don’t know her personally) about Sophie’s “talent,” or lack thereof. Of course people who work with her will say nice things. I’m sure you’ve said nice things about people you work with because you like them, even though they could do better at their actual jobs. You obviously have a personal dislike for this author and a bias toward Sophie. I’m a Clegane fan, a Sansa fan… Read more »
Different “Commenter,” but a Sansa and Sophie fan all the same. And I would just like to say that all the critics who love and laud her portrayal of Sansa do not work with her. In fact, it is their job to critique her performance, yet they seem to have great things to say about her. So it’s not just the cast who thinks she does a great job, but fans and critics alike. You are free to dislike her portrayal, but know that the majority of people whose job it is to write about the show think she’s doing… Read more »

Jack, as someone who is a former victim of abuse, you’re way off track in thinking this is a well portrayed version of an abused girl. You’re obviously not in a position to make such a comment. And also, true fans of movies or television shows often don’t agree with the people who review them. It is also this author’s job to review this show and she has a valid opinion. You may not agree, but there are many of us out there who STRONGLY agree.

Respectfully, you do not know my life so please don’t assume that I have no place making comments on abuse victims and survivors. And as far as I’m concerned, this author’s stance on Natalie Dormer simply because she just doesn’t like her face doesn’t strike me as a “valid opinion.” And like I said, anyone is free to dislike Sophie’s portrayal, but know that people who write for Time, Rolling Stone, The Guardian, etc. agree that she is doing a great job and has a lot of talent to offer.

If you showed any understanding of the subject at all, then I’d refrain from saying that, but I’m sorry, I strongly disagree with your misguided opinion of an accurate portrayal of an abuse victim. I have read reviews of Sophie Turner’s acting, both good and bad, but as Sansa, she is terrible. You can list all the blogs and magazines you like, true fans of Sansa will not agree with you.

I am not sure what you mean by “true fans” as if liking the portrayal makes me a “fake fan.” I will concede that I have several issues with the direction the show has taken Sansa, but that has everything to do with the writing and nothing to do with Sophie, who I think has done very well with the material she’s been given to work with.

i love how you think finn jones’s acting is something to be lauded, yet trash sophie turner and natalie dormer. wow.

She is right to think that, Michael. Finn Jones was incredible in that scene. As were Aidan Gillen and Conleth Hill in theirs. Sophie Turner is a low grade “actress” and natalie Dormer’s acting consists of making “duck face” more often than not. Are you actually watching the show? This writer is providing an accurate portrayal of the deleted scenes and a valid opinion on the actors and actresses. People here seem to be concentrating on one negative point and that seems to negate the rest of the article for you all? Wow.

except it’s not legitimate. she’s saying she has a “bitchy” expression, which is actually her steeling herself wonderfully. and of course the scene calls for her to look frightened. but she goes from being frightened to asserting herself in the blink of an eye. it’s really great work. and i will refrain from commenting about your insult to natalie dormer because that’s her face, literally. she can’t help that. and i find it very telling that this article and some fans are only praising the male performers while trashing the female ones. but unfortunately, that’s how things go more often… Read more »
That is because the people in these particular deleted scenes consist of females performing poorly and males performing well. This series has a number or excellent female actors – Michelle Fairly, Lena Heady, Maisie Williams, Oona Chaplin, are a few of them. If you look at Sansa from the POV of an abused woman, which you obviously aren’t (nor are the writers of the show) you’d understand that that “bitchiness” would get her into serious trouble. She’d be sweet, kind, and perfectly behaved. Men or women who’ve never been in this situation may not be able to see this, but… Read more »

but sansa in the books is snarky. she snarks joffrey on some occasions, a trait which the show thankfully kept in. it’s just that her words tend to go over his head, which makes it all the better. and can we please stop referring to her verbal comebacks as “bitchiness” or “bitchy” behavior. it isn’t.

It is though, Michael. I’m not sure if we’re watching the same show. In the books, Sansa was clever, not snarky. Her remarks were delivered sweetly, she never forgot her courtesies, always acted like a lady. That is why her comments went over Joffrey’s head. As that fact has obviously gone over your head. Her comebacks on the show are delivered in an extremely bitchy manner. I’m not going to even bother to pursue this with you, as you’re really too thick to see past this girl’s looks.

i have not insulted your intelligence at all, so please do not insult mine. and snark and cleverness can go hand in hand, as it does on the show. and sansa is a bit older on the show as well, so some snark is a nice addition to the character. snark isn’t unladylike.

