Game of Thrones Season 4: Artisan Video #1

By Cian Gaffney on Feb 6, 2014 to Game of Thrones


The promotional material for season 4 of Game of Thrones is coming hard and fast now, we can barely keep up! This latest video is a brief showcase of the meticulous production design that goes into the show.

Production designer Deborah Riley (who has taken over the position from Gemma Jackson) offers her own insight into working on such a huge show. Without further ado, here’s the video itself for you to enjoy:

Game of Thrones season 4 premieres on April 6th at 9PM. Can’t wait until then?  Calm your nerves by watching season 3 on DVD or Blu-Ray when it comes out this month.  Or just give in and finally read the dang books.  We’ll see you there!

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Douglas Lawson,, Ive watched the 3 seasons 5 times since before xmas. Every time there is something I missed.

Game of thrones is great, but its not great enough to re-watch.. It sone of those shows that once you know whats going to happen, it looses its flair

Hopefully they can tighten that flair back up.

As someone who has watched it many times I can tell you thats just not true.



just soiled my pants

Would be nice if they gave us some bonus episodes this year.

They can’t sadly. Time restrictions

yes!!! more than 10 episodes… all these different shows with their 10 episodes… dang blang it.. at least the walking dead said the hell with 10 episodes and they are making more .. yay

Why would you want more episodes of The Boring Dead?

HBO only does 10. walking dead is garbage and AMC

AMC’s Breaking bad was pretty decent :P

Go Aussies!

Why does this season’s version of the Kingslayer look so much like Denis Leary?


cant wait for the next season!

What happened with Gemma? She did a great job!!!


please…sooneeeeerrr..I cant wait…please help me

One of the most amazing tv shows ever ever created. You guys are very very awesome. With lots of love from India

Game of thrones *puuurrrrrr* <3

I love Daenery’s new look. :O

Cant wait.. -_-

can somebody tell me how can i get the book or the story line?

You can buy the books online at Barnes & Noble for under $29…five books! has a good deal on the audio books if you don’t have time to read the books. :)

use the darn libary

amazon has a good price on the whole collection even better if you have an e reader

Can. Not. WAIT. !!! (Also anxiously awaiting book 6…)

She (Daenerys) is as pretty as I imagined her to be in the books.

You know that in the books she is 12 years old, right?

I was 12 years old when I read it ^^

13 when she is sold to Drogo. She turns 14 during the journey across the Dothraki sea. She’s 16 by the end of the fifth book.

Actually – 13 when she is ‘sold’ to Drogo, 15 when she has the baby, 16 when she becomes the ‘mother of dragons’

Um no, the first book is barely one year, she’s 13 when she becomes the Mother of Dragons…

Technically she’s 15-16 years old in the third book

Or 16

18 years old? giggity giggity giggity



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