Full Girls Season 3 Trailer LIVE!

By Jacob Klein on Nov 22, 2013 to Girls

We just received word that the first full Girls Season 3 trailer is now live on YouTube! We’d seen teasers and a bit of behind the scenes footage from the new season of Girls thus far but this marks the first time a full trailer graces our screens. Here’s the trailer:

Clocking in at almost one and a half minutes I hope that gave you a taste of what’s to come this January. Are you looking forward to the third installment of HBO’s 20-something escapade? Leave us a comment below with your thoughts on this trailer and the new season generally.


  • Ellie Wilkin


  • tmoney

    I can’t’ freakin wait

  • Eleonora Iafano

    Oh dear gawd. Hannah looks like a train wreck – but that line, “I’m a person that can’t keep my mouth shut” – LOL. Yup, that’s Hannah! Season 3 will be eclectic and funny!

  • http://thebrothersclegane.com/ MJ Snow

    I can’t wait for this! January, please hurry!

  • Robbie Moraes

    I’ve seen better performances on Keeping up with the Kardasisns.

  • David Pergolini

    Things are actually going to happen this season, I can feel it. I pray that I’m right.

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