I’m sorry for you, that you’ve totally missed out on the brilliance and subtleties of Sansa as a character.

Thank goodness most Sansa fans on tumblr, twitter, and elsewhere are not like you.

LOL and there it is. Point made.

What point? You’ve been trashing Sophie throughout this whole comment section, at least you have one nice thing to say about her.

Totally 100% agree with you here, especially about Sophie Turner trashing Sansa. It’s literally painful to watch her butcher every scene she’s in. Even if the writers of the show hadn’t completely fucked her story line, she would still have no ability to convey the character properly. A bitch face is not acting. She’s pretty and so people sadly, cannot see past her looks.

Except Sophie has received lots of praise from people with more credible experience in gauging an actor’s ability (and from GRRM himself), so….

Apparently the opinions of actual professionals doesn’t matter in these parts.

Actually, it should not matter as much as the opinions of the fans of the series. That is where the ratings come from, not critics, who are not actors themselves. What gives them the right to critique and not the fans?

You must be watching the show with your eyes closed. Sophie is a great actress and it’s offensive that you think anyone who likes her and her portrayal of Sansa only likes it because she’s pretty.

You must be watching her performance through rose colored glasses. Close your eyes and listen to one of her performances. Maybe then you will understand.

What does listening have to do with anything? Line delivery is one aspect of a performance that heavily relies on everything else. If you’ll notice, Sophie did not have that many actual lines to say last season. Some of her scenes required her to react to what was being said to her, or what was happening around her, and she did a great job of portraying Sansa’s subtlety. I’m shocked to see that so many people either don’t like this performance or think she’s a poor actress. At least critics disagree with that.

It’s a good thing critics and the show runners agree that Sophie is a wonderful young actress whose performance is full of nuance and subtlety. If you can’t see that, then that’s on you. Her performance isn’t as showy as Maisie’s because it simply can’t be. Every emotion is internalized, and it’s a shame you can’t see the depth she brings to Sansa, who out of all the characters has suffered the most from the page-to-screen process. Lastly, I would love to know what the definition of a “bitchy” expression is.

Actually, if they added the SANSAN scene in the show, they could have actually done the Blackwater scene a little closer like the Blackwater book version… I love Rory and all (and I know the lack of the book Sandor is because of the writers) but this is actually the first time I can see book Sandor in the show… Drunk and angry (and a little bit attracted to Sansa) and Tyrion… what is he even doing here??? This should have been the serpentine scene… Sansa almost falling and Sandor catching her… UGH I HATE YOU DAVID AND DAN!!! They… Read more »

Great points about each deleted scene. I would have loved to have seen the Petyr/Varys interaction kept in. When networks or movie companies buy the rights to books, they really need to make more of an effort to stay close to the story. Make changes that add or enhance the original story, not destroy it.

Having read the books I’ve always thought that the fan’s exxaggerate the San/San relationship quite a bit. She’s VERY young and Sandor is VERY lonely/confused/lost in life. I never really thought “this love story is going somewhere” at any point while reading the books. It was an interesting side note to soften Sandor (again blurring the lines between good and evil) and to show that Sansa isn’t just a “gaping fish” as you put it. Shes becoming a woman and so far shes been attracted to: Joffrey (the worst person in Westeros) Loras (not straight) and Sandor (pretty questionable) Need… Read more »

Sansa was way too sheltered at Winterfell. It did not prepare her for the harsh realities that were down south. Mind you, I guess every House has to have a tragic or sympathetic figure. She is very young and I think to a degree, she holds out in her heart that not everyone she meets is duplicitous. I hope Sansa manages to snap out of her funk!

You make a good point about Sansa’s taste in men being pretty questionable, Jacob! I also don’t see the Sandor/Sansa relationship going anywhere romantic, although I can certainly see how the ‘Beauty and the Beast’ scenario appeals to so many. I think what frustrates me about HBO’s Sansa is that she’s portrayed as either frightened like a deer in the headlights, or she’s of being challenging and bitchy. The Sansa character in the book had a lot more depth. GRRM showed a girl who was trapped and abused, who finds a way to survive, and his portrayal of an abused… Read more »

Yeah Sansa’s development is more internal. Hard to express on screen. HBO can’t give every character the 50 hours they get in reading time. The books will always be better in that way. The show is nice because it’s more casual and asks for a lot less of your time. Plus it’s mostly awesomely done. But you’ll never be able to get that engagement from 1/2 hour screen time per season that you do with 15 hours per book per character.

