Filming Sex Scenes Was ‘Really Scary’ says ‘Game of Thrones Actress

By Jacob Klein on Jan 14, 2011 to Game of Thrones

281x211HBO’s upcoming ‘Game of Thrones’ fantasy series has been referred to as the most anticipated television program of all time.  Perhaps that characterization has put a bit of pressure on it’s young starlets.  In an interview with MTV Emilia Clarke, who portrays Daenerys Targaryen, expressed her hesitancy about shooting her inevitable sex scenes:

“Obviously, knowing it was HBO and knowing it was going to be 100 percent tasteful, totally legit, everything is all wonderful,” Clarke explained. “And knowing the character, getting to grips with the character, knowing what needs to happen and what needs to be shown, as a young girl it’s obviously a huge thing and obviously really scary,” she revealed.

Clarke added that she quickly got over her brief moments of insecurity.

“You just overcome it, because as soon as I’m in the character that’s it: You’re her, you’re not yourself,” she said. “And they did it beautifully, they did it tastefully. I’ll watch it first before my dad watches it,” she joked.

Does her dad know how much of his daughter will be shown onscreen? Or what the character goes through?

“It was a dialogue with my mom, and my mom would tell my dad,” Clarke said. “And my brother doesn’t know at all,” she added, laughing.

Take a look at the video from below.

Game of Thrones sex scenes are going to be a dime a dozen but will this young actress be able to handle it? Find out when Game of Thrones premieres this spring.

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