You don’t like Natalie Dormer?! Please explain.

Who doesn’t like Natalie Dormer?! She is fantastic! I first saw her in “Casanova” and thought, wow, she is very pretty and can totally pull off the whole period piece look. When she was on The Tudors, she just ROCKED as Anne Boleyn. I have watched many remakes and movies about Henry VIII & Anne B and I have to say that Natalie is the “Anne” that sticks in my mind. I like her as Margaery and am so pleased they put her in “Game of Thrones.” For her, as an actress, it must have been a dream come true!… Read more »

It’s me being terribly shallow, really! It’s her mouth. She always makes that face like she’s been sucking on lemons. I can’t watch her! No other reason. ;)

HAHA!!! OMG. I always find little things like this that annoy me about people too. Even though I think Sophie is a great actress, I can’t really fault you for not liking her after reading this. She does kinda have that Renei Zellweger sucking on lemons look sometimes. ;)

Yeah, that’s exactly it & I fully admit that in this case, as opposed to my other arguments, it’s totally superficial. ;)

Qvenzhane Wallis is awesome!

Isn’t she? I certainly hope we’ll see an awful lot more from her!

She won’t win the Academy Award but I’d vote for her. It is a shame she has to grow up. But that is off-topic.

I do enjoy the series for what it is. However, I agree the books are more enjoyable. I feel the same as Jef, have to let it go while watching or it gets annoying.
I’ll never for the life of me understand why Littlefinger/Varys scene was cut. Unbelievably disappointing. There is so much in that tiny piece that further forms the characters and they are grossly under-portrayed. I will keep my hopes up for S3 as this is one of my favorite HBO shows, so long as I leave the books out of it.
Great piece MJ!!

Totally agree here. Irri scene was acted out poorly, Loras scene was good, and so was the one with Littlefinger and Varys. That being said, I still don’t think any of them deserved to be included in the series.

Also, someone please explain the whole San/San fascination to me. I don’t get it…

Books purists are the worst, and none more so than “San/San” shippers. Also, Sophie Turner is an excellent young actress. Try providing an example of a better performance given by an actress her age, would you? Stupid article; I expect better from this website.

Book purists are the worst? God forbid we’re literate! And we actually care about the series of books that the show was based on. And… the books ARE THE STORY, sorry to break it to you.

I read the first book in this series in 1999, so I’ve been a fan of ASoI&F for over a decade. That doesn’t change the fact that book purists are the worst. They should be grateful that HBO decided to tackle this story, and that they have so many talented people bringing it to life. Instead they belittle the excellent work of others, simply because of some relatively minor (and often necessary) changes to the source material. Being that I’m an HBO fan and a fan of Martin, I prefer to enjoy one of the best shows on television on… Read more »

I should make clear that the author of this piece is not a “San/San” shipper, and has very little patience for that group. I can actually give examples of several actresses (and actors) of age with, or even younger than Sophie Turner who have given far better performances. Maisie Williams, Kara Hayward, Qvenzhane Wallis, AnnaSophia Robb, Emma Watson, Kirsten Dunst, just to name a few.

Wow, you don’t even bother to hide the fact that you’re an Arya stan. Good to know.

I’m not an Arya stan, no. :) Not in the least. I like the character, but I’m not biased toward her in any way. Sansa is my favorite character in the series, hands down.

I don’t get the whole San/San fascination myself. Quite silly if you ask me. However, I do think Sophie has been great as Sansa. In S1, she really annoyed the shit out of me. But in S2 she started to grow on me a bit. Then during “Blackwater”, when the Hound shows up in her room and she delivers the “You won’t hurt me line”, that was all I needed. Since then I’ve thought she is a great actress. That was an extremely hard line to deliver and Sophie nailed it!

I see the fascination, and I do understand it, however I was really super disappointed in that scene, myself. But I’m glad that you like her better after that. I actually really want people to like Sansa as a character! :)

I would agree with less than half of those choices, actually. Kirsten Dunst and Emma Watson, in particular. You say Sansa was given much more depth in the novels, and yet, how much depth had she really been given by the end of A Clash of Kings? So many fans of the book series (myself included; having read all of them years before the show was released) use their knowledge of THE ENTIRE SERIES to make judgement that it just comes across as pointless whining. It shouldn’t need to be stated, but television and books work on different levels. Having… Read more »
Mwilson21 isn’t a troll. I’m an editor on this site and i’ve seen him (or her?) provide useful comments on other articles in the past. Obviously, he has some beef with the article, but that’s okay. WE VALUE EVERYONE’S OPINION HERE! Especially those of our own writers. We also want to promote a healthy discussion. If you don’t agree with what MJ has to say, that’s fine. State your case, but don’t bash, belittle, or put down others for disagreeing with you. We’re all fans and we all have different opinions on what has been good and what’s been bad.… Read more »
Charlie, I agree. While I may have strong opinions on the show in general, and Sansa in particular, my opinions are fueled by an intense love of the ASOIAF series of books. We’re all passionate about things we love and I don’t take offense reading ay of the comments. I understand other people may not agree with all of my points and I may not agree with theirs. I think if someone critiqued one of the actors on the show who I really think is brilliant, say Aidan Gillen for example, I’d probably be frustrated to read the criticism. I’d… Read more »

Wow, I’d love to know what it is that you have against this author personally that you feel the need to troll so hard. I agree not only with this article, but also that all the actresses she suggested FAR out-act Sophie Turner’s incredibly weak performance as Sansa. You should stop putting so much energy into hate mongering and go re-read the books, if that’s your perspective. Specifically A Clash of Kings, if you don’t think Sansa’s depth had been established by the end of that book.

How am I trolling? Go fuck yourself. She’s allowed to have her opinion, and everyone else is entitled to their own. If you’ve got nothing to add to the discussion (which you haven’t), then it would seem that you’re the one whose trolling.

You’re really kind of worked up over this, obviously it’s personal for you. Commenting in a hostile manner, cursing and belittling, you’re trolling. Grow up.

Mwilson21 isn’t a troll. I’m an editor on this site and I’ve seen him (or her?) provide useful comments in the past. Obviously he has some beef with this particular article, but that’s okay. WE VALUE EVERYONE’S OPINIONS HERE! Especially those of our own writers.That being said, we also want to promote a healthy discussion on this site. If you disagree with what MJ has to say, that’s fine. State your case, but don’t belittle, put down, or insult anyone for offering up a different opinion. We all love the show and have different ideas of what has been good… Read more »

Ok, wow, Alx sucks first of all, so don’t listen to him. However, I can’t just let you call Emma Watson a good actress (she is HORRIBLE! makes Sophie Turner seem like the best the world have to offer!) and let it go unchallenged.
Mission completed.

You’re a dumb whining fancunt. Why the fuck is this piece of shit article on this site?

This comment has been edited for freshness. Since this is a Premium Cable focusing website we do allow for timely and constructive cursing but this was just poor form. Sorry bro.

i don’t agree with much of what this writer had to say, but that is completely unnecessary.

You need to go take your meds. What an ass.

Perhaps you should stop talking to yourself in the mirror pathetic troll. Learn to make appropriate comments and join in on the discussion with some maturity.

And once again we prove how over-rated television is; it is so easy to create bad television that it is truly special when some good comes along.
I enjoy this series only if I don’t over analyze it and am looking forward to season 3 , however, like you MJ, I prefer the books.

Jef, I’ve not yet figured out how to over analyze it! I’m working on it though! ;)

I agree for the most part, although I do have a certain gripe with the Loras/Margaery scene…it undermines what made Renly so admirable in the books, in that HE was willing to be king, and none of his ambition was attributed to Loras. However, this scene is wonderfully presented and acted, and is keeping in a consistent vein with the changes to Renly’s character, and in that regard, it is golden!

I agree with you about Renly, absolutely, Cian. I was disappointed in the changes the the HBO series made to Renly’s storyline, as I felt he lacked the strength of character he had in the books. I thought that Gethin Anthony played the part given to him extremely well, though. He’ll be missed!

Gethin really impressed me, I have to say, he will definitely be missed!


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